Urgent Application | Who is Keeping Papua New Guinea at Suspense?

As much as he would like to remain prime minister, Peter O’Neill has never thought his action to evade the warrant of arrest on him would take this long. Let alone the unfolding events.
Also, O’Neill would not want the people of Simbu to block the nation’s highway. Leaving on the other side of a blocked road is not pleasant. Inland provinces (Jiwaka, WHP, Enga, SHP including parts of Simbu) will be at the receiving end if this goes ahead.
For those who may not know: parts of Okuk Highway runs from Kumul to Wara Simbu 3-2-1 in Sinasina Yongomugl district-  a distance of about 15 kilometres. Policing this section of Okuk highway will be a challenging task. I do not think any leader would want their people to take matters into their own hands.
Reported in the Post Courier [http://goo.gl/qUqLHz], the PM was given an ultimatum of 48 hours (ends Friday afternoon) by pressure group the Voice of Simbu for him to respond to their petition.
1. Calling for PM to resign or step aside and to allow police to question him
2. Reinstating Sir Tom Kulunga, Simon Kauba, Kerenga Kua, Thomas Eluh and Sam Koim, and re-establish Task Force Sweep.
What the people of Simbu do this Friday depends NOT only on O’Neill’s call, but also the work of lawyers.
Lawyers are playing ‘marbles’ with judiciary (as it seems). Since Monday the 16th brakes were out on warrant of arrest on the PM. Now there are attempts to strike out the warrant [http://goo.gl/8ODcyV].

In retrospect, it is PO’s individual right to seek judicial interpretation on this matter. These are attempts by the PM's group to fight for his right. There is no wrong in doing so. But, how long can this last?
All these adjournments – as Judge Kariko said rightly - "It’s (are) to do with lawyers, change of lawyers, lawyers not ready to proceed, it’s very disappointing to say the least," the judge said.
NO MORE: Do your job and do it right. You don’t need 21 days. You have until 1.30 pm, Friday. Or face the music.

PNG Government: 8 Months to the End of 30 Months Grace Period - Peter O'Neill & His Tactics to Remain in Power

It has been almost *22 months [August 2012 to June 2014] since O’Neill became Prime Minister. Many ministerial changes (sack and reshuffle) have taken place. Also, since early August 2012 several wheeling and dealing took place. The prime minister either was directly involved or kept an eagle eye on everything that transpired – he is a cunning man.

Unfortunately, he has only 8 months before the grace period of 30 months expires. A vote of no confidence is looming in February 2015. Has anyone seen what I’ve seen? Time & Timing

The sacking of member for Sinasina Yongomugl and Minister for Justice and Attorney General couldn’t come at a better time, including termination of Sam Koim and Simon Kauba.

Any contemporary minister in current parliament may have accepted their removal by simply saying ‘okay boss mi kaikai bol blo yu na bai mi go aut’, but not the sacked AG.

In his own words he said

“It was in the exercise of your discretion that you choose to appoint me as the country’s Minister for Justice and Attorney General about *18 month ago. You have today felt it appropriate to terminate my commission. I have never asked you for your reasons behind my initial commissioning but now I feel that it is appropriate that you state your reasons for my removal in the next few days. This will enable me to correct myself going forward if I have made some mistakes in the administration of my role. It will also be useful to those who replace me to know these reasons as not to repeat them”.

Tanim ap tok antap lo Tok Pisin na skelim: Kerenga Kua is a real PNG man. If Peter O’Neill is a real Highlands man he must understand the words therein and resign, forthwith.

TIME IS NOT PETER’S FRIEND: Peter O’Neill has almost 8 months to remain as prime minister if he does not temper with the Constitution again.

Two dates are important next week - Parliament resumes on Tuesday 24th of June at 2.00 pm. Court hearing for the PM at 11.00 am, Wednesday 25th June. Interesting times ahead, embrace for the storm if Peter O’Neill remains stubborn.

It has been a week, many things have happened. Politics is not meant to be mean and nasty – especially to these 3 men - the way it is played out as seen last week. I hope week coming is a pleasant one.

BLUES WON: A Sign of PNG Boys In Blues To Win?

STATE OF ORIGIN: Game two is at 6.00pm. At 9.30 am we’ll see lawyer of the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill fighting it out in the Court Room. I stated 10 reasons earlier why she won’t win if she contested TFS findings.
TWO KEY PLAYERS HAVE BEEN SIDE-LINED: AG and TSF Chairman. It was confirmed that the member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua, was removed as AG.
Peter O’Neill knows he has less than 9 months but intends to serve a full 5 year term. Amending Section 145 of the Constitution would end any vote of no confidence. This removes a vital litmus of democracy by giving Peter O’Neill the absolute power to rule.
One quality of a true leader is to take advice from those you trust and admire. On the 12th of June, O’Neill was full of praise for work Hon Kua did as AG [http://goo.gl/mllujA ]. Within 6 days he back flipped and fired the minister he trusted.
Does saying NO to amending this section of the Constitution permit the sacking? A gentle man he is, does Hon Kua deserve such treatment? If this is an NEC decision, a serious mental treatment is needed for all who partake in this self-serving decision.
Another blow to fighting corruption is standing down of TSF Chairman Sam Koim and disbanding of TSF. Reports have emerged that this anticorruption body set up by the PM, supported by the PM, praised the PM is now disbanded!
WHO’S NEXT? Peter O’Neill has less than 9 months (early August 2012 – mid June 2014) to enjoy as the PM of PNG without fear of a vote of no confidence. He is a very frightened man. He has gone to lengths by sacking men who have been instrumental in the fight against corruption.
Has Peter O’Neill dug a hole too dip?
Today at 9.30 am we’ll find out
Cheer up and enjoy State of Origin at 6 pm....x

Another Stay Order for 1 week granted: Anticipation Turns to Anger

TACTICIAN AT WORK: The PM is well aware of the dangers of going down to Konedobu. He is fighting at two fronts, yet he chooses Waigani as his battle field.
Strategy One:

 Send the lawyer in. Let her buy some time. He knows pretty well he is fighting a losing battle on the judicial front as evidence is mounting against him. Not only his signature was authenticated but he also told a blatant lie to cover any involvement in Parakagate.
The lawyer is studying Sam Koim’s affidavit. She will defend her main man. No doubt. But, here are 10 truths she’ll come across:
1. O'Neill knew the letter existed since 24th of January 2012.
2. O'Neill signed the letter when he was F & T Minister under Somare
3. O'Neill denied signing the letter whilst Prime Minister
4. O'Neill told a blatant LIE whilst serving as Prime Minister
5. O'Neill confirmed he lied
6. O'Neill gave conscious directive for release of K80 million to Paraka forthwith
7. O'Neill and Paraka willingly collaborated in illegal and fraudulent payments
8.  Payments were made without consent from Department of Justice.
9. O'Neill did his mate a favour - he had a bank overdraft of over K8 million at the time of the letter
10. Forensic investigators CONFIRMED the signature on the letter was Peter O'Neill's.
All these are staggering against the PM. He will destabilise TFS findings – that is for sure. But, how? 
Strategy Two
POLITICAL MANOEUVRING: I made point 8 before hearing about removal of Attorney General [his removal has just surfaced in the last 4 hours – unconfirmed reports via social media]. The people of Sinasina Yogomugl will not be pleased if this is true. They hold Kerenga Kua in high esteem. Is it because he knows the big fish in the little pond is not Don Polye or Paul Tiensten? Or, O’Neill wanted a PNC man as AG, instead of a strong NA man?
O’Neill is moving his puppets around so they dance to his tune. He has also called for a fresh Commission of Inquiry into the findings of TSF. Ano Pala can do hula to O’Neill’s tune. There is no course for concern. The truth is out.
However, there is some confidence in the new PC – his duty to serve as a policeman cannot be questioned. PNG can rely on him to enforce the law without fear or favour.
BUYING TIME: CoI into the finding of TSF can be frustrating: it will cost money, demand resource and take up time. The later gives Peter O’Neill space to ply his trade. He knows he can buy time by simply commissioning another inquiry. This stupid tactic (as it seems) works best (for the Govt).
Police will anticipate what transpires at 9.30 am tomorrow (Wednesday) at Court House. Warrant of Arrest for Peter O’Neill has been stayed twice: one Monday, another today. No one expects another stay order tomorrow (Wednesday).
END: Judiciary will put the interest of the nation above a particular government. No political strategy to remain in power must deter investigative work of TFS.


PM's case is gaining momentum. It is now not only about obtaining stay order (dismissing PM's warrant of arrest) but also defending a blatant LIE told.

As posted on Sharp Talk, his lawyer appeared briefly this morning. She is going to study Sam Koim's Affidavit. She is likely to find out:

1. O'Neill knew the letter existed since 24th of January 2012.
2. O'Neill signed the letter when he was F & T Minister under Somare
3. O'Neill denied signing the letter when he is Prime Minister
4. O'Neill LIED whilst in the PM's seat
5. O'Neill confirmed he lied
6. O'Neill gave directive to release K80 million to Paraka forthwith
7. O'Neill and Paraka consciously collaborated in illegal and fraudulent payments
8.  Payments were made without consent from Department of Justice.
9. O'Neill did his mate a favour - he had a bank overdraft of over K8 million at the time of the letter
10. Forensic investigators CONFIRMED the signature on the letter was Peter O'Neill's.

The PM and his lawyer return to Court House tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9.30 am.

GLUE: All the evidence hang around Peter O'Neill's directive of 24th January 2012. He can no longer deny nor lie that he did not sign the letter.

The TRUTH is out.

Judge: Return Tomorrow

WHAT IS EXPECTED ON TUESDAY: Lawyers representing the Prime Minister Peter O'Neill have been told to return and make submission to dismiss his warrant of arrest at 10. 00 am PNG time today, Tuesday the 17th.
He was taken by heavy police escort to an 'undisclosed' location yesterday (Monday) after an unsuccessful bid to overturn the warrant.
There is no real reason why he was at the parliament house after returning from Lae? Is he naïve when he wanted heavy police presence? Is there are a real treat from the public that he was escorted to an undisclosed location?
Instead of willingly go down to Konedobu to answer a series of questions at the request of police, the PM saw it fit to remain at Waigani.
PNG politics is frustratingly interesting - follow it closely and you can immediately predict the next move.

TODAY (Tuesday 17th): His lawyers are entering Court House today at 10.00 am. Their main aim is to strike out the warrant. To do that PM's lawyer are going to test the legitimacy of the Police Commissioner's (PC) signature. 
THEIR CASE: Likely his lawyers are going to argue that signature of PC on the warrant is void. They will substantiate their argument by stating that warrant was signed along the same time as when PC was convicted. That means that he is a felon - his position as the PC is compromised hence his signature is null and void. Fair enough, they have a case. PM's lawyers will find ways to hide their man - but even if they come up with one, every eye is watching.
WHAT NEXT? Remember that the PC had not resigned immediately after convicted by the same court, the same judge - he had never resigned during the signing of PM's warrant of arrest. This is where someone with legal knowledge is needed to clarify IF the PM has a strong case.
Can the judge dismiss PM's warrant of arrest sighting the PC's conviction and his position at the time of signing the warrant?

MONDAY 16th June 2014: Peter O'Neill Evade Warrant of Arrest - Parliament House

GAME IS ON: World Cup 2014 began with allegation about bribery and corruption labelled against FIFA executives. The official/s are not going down easy with denial of any wrongdoing.

As I write, the prime minister of PNG in evading police warrant by hiding within the precinct of the house of parliament. He is, for now, protected by parliamentary privilege he enjoys as parliamentarian.

Reason: This warrant of arrest is issued because (I believe) police have reliable evidence to prove PM Peter O'Neill signed the letter authorising release of money to Paul Paraka law firm -  a collaborative effort to fraudulently bill the government from work the firm had not done.

Peter O'Neill denied he signed the letter. He said this letter of authorisation was forged. He called for evidence to prove the signature was his.

Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald [http://goo.gl/kiMRvI], private investigators have CONFIRMED the signature belongs to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O'Neill.

This is BIG: he knows his days as the PM are numbered whether he plays his cards well or not.
Meanwhile, the police can do little than waiting for Peter O'Neill to give himself in for questioning. Pity!

From his hideout, he is using government lawyers including govt machinery exclusively to lessen the grip on him. He is looking for a breather.

As a Papua New Guinean, I have the right to ask: why is the Peter O'Neill evading police warrant? What is he afraid of if he has nothing to hide.