The Reason 10 Secondary School Principals Suspended - TFF

In a press release the Education Minister announced the suspension of 10 scondary school principals. Most of the schools are in the National Capital District. The 8 schools (out of 10) mentoned were :
1. Vanimo Secondary School
2. Tokarara Secondary School
3. Kilakila Secondary School
4. Gerehu Secondary School
5. Koiari Park Secondary School
6. Marianville Secondary School
7. Della Salle Secondary School and 
8. Jubilee Catholic Secondary School

The reason was that those schools were beneficaries under the TFF policy, but imposed extra fees contrary to the National Education directive not to charge any other fees. 

The directive in full below.

All school Principals of National and Provincial Institutions in the National Education System are reminded of the NEC Decision No. 01/2016 of 04th February 2016 that NOSCHOOL  that receives Tuition Fee Free (TFF) funding imposes any fees including project fees, church agency fees, etc. from students, parents or guardians.

The public is informed that the National Government hasn’t changed its’ Policy on Tuition Fee Free education for all children currently in schools around the country.

Schools and institutions legally operating under the National Education System that are covered by the Tuition Fee Free Policy include elementary, primary, secondary, Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET), Flexible Open & Distance Education (FODE) and Inclusive Education Resource Centers.

The Department of Education has received complaints from parents, guardians and students that school administrations and school boards have asked parents to pay fees prior to enrolment. This is against the Government policy direction, and is deemed illegimate, and against official instructions.

Parents and other Stakeholders are invited to report any particular school or institution asking for any kind of fees as a condition of enrolment to the Provincial Education Advisor, School Inspector or the Department of Education on phone 301 3437.

Parents and community members of schools may support and contribute voluntarily to improve school building and facilities to improve teaching and learning.

The Department of Education also informs Schools and Institutions that K97million withheld from 2018 will be released next week and paid into school accounts to commence the new school year.

A further K616million for this year will be disbursed on a quarterly basis. This is an increase of K15million from 2018.

All Stakeholders and parents are reminded that the 2019 School Year begins on the 21st of January 2019 for teachers and students resume classes on the 28th January 2019.

[Education] Secretary

So, is it the Education Ministry and the National Educaton Department fair on suspension of the 8 secondary school principals?

Here is the attempt to address the question of 'Fairness'⇐.