Subsidised Education Policy Vs Tuition Fee Free Education Policy

Reports have indicated that there is going to be a change in the Free Education policy in PNG. The free education policy (Tuition Fee Free, TFF) was first hinted to have been implemented in 2011 and rolled out nationwide in 2012 by the PNC government. The TFF policy has its fair share of implementation dilemmas. Read about it here

The new education policy follows a fee subsidy model. The policy, we shall call the Subsidised Education Policy, is a user-pay policy. But not in its entirety. The government may have resolved/planned to pay 50% and parents pay 50% of the school fee component.

The problems are that it is not clear at the moment whether the government will also subsidise the school development projects (captured in the School Learning and Improvement Plans, SLIPs); and materials and infrastructure components. 

The TFF funds have struggled to capture those 3 components in the past 8 years. In what is known as the 30:30:40 components (READ MORE HERE):

1. School Learning Materials - 30% of TFF Grant
2. MPs PSIP and DSIP - 30% of TFF grant
3. Cash Grant for schools - 40% of TFF allocation

It would be interesting so watch this space for more detail. Or check out this link for more information on the TFF policy since 2012. 

In fact, it is going to be interesting. So parents, plan well for next year - get the school fees ready. Time to take some responsibilities. 

Meanwhile, below are two re-posts in relation to the change in TFF policy to a subsided education policy now in motion.  

PARENTS TO PAY SCHOOL FEES: Parents and guardians will pay half of their children’s school fees following a 50 percent cut in the Tuition Fee Free funding.

Department of Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele says the government will instead introduce and fund the Higher Education Loan Program for tertiary students.
"What we are doing is to ensure government and parents share the burden, kairm pikinini lukautim pikinini," said Vele.
Mr. Vele says these students will repay the loan after they graduate and find employment. 
He was speaking during the 2020 Budget Press Lockup at the State Function Room at the Parliament precinct yesterday. 

NBC News- Grace Tiden

OPPOSITION SAY SCRAPPING TFF WILL BE DISASTER: The (Papua New Guinea) Opposition is predicting a spike in social problems with the government's announcement to scrap the Tuition Fee Free or free education policy.

Presenting the 2020 National Budget in Parliament yesterday, Treasurer, Ian Ling-Stuckey, revealed that parents and guardians will start paying their children's fees from elementary level up to grade 12 starting next year.

The TFF will only be reserved for students who make it to tertiary level education, under what would be known as a Higher Education Loan Program.

But Opposition Leader Belden Namah, told NBC News, scrapping the TFF would be a disaster for the country.

"We want to make our country align with the United Nations Charter on universal education, so this is an injustice to our people.'
"Now that the TFF is gone, people are going to flood to their members and ask for school fees and if you cant give them they will vote you out.
"Instead of doing away with TFF completely, the government should meed 60-percent and parents meet 40-percent.
"I can tell you a lot of parents won't pay for school fees and we will have a lot of young people just sitting around doing nothing at all and we will have more law and order problems in this country," Said Beldon Namah.

NBC News- Kelvin Kasper

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