Be Informed: Know about PNG Grade 11 Selection Online

In Papua New Guinea, the Grade 11 Selection process opens doors to exciting academic opportunities, leading students to pursue upper secondary and STEM education. This simplified guide provides aspiring students with a clear understanding of the following:

  • selection criteria, 
  • procedures, and 
  • factors that influence their chances of gaining admission to upper secondary schools. 
This article is based on Education Secretary Circular No. 13/2020.

how does grade 11 selection take place in PNG - education

Conducting the Grade 11 Selection Online

The Grade 11 Selection process in Papua New Guinea is conducted online. The Department of Education provides an online system for principals to enter and verify student data in the provinces. 

The committee then uses the online system to select students based on the National Standard Requirements - the Selection Benchmark. This ensures that the process is fair, transparent, and efficient.

Data entry and verification for the Grade 11 Selection process take place in the provincial capitals. Principals collaborate on entering and verifying student information from School Leaver Forms (SLFs), ensuring data consistency across provinces. Simultaneously, the principals:

  • Address transfer requests.
  • Ensure eligible students receive official offer letters.
  • Gather final reports and publication lists.
  • Appoint a chairperson to manage logistics.
  • Request electronic copies of SLFs for all Grade 10 students.

This centralised approach enhances data management and reduces errors, promoting a fair and efficient selection process.

Grade 11 Selection National Benchmark

To be eligible for Grade 11 selection, students must meet the established National Standard Requirements, which evaluate their academic performance in various subjects. These requirements include:

  • Acing at least 7 Upper Passes in essential subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Personal Development, Agriculture, and Business Studies.
  • Achieving proficiency in other subjects: Art, Design and Technology, Home Economics, Practical Skills, and Computing.
  • Securing a percentile score of 77.0 or higher in the Grade 10 examinations. (Here is the full explanation)
  • National Schools of Excellence (NSOE) prioritise students with Credits and Distinctions.

PNg Grade 11 selection - Education Department Website

Eligibility for Selection to Secondary Schools and NSOE

To identify and nurture academically promising students, the Grade 11 Selection process employs a standardised bench. 

The Grade 11 selection committee scrutinises student records and selects candidates based on their academic achievements and adherence to the Grade 11 Selection National Benchmark. 

National Schools of Excellence prioritise students with Credits and Distinctions, creating a diverse and intellectually stimulating learning environment. Only officially recognised Secondary Schools are authorised to admit Grade 11 students.

Grade 11 Essentials for Fair Selection

After verifying the data, the committee carefully analyses the information and selects students from the eligible lists. The selection process adheres to the National Standard Requirements and considers various factors, including:

  • Completed and Approved School Leaver Forms: Only students with finalised School Leaver Forms are eligible for selection.
  • School Quotas: Each school has a designated quota for the number of students it can accommodate in Grade 11. Students who exceed the quota will not be selected.
  • Exemplary Character References: Students with outstanding character references are given priority during the selection process.
  • Parental Transfer Requests: Parents who request a transfer for their child must submit a formal written request.
  • Gender Equity: In cases of a tie, gender equity is considered when determining selection.

Grade 11 selection list pdf 2024 - downgload - education department website .gov.p

Confirmation and Approval

The final selection lists undergo a rigorous two-step confirmation process:

  1. Chairperson's Confirmation: The Chairperson of the Grade 11 Selection Committee carefully reviews the lists to ensure adherence to the established criteria.
  2. Secretary for Education's Approval: Only after the Chairperson's confirmation can the lists be forwarded to the Secretary for Education for final approval.

Upon receiving approval from the Secretary for Education, selected students receive offer letters from their respective schools. They may then enrol in Grade 11 according to the approved lists published on the Education Department website

No other selection, amendments, or inclusion should be done to the final selection lists that are done by the provincial selection committees and approved by the Education secretary.

Additional Considerations: Fairness & Efficiency

If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the available slots, the committee may consider non-eligible lists. Additionally, selected students must retain soft copies of their approved School Leaver Forms for verification purposes. 

Principals are also responsible for maintaining copies of the following documents:

  • Copy of the final selected list.
  • Copies of school leavers forms for selected students.
  • Offer letters for all selected students.


The Grade 11 Selection process in Papua New Guinea helps students get into upper secondary schools. The committee selects students based on their grades and standards set by the Department of Education. 

The final selection lists for all the upper secondary schools in the country will be published on the department website. Students who are selected receive offer letters from their schools.

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Latest on Exam Results and Selections 2024