Hastings Deering Diesel Fitter Machinist Apprenticeship

Hastings Deering are pleased to announce that applications for the 2020 HDPNG Apprenticeship Program are now open.

Diesel fitter Machinist Apprentice

This Graduate Development Program has closed - if you are interested to work with the company, contact them on:

Taking applications for the role of  Diesel Fitters - All applications are to sent to jobs.png@hastingsdeering.com.au


Applications close 6th of September!!! 

PLEASE NOTE  that you MUST HAVE a MINIMUM of completion of Year 12 with at least SOUND ACHIEVEMENT in ENGLISH and MATHS to be considered.

All enquiries are to be sent to jobs.png@hastingsdeering.com.au

Be advised - our FB page administrator has no further information nor influence beyond this point.  So please direct all of your enquiries and questions to the email address above!!!

Good luck to all our applicants - NOTE a further reminder that applications close Friday 06th September!!!

EU Visa for PNG Citizens to be processed in Port Moresby Mid-2019

In a visit to the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU) in Brussels in November 2018, the Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Rimbink Pato said

“That [EU visa proccessing on PNG] is welcome news for our exporter and importers, and our citizens in general,” Pato said.
“They will not need to go to Singapore, Manila or Australia at great expense to obtain their visas. Next year they will be able to obtain ‘Schengen’ visas in PNG. Those visas allow entry to most European countries.”
The National Newspaper said that 
'A key result of the visit was that EU visas for PNG citizens will be processed in Port Moresby by the mid 2019'.
National Newspaper 01 November 2018
It is now 'in the middle of next year'  - this year 2019 - and would be nice to get an update on the promise of EU Visa processing in Port Moresby.

TFF Component of School Materials Awarded to a Private Company - K69 Million


How will the National Government meet the cost?

The discussion in base on the above report from PNG Legend FM news online. In fact, since the inception of Tuition Fee Free Education policy, procurement of supplies and distribution of school/student's materials are done by Borneo Pharmaceutical's subsidiary HM Supplies Limited. 

The private company has tried its best to deliver the much-needed supplies to school. Whether its attempts have been successful is not a matter of this discussion. 

The opinion shared here is to find a better way - sustainable way - to coordinate the procurement and distribution of school materials. My work on TFF policy has shown that the best way to coordinate the Learning and Teaching grant is through the education department.

The government should avoid using the intermediaries or subsidiaries to do what the department can do. Fund schools directly. 

Let the education department create strong accountability measures around the use of the grant and police them. The department has the manpower and network capability to do it. Do not underestimate the department.

Perhaps it is important to KNOW that the Education Department has an intricate network of national and provincial officers/divisions/branches/TFF secretariat that it (education department) can use supply school materials effectively.

No need to underestimate the education department network

Using the education department to procure and distribute school supplies is not a new concept. School materials, in the past, was the sole responsibility of the education department.

There is NO need for a private company to oversee the procurement and supply of teachers and students' learning materials. 

TFF 40% Cash Grants Facilitated by Education Department

Every year the National Government budgeted over K600,000,000 to fund the TFF policy.

From 2012 to 2016, an average of K6 million had been allocated annually. Of this 60% is not controlled by the education department. The department only oversees the use of 40% cash admin component. 
Bugetary Allocation based on National Budget Documents

The 40% cash grant is the most talked about the component on mainstream and social medium. Most often, schools do not receive the grant on time.

In the last 8 years, the 4th quarter does not reach the schools until the beginning of the next year. So, there are many questions surrounding the release of the 40% School Admin component/Grant: 
  • Are schools really getting the 4 (quarterly) instalments each year? 
  • Is the budget allocation realistic?
  • What is the actual amount released to schools?
  • What is/are the transparency measure/s to monitor the distribution (at the Education Department) and use of the TFF 40% cash grant (by schools)
  • Are the data provided by schools reliable?

To make it clear, the education department has done a fantastic job publishing the financial reports of the 40% cash grants. Visit the education department website or make an appointment with the TFF secretariat to get more information.


TFF 30% Infrastructure Development Grant facilitated by MPs and Provincial Treasuries 

Secondly, the infrastructure grant has lots of grey areas as far as accountability is concerned. Understandably, this was a joint-grant initiative of the government where the local Member of Parliament and provincial treasury work with the school board and school administration to improve school infrastructure. 

MPs are obliged to use taxpayers money which they receive through their DSIP/PSIP to lead infrastructure development projects initiated by schools. 

MPs part in realising the TFF policy's dream of school infrastructural development can be hard to track. The main reason is that there is no presence of centralised data/evidence to show the USE of the 30% infrastructure grant under to control of the MPs and provincial treasuries in the country. 

As mentioned, it remains a grey area unless a mandatory investigative review is conducted to ascertain the use of the 30% grant.

TFF 30% Teaching and Learning (T&L) Support Component - Facilitated by a private company

Thirdly, the T&L support grant is awarded to an expatriate private business - Borneo Pacific  Pharmaceuticals - through its subsidiary MH Supplies Limited.

The company tried its best to procure and deliver students and teachers  (learning and teaching) supplies to schools in the last 8 years. 

However, there also many unanswered questions.
  • Is the company procuring and delivering the right materials to schools? 
  • Are the schools receiving the much-needed supplies on time?
  • What is the cost per head?
  • How much is the company receiving and spending?
  • Are the schools happy with what they are receiving?
  • Can the education department do the procuring and distributing of materials?
  • Why is the government not using the well-established network of the education department as the distribution channel?
The EMTV news reported how the company delivers the school supplies, screenshot.
EMTV REPORT 25 April 2019

Opinions - Social Media

Here are comments on this particular news article on social media:
Wow! Wow! Wow! Last year (2018) schools received their supplies of education materials for 2014. We can only guess that the supplies that were distributed this year to schools were meant for 2015.
This has to be clarified to the nation otherwise some bucks for supplies meant for 2016, 2017 and 2018 are missing. School's basic materials component is probably disappearing from the TFF into thin air this way.
Clarifications needed. Schools through out PNG have received three lots of basic TFF materials. 2013, 2018 and 2019. What happened in between is any body's guess. Ben Berom, PNG Teachers on Facebook, 29/04/2019
Finally, what we know is that the department of education has a reporting mechanism in place where it reports on the 40% Cash Admin grants, titled Administration and Financial report.

The missing data taxpayers must know

The TFF Policy MAY HAVE failed in several ways. One is that there is no evidence of report of the 30% Infrastructure Development grants available in the public domain.

Another financial report that is not available to the public is the administration and financial report for the 30% School Learning and Improvement grant.

So, who are the main players in this TFF policy? It is not the education department. 

The country needs to know, after 8 years, how 60% of the TFF money is spent! We cannot be complacent and hope that all is okay.

When it is about the use of the education Grants, it is every body's business to demand that quality is there and every toea spent on procurement and distribution is accounted. And importantly, the school supplies and infrastructure are delivered.

Furthermore, there is transparency and accountability. Is it too much to ask?

If I have missed something here, I would be glad to be pointed in the right direction. Show me the Administration and Financial Reports of the Infrastructure Development (30%) and the School Learning and Improvement (30%) Grants.

If not, it would only be proper to reiterate the intention of the Minister for Education to conduct an investigative review into the use (and abuse if any) of the TFF funds since 2012. 

This is the right thing to do.


The cost of purchase and supply of school materials for the [four regions in PNG is funded at a tune of K68,954,261.65, nearly K69 million]

  • Momase region is K19,109,330.53, 
  • Southern region – K14,053,335.92,
  • Highlands region – K21,712,86*.74 and
  • Islands region – K14,078,734.46.
[*Digit not indicated from the source, assume it is 0]
    [The cost] will be wholly funded by the National Government.
    The contract was awarded to MH Supplies Limited which was previously engaged by the Department of Education to purchase and supply school materials throughout the country.

    MH Supplies Limited representatives Kelvin Tan and Leslie Tagal signed the contract at Government House this morning witnessed by Department of Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra.

    Source: April 27, 2019, PNGFM News

    What are the top MBA programs in Australia and PNG?

    The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) offers prospecting students, business owners and top managers an opportunity to develop their business management skills and knowledge. Though it can be expensive, the benefits of attaining an MBA may outweigh the program cost. Perhaps it is important to note that getting an MBA at a reputable university, in Australia to Papua New Guinea, is the best way to invest money. 

    An MBA can be done online or on campus. Check out the top universities in Australia or PNG if are thinking about doing an MBA or Master in Business. A list of some universities is provided in this post.

    MBA Online in Australia and PNG

    MBA Core Units

    The core units in an MBA program cover a variety of business subjects such as: 

    • Leadership and management, 
    • Human Resource Management, 
    • Business communication, 
    • Business ethics, 
    • Accounting, 
    • Statistics, 
    • Finance, 
    • Business law, 
    • and entrepreneurship. 

    As mentioned earlier, earning an MBA can enhance the career path, or help secure a high-paying job. In fact, it can be expensive. Some companies and government bodies invest in their workforce where long-serving employees get to benefit from such schemes. 

    If one cannot afford the cost or juggle work and study, there are fortunately other good options to consider such as a Master's degree in Finance or Economics or related business disciplines. 

    Benefits of MBA

    In hindsight, getting an MBA helps prospective students gain business skills and can accelerate their careers by helping them to break into the highly competitive business related work.

    MBA Duration 

    A full-time MBA program can last two years. Part-time and executive MBA programs, which are designed for working professionals, may vary in length. It depends on the number of credits taken each semester.

    PNG Universities MBA Programs

    The MBA program at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) is the Master of Business Administration-certified Practising Accountants offered by the School of Business. 

    Furthermore, the other postgraduate programs in the business discipline include the Master of Business Administration, Master of Human Resource Management, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration. 

    The Divine Word University (DWU) offers two MBA strands: Masters in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance).

    Here is what DWU has to say about the MBA programs
    DWU MBA program is a program of the Faculty of Business and Informatics offered in collaboration with Macquarie Graduate School of Management of Macquarie University, Australian Catholic University and the University of Western Sydney. Divine Word University is renowned for the high quality of its graduates. 
    For more information, check out the School of Business and Public Policy at the UPNG or Faculty of Business and Informatics at DWU. 

    Recommended reading: Top Universities in Australia and PNG 

    Australian Universities MBA Program

    Some Australian universities offer world-class MBA programs. One's choice of university and study, whether online or on-campus, depends on their personal, financial and work situations. 

    As mentioned earlier in this post, if you want to invest in an MBA program for career development, the top universities provide better MBA online and on-campus programs. The top universities in Australia by World Rank 2019 are:
    • University of Melbourne (=32 in the World)
    • Australian National University (49)
    • The University of Sydney (=59)
    • The University of Queensland (69)
    • Monash University (=84)
    • University of New South Wales (=96)

    Readers note: If you think that there is a better MBA provided by a PNG, Australia or overseas university, please leave a comment. The readers would be happy to know about your university's MBA program.

    MVIL: New Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Title Transfer - Checklist

    In the latest post on PNGInsight.com, we, first, discuss how to register newly bought vehicle and also how to transfer vehicle ownership title. 

    If you are a buyer of a new vehicle from overseas or from an individual car dealer, this video is a must watch. The video gives detail on what you should do when registering a vehicle for the first time and getting ownership title from the vehicle sellers.

    A detailed article on this topic includes:
    • Vehicle registration requirements
    • Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Title – 7 important checks
    • Previous owner (seller) document copies
    • What to do vehicle buyer
    • Note for Second-hand Vehicle Buyers
    • What to do with unexpired registration
    • Safety sticker renewal
    • MVIL PNG Vehicle Registration Fees
    • MVIL Port Moresby Location
    • Contact MVIL
    • MVIL Online Registration
    • Document Checklist
    For full detail, visit the MVIL office in your location. Or check out this article.

    Lions Tour 2019 and Oceania Cup Fixtures

    THE Papua New Guinea Kumuls will compete in two major Rugby League International Federation-sanctioned challenges this year.
    Source: Post and image National Newspaper
    Southern hemisphere general manager Jeremy Edwards was in the country yesterday to present the RLIF calendar highlighting the inaugural Oceania Cup and the British Lions tour, which the Kumuls will be part of.

    Competing in the Oceania Cup are Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, PNG, and co-hosts Australia and New Zealand.

    Australia, New Zealand and Tonga make up pool A while Samoa, Fiji and PNG occupy Pool B.

    Pool A and pool B will compete for a trophy and shield respectively.

    The last-placed nation in pool A will be demoted to pool B and the first-placed side in pool B will be promoted to pool A.

    “The exciting thing about this is to see the nations play for something that is meaningful and will start every mid-year,” Edwards said.

    The Kumuls first Oceania Cup fixture is against Samoa in Sydney on June 22 and the second against Fiji in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Nov 9.

    The Kumuls as with similar mid-year Tests are set to feature mostly Australian based talent with players from the Hunters and Q-Cup as well as the NRL to considered.

    Head coach Michael Marum, pictured, as well as the PNGRFL are yet to confirm whether players from the UK will be considered for the June international.

    Meanwhile, the Lions tour will be held in New Zealand and PNG, with the Brits playing Tonga on Oct 26, New Zealand on Nov 2 and Nov 9, and the Kumuls in Port Moresby on Nov 16.

    The PNG Orchids (women) will also get an opportunity to play an international test against a Pacific All-Stars side on Nov 16.

    In attendance to witness the launch was New Zealand Rugby League chief executive Greg Peters, PNG Rugby Football League chairman Sandis Tsaka, Immigration and Border Security Minister Petrus Thomas and PNG Sports Foundation chief executive Peter Tsiamalili Jr.

    Tsaka said more international fixtures would improve PNG’s ranking.

    Fixtures – Oceania Cup:

    Pool A – New Zealand v Tonga (at Mt Smart on June 22), Australia v New Zealand (in Wollongong on Oct 25), Australia v Tonga (at Eden Park on Nov 2);

    Pool B – Samoa v PNG (in Sydney on June 22), Fiji v Samoa (at Eden Park on Nov 2), PNG v Fiji (in Christchurch on Nov 9)

    Lions Tour:

    Lions v Tonga (in Hamilton on Oct 26), Lions v New Zealand (at Eden Park on Nov 2), Lions v New Zealand (in Christchurch on Nov 9), Lions v PNG (in Port Moresby on Nov 16).

    Source: The National Newspaper | By Isaac Liri| 02, April 2019.

    2020 Easter Inspirational Quotes and Messages

    Easter falls on Sunday the 21st. Here is a collection of 20 Easter quotes and messages you'll love. 

    The 2020 Easter quotes are in the following order:
    • Powerful Family Easter Quotes
    • Inspirational Easter Messages
    • Easter Quotes from PNG
    • Funny Easter Messages

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    Family Easter Quotes

    Wishing you a Happy Easter

    Enjoy your Easter holidays. Share peace and joy with your family.

    I wish you get eggs of gold, flowers of happiness and bunnies of chocolate this Easter. Wish you a happy one!

    Wishing you and your family the happiest Easter of all.

    May Easter bring its nicest things to you and those you love! Happy Easter.

     Inspirational Easter Messages

    "May you feel Christ's love this Easter as you celebrate new beginnings."

    He died for our sins and rose from the tomb to deliver us from sin and darkeness. Be thankful for this great news today!"

    "May your Easter be filled with peace & joy as you celebrate His resurrection."

    "Christ has risen! Hallelujah!

    "May Lord Jesus' blessings always be upon you and may you achieve greatness in whatever you do"

    Easter Quotes from PNG

    "Some indivuduals in life have done really well, in some families the parents have held on together in challenging moments and kept their families together" Archbishop John Ribat

    "The greatest gift of all was giving freely to those who asked in faith" Archbishop Douglas Young

    "Easter is a time of forgiveness and unity" Reverend Bernard Siai

    "Easter is therefore a time to reflect the central message of the gospel – selfless love" Unknown

    "May the true message of Good over evil remain with us this Easter, and throughout the year ahead" PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

    Funny Easter Messages

    "Have an eggstra special Easter season!"

    "Hope you have a hoppy Easter!"

    "Somebunny loves you!"

    "I hope you get eggzactly what your are looking for this Easter season!"

    "Easter eggs think you are hilarious. That is because you can easily crack them up.

    Tip: Use the 2019 Easter quotes to create your own. 

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