Simbu Teachers College 2023 Non-Schools Leavers Selection List

 The 2023 non-school leavers' acceptance list for Simbu Teachers College is out. 

DHERST published the PDF list on the 22nd of January 2022. You can check the original PDF list on the DHERST website.

Alternatively, find your name on the same list below.

Disclaimer: PNG Insight makes the list available here after it has been published on the high education website. If you have any questions please contact DHERST. Contact details are given below.

Download the School Leavers (New Intakes) Selection Lists PDF for your teachers college.
Simbu Teachers College Acceptance list 2024 PDF Download


Simbu Teachers College Non-School Leavers Acceptance List 2023

Other Teachers College Non-School Leavers Acceptance List 2023

Check out the list of other teachers' colleges in PNG for their non-school leavers' acceptance lists.

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