School Reform in PNG: Reforming Home, School and Society - an Academic's Book Worth Reading

The book is an academic's view on School reform in Papua New Guinea. It looks into children, parents and family as the building block of true school reform.

Titled School Cultures: Powerful Mediums to Transform Individuals, Schools and Societies, the book addresses family, classroom and school as the main setting for powerful reformation of the school culture.

To buy the book, contact details are provided below. A must-read book for parents, teachers, school administrators and provincial and national education officers.
School reform in png
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"A holistic approach to School Reforms" is what Dr. K. Kelep-Malpo's latest book on "School cultures: Powerful mediums to transform individuals, schools and societies" brings out.

Parents, especially young parents and families of today must buy as the point on "Homes and families being the first institutions of character building is substantially discussed.

Parents are further urged to train their children to make Quality Decisions whilst under their care before they leave home.

Graduates with Character come out of schools where strong Christian values, beliefs and practices like Retreats,TSCF, Scripture Union etc are encouraged.

Classrooms as Engine rooms where future architects of society are made, must be well catered for, for PNG's robust and quality workforce.

Head teachers with visions to transform schools are needed for PNG's schools today.

It is a must buy book for School boards & administration plus provincial authorities for holistic and not piecemeal reforms.

You can purchase this book from Dr. K. Kelep-Malpo (72328963) email address: or Moses Elias - POM (70454290) email address;

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