Grade 12 results 2021/2022 NSSCO, NSSCAS, AS Secondary School Certificates NAMIBIA

This is an info-service for our Namibia and Namibians living overseas following up on the 2021 Grade 12 (and Grade 11 NEW) exam results. The recent examination has been affected by the leakage of some 2021 exam papers. 

In fact, not all subjects were affected - this article puts in perspective the latest news and updates on Grade 12 and Grade 11 results for this year. 

Grade 12 NSSCO Grade 11 Results 2021/2022
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Latest information on NSFAF, Old NSSCO Grade 12 Results, UNMA registration, follow the link.

In brief 2021 Exam Results

  • According to the latest data, there are a total of 99,631 students registered for the 2021 exams of which 51, 958 are full-time pupils in mainstream schools. These students are directly affected by the exam paper leakages.
  • Several subjects in the 2021 NSSC Ordinary Level Grade 12 (5 subjects) and the Revised Curriculum Ordinary Level Grade 11 (11 subjects) were affected by the leakage of exam papers.
  • NSSCO (new) and NSSCAS (new) results will be released on dates intended by the education ministry prior to the examination leakages.
  • The leaked exams are NOT eligible for Cambridge International accreditation in 2021.
  • Candidates will rewrite exams in January 2022. Schools and local education authorities to facilitate the re-write in collaboration with the education ministry.

What the exam paper leakages and rewrites mean

We understand the Teachers Union, private schools and other educational organisations are against the resit (or rewrite) of the examinations leaked early in December 2021. However, the leakages of exam papers have been widespread in the country.

Understandably, this (the rewrite) is not what many Grade 12 and Grade 11 students would want, but it is in the best interest of the exam and the validity of the results and certificates that the students must resit. 

The education ministry and Cambridge International understand that the NSSCO and NSSCAS are internationally accredited and recognised certificates. And therefore, the exams must be free of cheating for them to be valid. 

2021 exam rewrite dates

The NSSCO and NSSCAS candidates will be rewriting the examination in January 2022 only for the leaked subjects. 

The education ministry said it will allocate resources to ensure that the results will be released on the dates set before the leakage of the exam papers.

In a news release, the Basic Education Ministry Executive Director Sanet Steenkamp announced the following dates:

  • 10 -21 January 2022: Rewrite exam dates of the NSSCO examination for Grade 11.
  • 7 -15 February 2022: Rewrite exam dates for the NSSCO Grade 12.
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When are the Grade 12 results in 2021 coming out?

THE Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC), in a news release dated 8th December 2021, stated that they will launch the results for Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO, new) and Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NSSCAS, new) on the date they set originally. 

It is not clearly known when exactly MoEAC will release the results, but based on last year's experience the ministry made the announcement on 4th February 2021, and the candidates accessed their results on the 5th of February 2021

That possibly means that the results of 2021 Grade 12 and Grade 11 NCCSO (new) and NSSCA (new) will come out in early February 2022, IF the education ministry sticks to its plan. 

When is the Grade 12 results in 2021 coming out

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What exams (subjects) are affected?

Indicatively, five (5) subjects at the Grade 12 and the eleven (11) subjects at the Grade 11 ordinary level were affected through the leakage of exam papers. 

The subjects affected at NCSSO Grade 12 level are:

  1. English Second Language paper one (core) and Paper 2 (Extended), 
  2. History, 
  3. Agriculture, 
  4. Development Studies and
  5. Biology, 

The 11 subjects affected at Grade 11 ordinary level (NSCCO, new) level are: 

  1. English Second Language, 
  2. Afrikaans,
  3.  Biology, 
  4. Mathematics, 
  5. Physics, 
  6. Chemistry, 
  7. Entrepreneurship, 
  8. Business Studies,
  9. Agriculture, 
  10. Oshikwanyama and 
  11. Oshindonga.

How to access the Grade 12 (and Grade 11) NCCSO and NSSCA results 2021?

The examination results for Grade 12 and Grade 11  - Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO, new) and Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NSSCAS, new) - can be obtained in two ways

  • either online result web application called MY RESULTS ONLINE, or
  • by SMS using your mobile phone.

Grade 12 (and Grade 11) NCCSO and NSSCA results 2021/2022
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Meaning of Exams and Results terms

These acronyms are extensively used in the discussion of examination and results in Namibia. With the new Grade 12 and Grade 11 exams and results, we thought you should familiarise yourselves with the terms. 

Here are the meanings:
  • NSSCO = Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NEW)
  • NSSCAS = Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Advanced Subsidiary (NEW)
  • AS Level = First year of a full A level (Advanced Level), Year 12
  • NSSCH = Senior Secondary Certificates for Higher (OLD)
  • CI  = Cambridge International

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