Study Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at DWU: Non School Leaver Application Form PDF 2024

This article provides information on the non-school leaver application process for the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)  program for the year 2024.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in medicine and becoming a doctor, the MBBS program at Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang, Papua New Guinea, is an excellent choice. It provides comprehensive medical education and training to prepare students for a rewarding career in the field of medicine.

Non School Leaver Application Form PDF 2024

Apply for the MBBS program at DWU as an NSL

To apply for the MBBS program at DWU, non-school leaver candidates are required to complete the application form provided by the university. 

It is important to note that faxed and emailed applications will not be accepted. The completed application form must be submitted physically to the Registrar's Office at Divine Word University or returned to: 

The Registrar, 

Divine Word University, 

PO Box 483, Madang, 

Madang Province

Application Fee

Along with the application form, candidates are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of K400. 

This fee includes a K100 administration fee and a K300 exam fee. The payment should be made to the DWU BSP Account, A/c No.1000 433806, Madang Branch. The receipt of payment must be attached to the application form for it to be processed.

Selection Process

Candidates applying for the MBBS program will be subject to an entrance exam as part of the selection process. 

A non-refundable exam fee of K300 is charged, and this fee must be paid to sit the exam. 

The selection is competitive and based on the results of the entry exam, which consists of five subjects: 

  • Language and Literature (20%), 
  • Advanced Mathematics (20%), 
  • Biology (25%), 
  • Chemistry (25%), and 
  • Physics (10%).

Bonus Points

After completing their residency, applicants who have signed a contract with a rural hospital to work for a few years in a rural area will be awarded bonus points. 

These bonus points can enhance the chances of being selected for the program.

Ranking and Acceptance

Successful candidates will be ranked based on their exam results. Only the top 15 candidates will be accepted into the MBBS program. 

It is important to perform well in the entry exam to increase the chances of being ranked high and securing a spot in the program.

Exam Centres and Logistics

The entrance exam will be organized at several DWU centres, including:

  • Madang main campus, 
  • POM DWU campus, 
  • Rabaul St Mary School of Nursing, 
  • Wewak St Benedict School of Nursing, and 
  • Mt Hagen – Rabimul, SVD house. 
Candidates are responsible for their logistical arrangements to sit for the entry exam.

Important Dates and Communication

The exam dates will be announced by mid-August, and candidates must provide a reliable email address during the application process. 

All communication and information regarding the exam and dates will be sent via email. It is crucial to regularly check the provided email address for updates and notifications.

Application Deadline

Applications for the MBBS program must be returned by 31 July 2023. It is essential to ensure that the application is accompanied by a complete administration and exam fee of K400. 

Failure to make the required payment in full will result in the application being considered null and void.

Document Requirements

Candidates must provide all academic documents, including transcripts, at the time of applying. 

It is important to submit complete and accurate academic records to support the application.

To download the DWU application form 2024 for the MBBS program, click here


Non-school leaver candidates interested in applying for the MBBS program in 2024 should carefully follow the application process outlined above. 

By preparing well for the entry exam and submitting a complete application with the required fees and documents, candidates can increase their chances

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