Reservation of Women’s Seats PNG Parliament Key Reform Agenda 2020


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The reservation of women’s seats in parliament is one key reform agenda to be looked by the new Chairman of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC) before the 2022 National Elections.

Prime Minister (PM) James Marape, said the new Chairman and Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu, now has a big task at hand before the elections and as a member of the ruling Pangu Party, he will deliver the party’s perspective, which includes the women’s reserve seats.

“We will be also looking at women in politics, the representation of women in office,” Prime Minister James Marape.

“For the Pangu perspective, we have a very important proposal to put specific seats for women in the country. We are looking at a higher level of regional seats, probably at four or five regions, designated as women-only seats.”

To handle this task and other key reforms, Marape has high hopes in the new CLRC Chairman saying, “The honourable Kevin Isifu brings to us a wealth of experience, and brings that to our important constitutional office.”

Meanwhile, other key agendas to be looked at, including the system of voting, electoral reforms to modernize it with the biometric voting system and electoral boundaries review.

Isifu was officially sworn- in by the Governor-General, Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae at the Government House in Port Moresby this morning.

NEWS: YUMI FM (30/06/2020)


Binatang Research Centre: Research and Conservation in PNG

In the months leading up to July, PNG Insight was privileged to have published a series of articles from Bradley LW Gewa. Bradley was a former employee of the Binatang Research Centre In Madang, Papua New Guinea.

The Binatang Research Centre is a non for profit organisation.

Bradley articulately documented the adventures and stories about Travel, Study, Research and Conservation in Papua New Guinea. 

His work with the PNG  Binatang Research Centre (BRC) is inspiring, indeed. It tells of the research and conservation work the centre is spearheading in collaboration with, both, the local and international communities. 

In fact, the articles have gained traction Worldwide. See here on BRC Facebook page. 

The country needs more people who can write and tell their stories, showcase the beauty of this nation and, above all, appreciate and preserve what we have in PNG.

The PNG Writer's Corner Initiative was established to give our young people the motivation to write about things they are passionate about. 

Read about Bradley's work and other PNG Writers on PNG Insight.

Interested PNG Writers, students and the general public can participate in this initiative. Email us on

Mt Wilhelm Conservation Area Research and Conservation Field Trip

BRC Madang Papua New Guinea

PNG Mt Wilhelm Conservation

PNG Mt Wilhelm Conservation

IRC's ITAS system Payments and Returns Online

Commissioner General Sam Koim’s visit to Mt Hagen IRC office today (15 June 2020) coincides with a series of outings yet to come in the Highlands Region this week.

The first stopover at Mt Hagen IRC office was a courtesy visit in which a brief was held with IRC staff concerning a new Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) that will replace the current Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS).

Staff were told the new ITAS system enables taxpayers to go online where ever they are and make returns and payments through an electronic payment portal.

Koim said he hopes the procurement phase of this ITAS would be completed by the end of this year for it to be rolled out.
Commissioner General Sam Koim and IRC Staff of Mt Hagen posed for the camera after a short briefing (Pic: IRC Facebook page)

Tax Return Lodgements
(Making payments to IRC).
Or visit:

Visit IRC Facebook page for the latest news and updates on payments and lodgement.

PNG National Examination Dates 2020 - REVISED

The National Department of Education (NDoE) has revised the 2020 exam schedule. The reason was the interruption of classes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The department believes that the extension of dates will give enough time to schools to prepare the students to sit for the national examinations 2020.

PNG national exam dates

Grade 12, 10 and 8 students preparing for examinations can now download exam papers online. (Click on the link)

The examinations include:

  • Grade 10 Written Expression Examination
  • Grade 12 Written Expression Examination 
  • Grade 10 National Examinations (Lower Secondary School Certificate Exam, LSSCE)
  • Grade 12 National Examinations (Higher Secondary School Certificate Exam, HSSCE) and 
  • Grade 8 National Examinations (Certificate of Basic Education Exam, CoBEE) .

Prepare for the exams. Download the PNG exam papers online

School Term and Holiday dates