Study at Divine Word University's Faculty of Business and Informatics

Applying to Divine Word University's Faculty of Business and Informatics (DWU FOBIS) offers exciting opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing careers in business, information systems, mathematics and computing science, or tourism and hospitality management. 

If you are a non-school leaver looking to apply to DWU FOBIS, here are the eligibility criteria you need to meet and the application process to follow.

Faculty of Business and Informatics dwu application form 2024 pdf download Non school leavers

Eligibility Criteria for Non-School Leavers

1. Bachelor of Business (Accountancy & Management):

   - Minimum grade of "B" in English.

   - Grade "C" in Mathematics A.

   - Grade "B" or better in all other Grade 12 subjects.

Successful applicants enter as Business Studies students. Stream selection to Accountancy or Management is based on academic performance during the first two years of study.

2. Bachelor of Information Systems:

   - Minimum grade of "B" or better in Language and Literature and Mathematics A/Advanced Mathematics.

   - Grade "B" or better in any two or more subjects taken at Grade 12 (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Economics, Information Communication Technologies).

Note: If you have taken Mathematics B, do not apply.

3. Bachelor of Mathematics and Computing Science:

   - Minimum grade of "B" or better in Language and Literature, Advanced Mathematics, and Physics.

   - At least one (1) grade of "B" or better in other Grade 12 subjects taken.

4. Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management:

   - Grade average of "B" or better in the final year 12 examinations.

   - Good communication skills are necessary.

   - Relevant work experience in the field of Tourism & Hospitality may be considered.

How to Apply to DWU FOBIS

1. Downloading the Application Form:

   - Visit the official website of Divine Word University.

   - Look for the Admissions or Application section.

   - Find the Application Form for the desired program under the Faculty of Business and Informatics.

   - Download the PDF form to your computer.

(Leave a comment below if you have any questions about how to download the DWU application form 2024 pdf)

2. Completing the Application Form:

   - Fill in all sections of the Application Form.

   - Provide accurate and complete information about your personal and academic background.

   - Include references from the Principal or other teachers from your school, as well as a Pastor or Community Leader.

   - Provide details of a sponsor or family member.

3. Submitting the Application:

   - For current Grade 12 students: Apply through the National Online Application System (NOAS) administered by the Department of Higher Education, Science, Research & Technology (DHERST).

   - For non-school leavers: Send the completed Application Form and accompanying mandatory documents by posted mail. Emailed and faxed copies will not be accepted.

   - The closing date for applications will be specified on the Application Form.

   - After the closing date, applications will be processed and forwarded to the respective departments for the initial selection process (Pre-Selection).

   - Pre-selected applicants will go through the final selection after the Grade 12 selection at the Department of Higher Education, Science, Research & Technology in December.

For non-school leavers interested in programs other than the MBBS program, the application details will be announced in May 2023.

If you are applying for the MBBS program (more info here), make sure to submit your application to the Registrar's Office no later than July 31, 2023.

Divine Word University's Faculty of Business and Informatics

Divine Word University's Faculty of Business and Informatics offers excellent academic programs and career opportunities. 

Start your journey today and unlock your potential in the dynamic fields of business and informatics.

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  1. Withdrew last year from the University of Papua New Guinea and would like to apply for the Bachelor of Accountancy