How to Make Money Online While at Secondary School and University

Many students are looking for opportunities after Grade 12 and universities to find nothing. Some are probably not well prepared (or prepare themselves well) for life after school.

This post is the first of a series on PNG Insight. It aims to help teenagers use the Internet and technology to live productive lives after school and how to make money online.

Below is the first part of the series on 'How to Start a Personal Free Blog at School'.

You can download the 5-Parts series now. Click on the image to access the information. 

How to Make Money Online
How to Make Money Online While at Secondary School and University

Young people today have opportunities that many in the past did not have - access to the Internet, social media and computers for example. 

In fact, with access to the Internet and technology comes lots of opportunities too. 

There are many ways to use the internet to improve your life.

3 powerful ways to bring out the best in you

Here are three powerful ways to bring out the best in you. Say no to the wasted and lazy times. Starve your distraction. Feed your focus. 

Start with these and you'll position yourself in a comfortable position to win after school life.

1. Read

Picking up a book is the hard part. When you have actually picked up the book and read it, you would not want to put it down. That is where the adventure starts.

You go on new and exciting adventures every time you read. Challenge yourself to read one or two books every term. 

2. Write

One way to showcase your creativity is to write. 

Writing is a skill not many people develop early. It takes time and effort to stitch together sentences, paragraphs and articles. Like many things, developing writing skills needs practice. 

Use Social Media and free blogs and be creative. 

Avoid slang. Write in full sentences. Write about things you are *passionate* about. 

Your passion will bring the best out of you. You'll enjoy every moment of writing for a long time.

Your first true writing will not be the final. You'll go on and create amazing and inspiring work. So start now. Find out about how to Create a Blog here.

3. Make money

Learn how to make money early. If you know how to make money at Secondary School or university and perfect the skill at doing it, you'll go on to become a successful person after school.

In fact, you do not have to work for someone else.

Many people start early at school or university and become successful along the way. 

(We are glad to see Hon. Kessy Sawang commented below. Yes, you can Make Money Online While at Secondary School and University)


Kill two birds with one stone

Have you heard of the common saying 'kill two birds with one stone? This is it - you do something to make money and develop your life skills while doing it. 

Some examples of making money online while you are still at school include the following start-ups:

You can, actually, make money out of the 5 examples presented to you above. 

Students who are great with the use of the Internet and technology can do well in these areas. See PNG Insight work on YouTube here.

How to Make Money Online Now

Internet penetration in Papua New Guinea is better than it was 10 years ago. 

Some insiders believe that the mobile coverage in Papua New Guinea for both bmobile/Telkom PNG and Digicel combined is over 95%. 

Recent talks of building a high-speed broadband facility in and around Papua New Guinea are promising. 

So how can young Papua New Guineans be part of this change? The answer is simple - get on the bandwagon before you are left behind. 

We understand it is not for everybody, but to the interested students, if you don't do it now, someone else will do it. Start now while the Internet market in Papua New Guinea is unsaturated.

Download the Free e-Book here. The book is a personal take on how we created PNG Insight Blog and other niche websites such as the PNG Insight Maths Resource and PNG Insight in WordPress.

Create your future

Only you can prepare yourself for life after school. Read. Write. Learn how to make money. Do all three and you'll come out prepared to face real life. 

Read the complete series here or message PNG Insight on Twitter if you need more information.


Kez said...

Very good writeup here and I fully concur with your advice to our young people. The future is digital and they can create digital assets that fully employs them. Your blog is like your virtual real estate. You can spend thousands of Kina to buy a piece of land. But you can own a piece of internet real estate, too, with very little, so long as you consistently add value that benefits people to the asset.

Thank you for quoting one of my blogs. I have another one for spiritual purposes, plus other niche sites which together was earning me an average of US$800 - US$1000 monthly some years back when I put my consistent effort in blogging. No longer nowadays. When I started a Free Blog on Blogger some 15 plus years ago, my primary aim wasnt really to make money - but writing as a theraphy and also a platform of voice, and to express my thoughts. But along the way I monetized so I can move away from free blog. I also learnt to build niche sites selling cosmetics and household stuff, search engine optimization and learned to write for an audience. All these comes with consistency, learning and overtime as your blogs mature with fresh new content that helps people

I also built the pngwoman blog in 2017 to have a voice on explaining our economic situation to our grassroots population in simplest layman terms, and protest against environmental damage caused by the Ramu Nickel Mine at Basamuk. I didnt blog consistently in the last 6 years as I took up studies at UPNG as well as working on how to win the 2022 national elections. But now, I have already registered a domain name to start blogging again, to document the political journey of a woman parliament in PNG.

I recently learnt that the Ombudsman Commission also recognizes digital assets like blogs, website and domain names and requires leaders serving in public office to declare them in their OC Returns. I recently lodged my OC Return and for that purpose undertook a valuation of my blogs and domains. It was valued at PGK 57,000. I am sharing this to inspire our young people that if you start now and do some of things written about by PNG Insights in this blog, your blog may value much more in the years to come.

Thanks again for quoting one of my past blogs. I hope sharing my blogging journey and thoughts helps inspires someone out there.

Have a blessed holiday and Happy New Year 2023!

Hon. Kessy Sawang, MP

PNG Insight said...

Thank you for the comment Hon. Sawang. We are also a fan of your writing early on, that's why we featured your work among the others to inspire our young people. I agree with the valuation of your work. It may seem small but convert the earnings in US$ to PNG Kina, and it can be overwhelming.

We hope that our young people, especially those at Grade 11 ams 12 and university students, know that they can make real money online. It has to start now.

Many thanks and hope you all the best with your writings as you document your journey as a woman MP in PNG. Let us know how PNG Insight csn help when you launch you new website.



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