2020 Grade 11 Selection and 2020 Grade 12 Selection Out Soon

This newsletter (screenshot) aims to answer the HOT topic at present: the online results and selections of secondary school students for 2020 in the country. This is a blog version of the Newsletter that aims to give some answers.


PNG Insight received an overwhelming number of requests and comments on our website. So, we hope the updates on the Newsletter will answer some of the questions.


Here are the updates of the 2020 Grade 11 Selection list and 2020 Grade 12 selection dates to mark.

Online results for the high, secondary and national high schools

  • Grade 10: Declared on 10 AM, Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2019 (DONE)
  • Grade 12: Declaration Time: 10 AM, Monday, 9th Dec 2019 (DONE)
The Grades 10 and 12 students can now access their results online through My PNG Exam Results website (mypngexamresults.com).

Online results for Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE)

  • Grade 10: Declared on 10 AM, Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2019 (DONE)
  • Grade 8: Declaration Time: 10 AM, Monday, 9th Dec 2019 (DONE)
  • Grade 12: Declaration Time: 10 AM, Monday, 9th Dec 2019 (DONE)
FODE students can ALSO access their results online through My PNG Exam Results website (mypngexamresults.com).

Grade 11 selection 2020

  • The Grade 10 online result was released last week on the 3rd of December 2019
  • General Education Services of the National Education Department, principals and provincial reps met in Port Moresby since last week (3rd – 13th December 2019)
  • The 2019 Grade 11 selection list for secondary and national high schools in the country will be made available on the education department website. 
  • The list is not out at the time of this notice. 
  • From the dates, we can infer that the Grade 11 selection list will become available to the public after Friday 13th December 2019.
2020 Grade 11 selection

2020 Grade 12 Selection for Tertiary institutions

  • The release of online results for Grade 12 is this Monday the 9th of December 2019. (DONE
  • The grace period is for students to fix the choices on the Online School Leavers Form (SLF) is 3 day. It ends on Thursday 12/12/2019.
  • There was a notice of suspension of the Grace Period by 14 hours READ ABOUT IT HERE.
  • Students can FINALISE their SLF choices to the 6 PNG universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions during the Grace period. (See the message on the screen below)
  • The selection is ONLINE and is completely FREE. And, will take place in auto-selection mode. That means that it will be fast - students will be able to KNOW their selection status, fast. 
Grade 12 selection list apply.dherst

Hope the bullet list of dates and inferences give you an idea of the times of the release of results; and selections. 

Wish you all the best. 


The Public Accounts Committee has announced that it has initiated its inquiry into the Tuition Fee-Free (TFF) policy.
The policy, a key policy of the former O'Neill Government has seen billions of kinas spent annually on TFF.

investigation into TFF education policy
Read about the TFF policy on PNG Insight (pnginsight.com)

However since its inception in 2012 - reports have revealed a massive drop in the quality of education despite millions having access.

PAC Chairman Sir John Pundari said notices have been sent to the Education Department to provide information to the Inquiry in October of this year and officers will be summoned and Hearings will commence in 2020.

 Sir John said the Committee has already received evidence from concerned individuals uncovering gross abuse of the TFF policy. 

He said Ghost schools and school boards have allegedly been paid.  

The PAC Chairman said other reports received by the PAC show an organized scam involving Education Department officials and certain school boards where deliberate overpayments were made.

The Inquiry comes at a time when the Marape-Steven Government has announced a fifty percent cut in the TFF policy for 2020.

Meantime, the PAC is currently dealing with Inquiry into the millions of kinas worth of contracts for the procurement of medical drugs and supplies by the national Department of Health has already uncovered gross abuse of systems and bribery among others.

Members of the PAC will visit health centers and aid-posts throughout the country this month as part of the Inquiry. 

 PAC recommences early 2020.

 NBC News- Lyanne Togiba
Picture: PAC

My PNG Exam Result 2019 Website User Friendly

The website URL for accessing Grade 8, 10 and 12 online result is www.mypngexamresults.com. 

The URL for My PNG Exam Result 2019 replaced the one used last year.Though the URLs are different the new website and its function are fairly similar to last years' one. It is user-friendly and easy to access your exam results.


Note also that there are some improvements. The obvious improvements include the following:
  • inclusion of FODE (Flexible Open and Distance Education) and Grade 8 online results
  • new URL - mypngexamresults.com
  • Access the website on mobile application (my png exam result APP)
Click on the green button when you are at my-png-exam-result website to login. The login page is shown below. 

At the page, type in the correct DEFAULT login details on the first attempt. *Follow the hint given in red carefully:
  • Surname
  • First name + Middle name
  • Default Password = SLF NO. and the format as YYYYPRSCHCAND
  • YYYY = 4 digits, PR = 2 digits provincial code, SCH = 3 digits school code & CAND = 4 digits candidate number
You can change the password to a more secure one when you have logged-in. But make sure to use a password that only you can remember. 

Check out the help page if you need assistance.

All the best!!

HELP: Higher Education Loan Programme - New Fee Policy

PM Marape: Government taking the bigger burden off parents with tertiary loan scheme.

HELP PNG higher education loan sheme a tuition fee loan for tertiary students in papua new guines
Approved for Release. 1st December 2019

Prime Minister Hon. James Marape says his Government is taking an even bigger burden off the shoulders of parents by introducing the K200 million students’ tertiary loan scheme in 2020.

He said this when addressing a full-house crowd at the Pacific Adventist University (PAU) graduation at its Koiari Park Campus outside Port Moresby today.

They applauded when Prime Minister Marape made the announcement.

“Next year onward, we will have the students’ loan programme,” he said.

“No more will you pay (tertiary) school fees.
“As long as you have NID (national identification) and residency as a Papua New Guinean, you will go and get money for your school fees.”

Prime Minister Marape said parents would pay 50 per cent of school fees from elementary to secondary school, with the Government to foot the balance, until students were ready for tertiary education.
He said the money would be parked under a programme known as HELP – Higher Education Loan Programme – “where we will have funding easily available to assist our students to pursue higher education”.

Prime Minister Marape said he had heard many people complaining, since the 2020 Budget was delivered last Thursday, about Government reducing funding for primary and secondary schools.

“I put it back to them: Which is most-burdensome? Is it high school or primary school education, or university and college education?” he said.

“I think university or college education is more-burdensome – that is where we are stepping in right now.” 

Prime Minister Marape said those who dropped out of Grades 8, 10 or 12 could be easily absorbed by vocational schools or SME training that would be made available.
“Government wants to do all of these things, but Government alone cannot do it,” he told the graduating students.

“Government and your country need an army of responsible citizens, who are out there making it happen for our country.

“I am sure I am speaking to an army of good citizens who have learned very well in your students, and spiritual upbringing here at PAU.”