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How Many Universities in Papua New Guinea?

There are 8 universities in Papua New Guinea: 5 are public universities and 3 are private universities run by the Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist missions.

dwu application form 2023 pdf download

The four public universities are:
1. University of Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby),
2. Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Lae),
3. University of Goroka (Goroka),
4. University of Natural Resources and Environment (Kerevat, East New Britain), 
5. Western Pacific University (Pangia  Southern Highlands Province).

The two private universities, one founded by the Roman Catholic Church and one by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
1. Divine Word University (Madang)
2. Pacific Adventist University (Port Moresby)
3. IBS University (Port Moresby)

The 7th university, Western Pacific University, is under construction in Pangia Station, Southern Highlands Province. Its first intake was in 2021.

Talks are underway to build the 8th PNG University under the Lutheran mission banner.

PNG prime minister, James Marape, challenged the Lutheran church to build its university in Lae Papua New Guinea.

This is yet to happen.

PNG universities application form and admission lists updates


Churches and PNG Govt Partnership Vital for Development (MDGs & SDGs)


PNG Higher Education Institutions Resume Classes and Complete 2020 Academic Year - DHERST


The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) says its position is to resume the 2020 academic year for all higher education institutions. 

Secretary Professor Fr Jan Czuba came out today to dispel false information being spread on social media Facebook about the closure of the academic year. 

"We currently have a situation where someone irresponsible is circulating false information that the Department is recommending closure of the academic year," Czuba said.

“This information is ethically and legally wrong and we regret that some people are trying to destabilize the peace and harmony during this state of emergency.”

Czuba says he has written letters to Prime Minister James Marape and Emergency Controller David Manning and he’s met with both and made the department’s position clear for all higher education institutions to resume classes and complete the academic year.

He says they are expecting a favourable decision from the Emergency Controller.

He says DHERST communicates to all higher education institutions regularly on any decisions via e-letters and it does not use social media during the state of emergency to communicate with the institutions.

He says any official statement will be announced by himself as per orders received from the Emergency Controller and the National Executive Council.

Czuba says DHERST is maintaining a reputable partnership with all higher education institutions to ensure that students, academic and non-academic staffs are safe and can work in a stable environment to achieve their highest potential by completing their studies.

PNG NBC News 20/04/2020

PNG 8th Uni: PM Marape Pledges Support for Lutheran University - Press Release

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP, has pledged Government support for the establishment of the long-overdue Lutheran University in Lae.

png university lutheran
Image: Facebook | PM & NEC page

Key points added for clarity
  • Lutheran Church in PNG, the second largest church behind Catholic Church, does not have a university yet.
  • PNG has 6 operating universities.
  • Two universities are run by the churches in PNG (Pacific Adventist University run by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission and Divine Word University run by the Catholic Mission)
  • UPNG, Unitech, UoG and UNRE are public universities.
  • Western Pacific University in the Southern Highlands Province. Its first intake was in 2020.
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How PNG's Social and Economic Development Trends Changed 20 Years after Independence 

Press release cont...

He announced this in front of thousands of Lutheran faithful at the 32nd Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG Synod at Boana in Nawaeb, Morobe, today.

PM Marape urged the Synod to continue working on the concept of the Lutheran university.

"Please refurbish this concept of a Lutheran-based university," he said.
"We have talked about this previously, but it has slowed down.
"The Lutheran University must come to pass, as a memorial of this 32nd Synod.
"I want to throw it on the floor here, that someone in the crowd pick it up.
"Lutheran is the second-biggest church, so I ask you please, let's work on this.
"National Government will pick up the university that the church wants, and we'll get it going.
"Starting 2020, we'll work on it and Hopefully by 2025, when the nation celebrates 50 years of Independence, our Lutheran University can lift its flag up and fly, and take students in by that time.

Prime Minister Marape supported a call by Morobe Governor Hon. Ginson Saonu for the establishment of a Lutheran elementary teachers' college.

He said the Government had allocated K1 million for this. He also told the Lutheran Church to come up with a plan for a university to get Government assistance.
"We will start a 10-year programme that will create the genesis of a Christian-based education system being run in our country.
"To make this country truly identified with Christian principles, our education system must be run by Christian churches,” the Prime Minister said
He (the Prime Minister) called for closer partnership between churches and the Government in education and health.
"The Lutheran Church is the second-largest church in the country," Prime Minister Marape said.
"We (Government) are ready to work in partnership with you in the areas of health and education.
"You are already established in society; you are with the people."Our Government stands ready to embrace churches in the areas of health and education.
"These are two key services in the country that I want churches to play a bigger role in,” PM Marape said.

Source: Facebook, released Sunday 12th January 2020

We also provide some background information about the 6 PNG universities here. Find out about the selections lists for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU:

Top 2023 MBA Online and On-campus programs in PNG

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) offers prospecting students, business owners and top managers an opportunity to develop their business management skills and knowledge. 

Though it can be expensive, the benefits of attaining an MBA may outweigh the program's cost. Perhaps it is important to note that getting an MBA at a reputable university, in Australia to Papua New Guinea, is the best way to invest money. 

MBA online or on-campus?

An MBA can be done online or on campus. Check out the top universities in Australia if are thinking about doing an MBA or Master's in Business. A list of some universities is provided in this post.

MBA Online in PNG/Australia scholarship

MBA Core Units

The core units in an MBA program cover a variety of business subjects such as: 

  • Leadership and management, 
  • Human Resource Management, 
  • Business communication, 
  • Business ethics, 
  • Accounting, 
  • Statistics, 
  • Finance, 
  • Business law, 
  • and entrepreneurship. 

As mentioned earlier, earning an MBA can enhance the career path, or help secure a high-paying job. In fact, it can be expensive. Some companies and government bodies invest in their workforce where long-serving employees get to benefit from such schemes. 

If one cannot afford the cost or juggle work and study, there are fortunately other good options to consider such as a Master's degree in Finance or Economics or related business disciplines. 

Benefits of MBA

In hindsight, getting an MBA helps prospective students gain business skills and can accelerate their careers by helping them to break into highly competitive business-related work.

MBA Duration 

A full-time MBA program can last two years. Part-time and executive MBA programs, which are designed for working professionals, may vary in length. It depends on the number of credits taken each semester.

PNG Universities MBA Programs

The MBA program at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) is the Master of Business Administration-certified Practising Accountants offered by the School of Business. 

Furthermore, the other postgraduate programs in the business discipline include the Master of Business Administration, Master of Human Resource Management, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Business Administration. 

The Divine Word University (DWU) offers two MBA strands: Masters in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration (Accounting and Finance).

Here is what DWU has to say about the MBA programs
DWU MBA program is a program of the Faculty of Business and Informatics offered in collaboration with Macquarie Graduate School of Management of Macquarie University, Australian Catholic University and the University of Western Sydney. Divine Word University is renowned for the high quality of its graduates. 
For more information, check out the School of Business and Public Policy at the UPNG or the Faculty of Business and Informatics at DWU. 

Australian Universities MBA Program

One's choice of university and study, whether online or on-campus, depends on their personal, financial and work situations. Check out these entry requirements.

If you want to invest in an MBA program for career development, the top universities provide better MBA online and on-campus programs. The top universities in Australia by World Rank are:
  • University of Melbourne (=32 in the World)
  • Australian National University (49)
  • The University of Sydney (=59)
  • The University of Queensland (69)
  • Monash University (=84)
  • University of New South Wales (=96)
Here is the latest updates on top universities in Australia
Some Australian universities offer world-class MBA programs too. Visit their websites to find out the latest programs and opportunities available.
Readers note: Let us know in the comment if you know of an MBA provided by a PNG university or Australian university our readers should know.

PNG Universities School Leavers and Non-school Leavers Registration Dates

The school leavers and non-school leavers whose names are on the selection list would know by now the starting dates for registration and orientation. Take note of the expected day to arrive at the university. 

If you have any questions about the 2022 Grade 12 selection process, PDF list, etc., please leave a comment below or check out this latest update on PNG Universities Non-School Leavers Selection 2021.

Note that this is old information about registration, so read it for guidance ONLY. Or follow the link for that latest information.

DHERST would have, also, made all the travelling arrangements and provided needed logistical support. Contact your reliable friends, relatives or university if there are any changes to the dates. 

Generally, all should be according to plan, so arrive at your university at the start of the registration week. For those whose names are on the non-school leavers’ acceptance list, be reminded of the following starting dates. 

1. UPNG 

University of Papua New Guinea has *not* clearly marked the start of registration and orientation week. PNG Insight understands that all fees are to be paid by 'Monday, 11th February before you can be cleared for registration.


PNG University of Technology first semester, registration will be conducted from 28th January to 3rd February. You should plan to be on campus for the registration on the morning of 28th January.

3. DWU

Student Registration and Orientation Week commences on Monday 4th February. The first and second-year students will commence their Registration process on Monday 4th of February. 

The third and fourth-year students will commence registration on Tuesday 5th of February. Registration will be at St. John Paul II Hall. Thus, all students must be on campus by February 3rd.

4. PAU

Check the Pacific Adventist University website for the latest details. No info for registration was available (or I may have missed it) at the time of this dates compilation. 

Last year, the registration and orientation took place in the second week of February. Please confirm if you need if you still need to know when PAU registration for new and continuing starts.


PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment registration and orientation start on Monday 25th March. The first semester lectures begin on Monday 21st April. 

Students should be at the campus starting Wednesday 20th March.

6. UoG

University of Goroka *orientation* for all new students will be from the 11th -15th February.

*Registration* for all students - both school leavers and non-school leavers - will be from the 18th to the 28th of February. 

Late Registration is only on the 1st of March. The fee of K200 is charged for the late registration.

Make fee payments to universities as instructed on letters you may have received. Also, travel to the universities on the date given to you. 

It is important that you speak to your universities admin directly if there are any pressing issues needed ironing out prior to the commencement of the lectures. 

How to Start a Blog and Grow Your Writing Potential - MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Students who have an interest in words and how to put them together to create stories (I am referring to writing) will find blogging a pathway to enhancing their creativity. Write about the topics you are passionate about in class (assignments, poems, etc) and the stories and mishaps of student's life is the best starting point. Blogging is also a way to improve your literature and writing skills!

In this dying age where students' writing ability has much to be desired, I would encourage students to take up blogging - challenge yourself to write something nice and appealing to others. 

You just need to hook up to the internet and start publishing your work. Okay, think about all the work you have with you, either in your computer hard-disk or carry around in flash drive. Are there any good maths, or science or Literature work of very good quality? If the answer is yes, do justice to your effort and hardwork and publish it online. There is no harm in sharing.


To start...
1. Create/use an email account
2. Create a blog (blogger or wordpress)

Note: There are standard templates to use. Also simple HTML codes you can use to tweak your blog like the drop-down menu above. If you want any help, message me on Twitter on leave a comment below and I will help where I can.

Perhaps the important point here is for students to develop writing skills by starting now. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot start, yet. I want to encourage, if not every, the majority of the university students to take an active interest in developing your writing skills. 

Take a look at what others are doing, how they form their sentences and develop the style that suits their audience. Use the skills you may have learned to your advantage to grow as a writer/blogger. In time, you will find that those skills are transferable. 

By this I mean you can use them in another writing genre such as academic writing,  report writing, etc as you grow as a person.


Papua New Guineans who have an interest in writing, especially blogging, will attest to the fact the writing is a learning journey. It is about self-enrichment. 

You become aware of what is important, learn and grow as you write about things that matter to you and the community you belong to. Blog sphere, for example, is a place where you can WRITE about your inner thoughts, opinions and feelings, and grow. 

As I mentioned earlier, you go from leap-to-bound where you develop a style of writing skill that is transferable in academic circles or at work. In 5 to 10 years time, you'll look back with satisfaction.


I'd like to encourage university students to start blogging and sharing ideas online as a means to develop your writing skills. You can use blogger (the platform I am using for PNG Insight) or Wordpress. 

There are FREE versions available. When you have been blogging and have enough content, you can move onward and upward. This means getting your *own domain* and *host* your own website and *value* it. (I'll write about free online tools and how to value your blog in Parts 2 & 3. So stay in-tune).


Check out the complete series on Student's Guide to Blogging here.

Grade 12 Students Selected to PNG Universities - admissions and selections for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU

The Grade 12 Online Selection 2018 (for tertiary institutions) in the country can be described as the best change the DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) has implemented. 

The result of the selection process had shown that the method was time-and-money saving, fast and efficient. 

We also provide some background information on the 6 PNG universities here. Find out about the admissions and selections  for UPNG, UOG, UNRE, Unitech, DWU and PAU:

PNG Universities acceptance list pdf 2023

The tables below contained raw data compiled from the selection document (PDF) published on the DHERST website. The raw data simply aims to show readers and stakeholders the number of spaces (and the spaces available per program of study) at the 6 universities.

Perhaps it is important to know that no significant increase in the number of spaces had been observed across the 6 main universities.

For example, previous records indicated 594 students in 2016, 495 students in 2017 and 599 students selected to UNITECH Lae three Campus; and 286 students in 2016, 297 students in 2017 and 280 students selected to Divine Word University four campus. In fact, spaces at universities remain relatively the same. 

*Note that this is the online selection done by DHERST - not by the universities. Each selected student will be issued an offer letter and formally invited to the academic year at the selected university. 

**Also note that figure 3204 does NOT include other tertiary institutions in the country. It is indicative of the 6 universities mentioned here.

  1.    University of Papua New Guinea

Program Name
BA-Anthropology & Sociology UPNG 1/100
Bachelor of Law UPNG 1/9
BA-Creative Arts UPNG 1/101
BA-English Communication & Literature UPNG 1/102
BA-History, Gender & Philosophy UPNG 1/103
BA-Information & Communication Science UPNG 1/104
BA-Journalism & Media Studies UPNG 1/105
BA-Linguistic & Modern Language UPNG 1/106
BA-Political Science UPNG 1/107
BA-Psychology UPNG 1/108
BA-Population Studies UPNG 1/109
BA-Social Works UPNG 1/110
Dip. in Language and Communication UPNG 1/111
Foundation of Business Management & Accounting  UPNG 1/112
Science Foundation UPNG 1/10
Total selected for 2018 academic year

  2.    PNG University of Technology

Program Name
Bach of Eng. in Civil Engineering UOT 6/34
Bach of Eng. in Electrical & Comm. Engineering UOT 6/35
Bach of Eng. in Mechanical Engineering UOT 6/2
Bach of Eng. in Mineral Processing Engineering UOT 6/40
Bach of Eng. in Mining Engineering UOT 6/52
Bach of Science (Agriculture) UOT 6/18
Bach of Science (Applied Physics with E&I) UOT 6/61
Bach of Science (Forestry) UOT 6/21
Bachelor of Commerce UOT 6/29
Bachelor of Geographic Information Science UOT 6/16
Bachelor of Property Studies UOT 6/4
Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry UOT 6/22
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science UOT 6/54
Bachelor of Science in Food Technology UOT 6/23
Bachelor of Surveying UOT 6/15
Bachelor of Technology in Comm. for Development UOT 6/62
Foundation Year in Architecture & Building UOT 6/10
Bulolo Campus - Diploma in Forestry UOT 4/24
Bumbu Campus - Certificate in Solid Wood Processing UOT 5/25
Total selected for 2018 academic year