TFF policy: Sustaining Compulsory and Affordable Education Long Term

The slides (converted to PDF) is a presentation by PNG Insight at the ANU/UPNG 2018 Conference. It highlighted the 5 *goals* of the Tuition Fee-Free Policy and evaluated the challenges; and made 3 practical recommendations to sustain the policy long term.

The 5 goals are:

1. Access is improved for all children, especially girls;
2. Retentions is enhanced where more children complete 9 years of primary education [13 years of pre-primary to secondary education inclusive] 
3. Quality of education is improved for all grade of elementary to primary levels;
4. Education management is strengthen across all administrative levels [implementing & monitoring TFFE policy];
5. Equity is enhanced to ensure quality education is available for all children in all communities across the country.

More than 7 years of implementing the TFF policy there is a need to completely review the whole process. The presentation gives 3 practical recommendations to not only sustain but also strengthen the TFF policy.

You can download the Tuition Fee Free Education Policy in PNG PDF here (⇒ PDF download)

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