2021/2022 NCEA results released - New Zealand

More than 160,000 students can now view their 2021 NCEA results on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) website. The results are available as of the 20th of January 2022.

The marked exam papers and NZ Scholarship Exam results will be available in late January and early February, respectively.

NCEA results 2021

The 2021 NCEA exams were delayed by two weeks due to the Covid-19 lockdown. In addition, significantly fewer students showed up to sit for the exams.

Students can access their NCEA results online at the NZQA website. 

How to check your exam results on NZQA student portal

  • Visit to the NZQA website.
  • Click on 'Students and Learners Login'.
  • Enter Email or Username.
  • Click Login.
That it!

If you have difficulty accessing your results, contact NZQA.
NZQA NCEA results 2022/2021

Need help with 2021 NCEA results

NZQA’s call centre will stay open until 8pm tonight; and has been expanded with trained staff to ensure we can answer students’ queries about their results, as well as a specialist team of experienced advisors to offer further guidance.

Contact NZQA

Students unsure of their National Student Number (NSN) or Student Login password can contact NZQA’s contact centre:

  • through the website’s ‘chat’ function,
  • on 0800 697 296 or 
  • by emailing helpdesk@nzqa.govt.nz. 
For privacy reasons, NZQA can give results and NSNs only to the students themselves.

2021/2022 NCEA marked papers, reviews & considerations

Students can view marked NCEA exams through the Student Login from 31 January 2022, a change from previous years, where these have been returned through the post.

After their marked papers are available, students have until 25 February to apply for a review or reconsideration.

What time does New Zealand Scholarship exams results come out?

Students who sat New Zealand Scholarship exams will be able to view their results online from 10 February 2022, and after papers are returned, can apply for a review or reconsideration until 4 March 2022.

Readers note:

This information is provided for the benefit of our visitors from New Zealand. This information is updated to fit the format we use on PNG Insight. If you have any questions relating to the 2022 NCEA exam results, please contact NZAQ directly.

2022 Acceptance List for PNG Universities and Colleges

Our readers have asked about the 2022 Acceptance List for PNG Universities, especially the PDF lists for Non-school Leavers, School Leavers and Continuing Students. In this article, we provide brief responses to some of the frequently asked questions. The responses will give you an idea about what to expect between now and early February 2022. 

So, read on and be ready as a non-school leaver, school leaver or continuing student.  

Also, check out the RECOMMENDED BLUE LINKS in this article. They give in-depth details to the pressing questions many students and parents are asking at present.

IMPORTANT: The 2022 Acceptance Lists for all the Tertiary Institutions will FIRST appear on the university's website or newspapers before they are shared through the social media channels and other websites. Be reminded that it is important to check the non-school leavers, school leavers and continuing students acceptance list from the university's website or in the newspapers. 

On PNG Insight, we have direct links to each of the PNG University websites - here is the checklist for you to confirm if the Acceptance Lists for 2022 are out.

2022 UPNG Acceptance List PDF - Online MBA Degree

Non-school Leavers Acceptance List

The 2022 non-school leavers' acceptance list contains the names of students who are NOT the 2021 Grade 12 students. This list also includes foreign students and PNG students who apply from the US, NZ, Australia, Singapore or other overseas schools.

The NSL list is usually published by the university of your choice, not DHERST. That means that the universities (that you applied to) will publish the non-school leavers' selection list PDF before the academic year starts. So you must check with the university!

One top tip is to check your preferred uni website for the past year's NSL selection lists if it is still up on their website. The publication date will give you a good idea about WHEN they are likely to release the 2022 selection list for the non-school leavers' intake. 

Alternatively, PNG Insight keeps a checklist to help you follow up. You can check IF your university's 2022 Non-school Leavers Acceptance List is out.

2022 UPNG UOG Non school Leavers acceptance list - MBA Online Degree

2022 Continuing Students Acceptance List

If you are a continuing student, your university will put out the continuing students' acceptance lists at the end of the academic year or over the 2021/2022 Christmas holiday. It is your responsibility to find out your GPA and possible TESAS Status for the academic year 2022.

The best thing to do is to contact the Student Admin or the university or college Registrar and find out if they've released the 2022 Continuing Students Acceptance List. And importantly, check to see that your name is on the list. 

The University of Goroka (UoG) did well last year by informing its continuing students about their status before they went home for the Christmas holiday. We hope UoG does the same this year because it helps massively with the registration and orientation of its NEW students.

In fact, the other universities and colleges in PNG should do the same by informing the Continuing Students to avoid the long queues and unnecessary delays during the registration week.

2022 School Leavers Selections Lists - DHERST

The Grade 12 School Leavers Selections is solely done by DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) through its National Online Application System (NOAS) and National  Online Selection System (NOSS).

If you are a 2021 Grade 12 student, your selections and the announcement of your TESAS status will be formally done by DHERST. 

When are PNG Universities and Colleges 2022 Acceptance List PDF coming out?

By now the Grade 12 Schools Leavers should know whether they are selected to a University or College, or not. 

In fact, the higher education department launched the Grade 12 National Online Selection on the 21st of December 2021. 

But the non-school leavers and continuing students will have to wait untill ALL the names (quotas from each university and college) has been confirmed, compiled and released to the general public. 

Only then, the students should be able to know their confirmed SELECTION STATUS, as well as their final TESAS STATUS.

Here is a detailed article about when DHERST is likely to release the 2022 Acceptance List for PNG Universities and Colleges

Check out this video info we provided last year - it is still relevant to this year's selections and release of the 2022 Acceptance List PDF

Are you on TESAS?

DHERST used different statuses to indicate the TESAS Awards for selected students. 

The awards are based on the PNG govt’s yearly sponsorship for students under the AES and HECAS categories, excluding the self-sponsored or corporate and overseas govt sponsored students. 

Read this article for the meaning of the acronyms (TESAS, AES & HECAS) and what they mean.

So how will the NSLs, Grade 12 SLs and Continuing Students know if you are on TESAS or not? You can CONFIRM your scholarship status (whether you are on TESAS or self-sponsored) through the final (official) 2022 Acceptance List released by DHERST. 


What to do as a Self-sponsored student?

Perhaps the important thing is to confirm your PNG GOVT SCHOLARSHIP (TESAS) status on the 2022 Tertiary Institution's Acceptance List

As the name implies, if you are a self-sponsored student you'll have to pay your own fees before the registration and orientation. 

If you do not pay the required fees, your place will be forfeited - another student in the admission pool who has the money will take your place.

Check with your university or college to confirm how much you MUST pay to register. In addition, this information will be contained in the Acceptance Letter your institution send to you. Make sure you read and understand what you must do before admission.

The best tip is to pay only the required amount, register and apply for the PNG govt's HELP program - read how to apply below.

Secure HELP - PNG Govt Scholarship

DHERST will facilitate the Student Loan Scheme (HELP or Higher Education Loan Program). 

If you are a self-sponsored student, you'll have to pay your fee for the first semester of 2022 and apply for the HELP loan.

The Continuing students and School Leavers can apply for the HELP loan program through their university or college. This also includes those who are doing their masters or doctorate studies. 

Check with your institution and ask for a HELP student loan application form. Also, find out about the due date and what to do so that your application is successful.
How to apply for student loan - MBA Online Degree Part Time study

What to do if you are on DHERST's Admission Pool?

If you are a student on DHERST's admission pool, you'll have to log in to your National Online Selection Account between now and before the academic year 2022 starts to see if you have been offered a placement at a university or college in PNG.

This year's (2021/2022) selection had 
  • 31, 817 students nominated to sit the exams; 
  • 26,544 students certified; 
  • 16,171 total HEI quota for 2021; and
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies.
The good news is that there are 6,319 spaces (formally called quotas) to be filled via the Admission Pool. 

So, keep checking to see if you are one of the lucky ones from the admission pool admitted to a university or college. 
admission pool 2022 - Online MBA Degree

Registration and Orientation info for new students

Congratulations if you are selected to continue to a tertiary institution in 2022. There are several things that you should find out. 
  • Are you on TESAS (AES, HECAS)?
  • Will you be a SELF-SPONSORED student?
  • When are you likely to see your name on the 2022 DHERST selection list?
  • Should you inform your institution that you've accepted that offer?
At least, try to find out the answer to the 5 questions as you prepare to go to your new school. 

Here is an article that can help you prepare for the registration and orientation week. It gives details to documents you need to present at registration, fees and what to do to get yourself prepared for the new academic year. 

Recommended reading for NSL, School Leavers and Continuing Students

Additional information for Non-school Leavers, Continuing Students and Grade 12 School Leavers are provided in the LINKS within this article.

Check out the links if you need more information on TESAS (HECAS & AES), or how to get the  HELP govt loan or about being a SELF-SPONSORED student.

You can also leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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Read about PNG Insight's *NEW* maths exam resources website for Grades 12, 10 and 8 students in Papua New Guinea. (Plus, lots of students and teachers maths resources, free to download)

How to Register Company with IPA Online (Investment Promotion Authority)

This is an extract of frequently ask questions for registering a business in Papua New Guinea with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA). The information first appeared in the Post Courier and we share it here for our readers. 

In this info-article, you'll find out about the different companies you can register; how to register a business either offline (in person) or online; the cost of registering a business what to do when you've applied to register a business. 

How to register a Limited Company with IPA PNG

How do I register a business? 

There are a number of differences which one can register:

  1. A Limited Company,
  2. Business Name, 
  3. Association, 
  4. Business Group and 
  5. Foreign Enterprise
Upon registration, one can receive a registration certificate under the entity type they register.

How do I go on obtaining an IPA Certificate?

The IPA Certificate is given to foreign entities that are after company registration is required to lodge a foreign enterprise application.

How do I obtain this important document? 

One can obtain extracts or certificates of business entities, from IPA Website. However, at the IPA front counters, IPA does not provide soft-copy searches or printed extracts.

How to register business offline?

  • 1. Business name registration fee offline is K200.00
  • 2. You must submit the completed business name Form 1 to the Registrar of companies, via post if you are outside of Port Moresby or at our public front counter at Konedobu.
  • 3. The IPA postal addresses are; PO Box 1281, Port Moresby, NCD or PO Box 5053, Boroko, NCD, Attention: Registrar of Companies.
  • 4. In relation to payment, IPA does not accept cash, hence, fees can be paid via bank cheque, Eftpos on-site or direct deposit using IPA’s customized deposit form.
  • 5. If using the normal bank deposit form, please remember to attach the original deposit butt to the application form.
  • 7. Bank: WESTPAC Acc#: 295283 | BSP Acc#: 1001323865 | KINA Acc#: 1150909

How to register a business online?

You also have an option to register your business name and pay fees online using a visa/credit card or by registering yourself as a Deposit Account (prepaid) user on the IPA website. 

The filing fee to register your business name online is K150.00.


In order to use IPA Online Registry System (ORS) to access services other than conducting entity searches, one must first register an ONLINE USER account.

To register an online user account, follow steps 1-6 below. 

(If you are already a registered user, please skip to PART B).

  • 1. Enter the IPA website address as in https://www.ipa.gov.pg 
  • 2. Click Register account 
  • 3. Enter your personal details 
  • 4. Enter a username
  • 5. Enter a password 
  • 6. Click ‘create’ to be automatically registered as a registered user. A dashboard automatically appears on the successful completion of this process.

Note: Ensure to record your username and password lest you forget.


The first step towards applying for any entity registration including Business Names is to make sure that the name you are proposing to register is available (or is not already registered by someone else). 

Follow Steps 1-6 below: Click Online Services from the tab as in below

IPA Online company Search


  • 1. Again, from your dashboard click Online Services 
  • 2. Click on Register Business Name 
  • 3. Fully complete all tabs as in below and click ‘Submit’
IPA Online company Search
  • 4. Once the Fee Payment screen appears complete details in full and click ‘Continue’. A follow-on payment screen will appear. 
  • 5. Fill in the details of your CREDIT or DEBIT CARD. 
  • 6. Click ‘Continue’ to complete the process.


  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Once the above process is complete, the application is queued in the internal work queue and can be processed imminently.
  • ESTIMATED TURNAROUND TIME: Approximate processing time for applications submitted online is 2 working days. Follow-ups may be staged after 2 working days.
  • ONLINE FEE: Online application/registration fee applicable for Business Names is K150.
  • PAYMENT METHOD: For any online submission, a fee is to be made by either CREDIT CARD or DEBIT CARD
  • FOREIGN ENTERPRISE CERTIFICATION: After completing the registration process as above, entities having foreign involvements will need to apply for what is called a Foreign Enterprise Certification. For this, refer to the information sheet titled ‘Using Online Registry System – Foreign Certification Process.
  • EMAIL CONTACT: The email address to be used for online queries is ipaonline@ipa.gov.pg

Source: This article originally appeared in the Post Courier 

(24 December 2021)

When will DHERST Publish 2022 Grade 12 Selection Lists for HEIs?

The higher education department (DHERST) launched the Grade 12 National Online Selection on the 21st of December 2021. So what does the launching mean; and when will DHERST publish the 2022 Grade 12 Selections Lists for the tertiary institutions in the country?

Here are 5 points that students, parents and guardians should know as they check their names on National Online Selection System (NOAS). 

Grade 12 selections list for HEIs PDF 2022 - Study Online in PNG
 5 preparation tips for students | 2022 HEI registration and orientation

Students to check their selection status (1)

Students can view their selection STATUS through their individual National Online Application Accounts. That means that the 2021 Grade 12 students should use their NOAS login details to access their accounts and confirm their selection status for 2022.

By now you (Grade 12 student) should know if you have secured a tertiary institution placement, or not. 

In fact, this is the final outcome of your School Leaver's Choice on the National Online Application System. 

The selection status on DHERST National Online Selection System is 'provisional' only. That means two things: 

  • first, the HEI will send you an offer letter, also called the acceptance letter, to confirm your placement with the institution; and
  • second, DHERST will formally publish your name on the 2022 Grade 12 selection list PDF on its website.

What should you do if you are selected? (2)

Congratulations if you are selected to continue to a tertiary institution in 2022. There are several things that you should find out. 
  • Are you on TESAS (AES, HECAS)?
  • Will you be a SELF-SPONSORED student?
  • When are you likely to see your name on the 2022 DHERST selection list?
  • Should you inform your institution that you've accepted that offer?
At least, try to find out the answer to the 5 questions as you prepare to go to your new school. 

Here is an article that can help you prepare for the registration and orientation week. It gives details to documents you need to present at registration, fees and what to do to get yourself prepared for the new academic year. 

2022 DHERST Selection list PDF - Study Online in PNG

DHERST new Grade 12 data (3)

Note that there are ONLY 16,171 spaces available at the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Papua New Guinea according to DHERST's new data

For the 2022 Academic Year, there were 

  • 31, 817 students nominated to sit the exams; 
  • 26,544 students certified;
  • 16,171 total HEI quota ; 
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies.

Many Grade 12 students, like in the past years, will not get an HEI placement though they may have really good grades.

If you have secured a placement, you should be proud of yourself!

Important Announcement from DHERST 2022 (4)

DHERST and HEIs will use Grade 12 students' data in the National Online Application System (NOAS) to confirm their selections. Here is what DHERST has to say:
  • Your (Grade 12 Students) data from the MyNOAS data field has been forwarded to the Higher Education Institution that selected you.  The HEI will communicate directly with you to inform you about the specific details of the institution, including how to accept your offer. 
  • Note that the response contained therein (in the NOSS) is not an admission confirmation. You should expect to receive official notice through an admissions offer letter directly from your Higher Education Institution (HEI).
Over 10,370 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies. If you feel that you have made the Grade, but missed out, here is a story that will inspire you. 

Read about Sharlyne's story. She completed Grade 12 at Marianville Secondary School. Her Grade Point Average (GPA) was above the cut-off mark for entry into UPNG, but she missed out on the selection.
Grade 12 selection list - Study Online in PNG

When will DHERST Publish 2022 Grade 12 Selections Lists for HEIs?

DHERST announced that it would publish the Grade 12 selection List for 2021 on the 8th of January 2021.

The higher education department has not given a definite date for 2022, yet. The info that went out to students via the MYNOAS has the date for last year's selection.

Meanwhile, we think that DHERST will do the same this year, publish the final 2022 selection list EARLY IN JANUARY 2022. Just to be sure, please check in to your MyNOAS for the latest news and updates from DHERST

This is the final list that will confirm your selection to an HEI for 2022. 

Grade 12 selection List for 2022 Study Online in PNG



LATEST ARTICLE: PNG Universities and Colleges 2022 Acceptance List Info, TESAS, HELP Loan and Registration and Orientation - ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

How to enrol at FODE?

If you want to upgrade your marks at FODE or at any University Open and Distance Learning Centres, here is some information that you'll find useful. Click on the link to read more. 

We hope this gives you an idea about what to expect between now and then. Share this with your friends and family and let them know about this information, too.

All the best in 2022!