PNG election counting update 2022 - daily summary

As the PNG elections are in the counting phase, we bring you a daily 'summary update' of the candidates declared; and party affiliate leading up to the 29th of July 2022. 

For the latest updates, twists and turns, and politics leading to the formation of the 11th parliament, click here.

Updated: PNG national election 2022 counting updates

Leading Political Party Candidates Tally

  • Pangu Pati (Leader - James Marape) x14 declared
  • People's National Congress, PNC (Leader - Peter O'Neill) x7 declared
  • United Resource Party, URP (Leader - William Duma) x4 declared
  • People's Party, PP (Leader - Dr William Tongamp) x3
  • Social Democratic Party, SDP (Leader - Powes Parkop) x2
  • Peoples Progress Party, PPP (Leader - Sir Julius Chan) x1 declared
  • People's First Party, PFP (Leader - Richard Maru) x1
  • United Labour Party, ULP (Leader - Lekwa Gure) x1
  • National Alliance, NA (Leader - Patrick Pruaitch) x2
  • Labor Party, LP (Leader - John Pundari) x1
  • People's Reform Party, PRP (Leader - James Donald) x1
  • PNG Party (Leader - Belden Namah) x1
  • Independent x2
Total winning candidates declared to date = 40

Provincial/Regional seats Declared

  • Manus - Charlie Benjamin, Pangu (polled over 13,234 absolute majority)
  • Bougainville/AROB - Peter Tsamalili Jr, Pangu (polled 42,928 votes)
  • West Sepik - Allan Bird, National Alliance,  NA (polled 127,315 votes)
  • Enga - Sir Peter Ipatas, People's Party (polled 172,653 votes)
  • East New Britain - Michael Marum, Independent (polled 33,285 votes)
  • New Ireland - Sir Julius Chan People's Progress Party (PPP) polled 31,717 ballot votes.
  • Hela - Philip Undialu, Pangu Pati polled 118,113 votes.

Open electorates MPs Declared

Summary of winning candidates by dates and ballot votes, including their party affiliation. 

Compiled from official sources - NBC News, PNG EC, EMTV and Post Courier news releases.

29 July 2022
  • Vanimo Green - Belden Namah, PNG Party, polled 10,213 votes.
  • Ambunti/Drekikier - Johnson Wapunai, PNC (polled 11,842 votes)
  • Telefomin Open - Solan Mirisim, Pangu (polled votes)
  • Esa'ala Open - Jimmy Maladina, Pangu (polled 9,359 votes)
  • Menyamya Open - Solen Loifa, Independent (polled 18,397 votes)

Declared 28th July 2022
  • North Fly - James Donald, PRP (polled 12,648 votes)
  • Central Bougainville -  Fr Simon Dumarinu, SDP (polled 12,263 votes)
  • Moresby South - Justin Tkatchenko, SDP (polled 28,111 ballot votes)
  • Nuku Open - Joe Sungi, Pangu (polled 9,239 votes)

Declared 27th July 2022
    • Gazelle Open - Zelta Wong, URP (polled 9,334 votes)
    • Hagen Open - William Dume, United Resource Party, URP (polled 48, 528)

    Declared 26th July 2022
    • Talasea Open - Freddie Reu Kumai, PP (polled 7,275 ballot votes)
    • Kokopo Open - Ereman ToBaining Jnr, PNC (polled 12,053 ballot votes)

    Declared 25th July 2022
    • South Bougainville Open - Timothy Masiu, Pangu (polled 14,404 votes) 
    • Finschhafen Open - Rainbo Paita, Pangu (polled 23,504 votes)
    • Kompiam Ambum - Sir John Pundari, Labor Party, LP (polled 28,963 votes)
    • Namatanai Open - Walter Schnaubelt, National Alliance, NA (polled 16,454 votes)
    • South Bougainville - Timothy Masiu, Pangu (polled 14, 404 votes)
    • Wabag Open - Dr Lino Tom, People's PartyPP (polled 35,782 votes)
    • Bulolo Open - Sam Basil Jr., United Labour PartyULP (polled 16, 072 votes)

    Declared 24th July 2022
    • Kiriwina-Goodenough Open - Douglas Tomuriesa, PNC (polled 9,555)
    • Kendrian Gloucester Open - Joseph Lelang, PNC

    Declared 23rd July 2022
    • Non

    Declared 22nd July 2022
    • Non

    Declared 21 July 2022
    • Maprik Open - Gabriel Kapris, PNC (polled 16,657 ballot votes)

    Declared 21 July 2022
    • Huon Gulf Open - Jason Peter, URP (polled 19,585 votes)
    • Yongoru-Saussia - MP Richard Maru, People's First Party, PFP  (polling 17,075 votes)

    Declared 20 July 2022
    • Kavieng Open - Ian Ling Stuckey, Pangu Pati (polled 12,523 votes)

    Declared 19 July 2022
      • Yalibu Pangia Open - Peter O'Neill, PNC (polled 45,106)
      • Rabaul Open - Graham P Rumet, Pangu Pati (polled 5,192 votes)
      • Komo Hulia Open - Daniel Tindipu Pangu Pati (polled 12,788 votes)
      • Koroba Lake Kopiago - William Bando, United Resource Party, URP (polled 36,587 votes)

      Declared 18 July 2022
      • Pomio Open  - Elias Kapavore, People's National Congress (PNC) Party (polled 11,949 first preference votes)
      • Magarima Open declared 18 July 2022 - Manasseh Makiba Pangu Pati (votes received 20,753)

      • Lae Open declared 17 July 2022 - John Rosso  Pangu Pati (first preference votes 26,864)

      • Tari Pori declared 10 July 2022- James Marape Pangu Pati (first preference votes 39,877)

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      PNG national election 2022 counting updates

      PNG 2022 Election Result updates

      PNG election counting update 2022 - summary

      Most provinces are in the counting stage.

      Simbu and Western Highlands are the last provinces to go into polling. It starts on Monday 18th July 2022. Only 8 days for polling and counting for these two provinces.

      Deferral of Return of Writs, Unconstitutional

      The deferral of RoW for a further 2 weeks to 14th August 2022 is unconstitutional, but there is a small window of time from the 29th July to 3rd August like in past elections, said the former Chief Justice and stateman, Sir Arnold Amet. 

      He said in this news report that the 'fixed date for the return of writs is critically tied to the 5th anniversary of the date fixed for the return of writs from the previous elections'.

      Section 105 of the Constitution provides for the fixed dates for the national elections to be held within 3 months of the 5th anniversary of the date fixed for the return of writs.

      The PNG EC is going out of the time bound for the RoW and into 'unconstitutional territory.

      PNG Electoral Commission under pressure

      The electoral commission is under pressure to complete counting before the 29th of July 2022. 

      They can be happy now as the date for the return of writs has been extended for a further 2 weeks.

      The counting and declaration will continue until the 12th of August 2022.

      Comment and let our readers know about the latest from your electorates.

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      PNG's Prime Minister after 2022 Marape vs ONeill

      The prime minister's position carries a lot of responsibilities, and also benefits. Those that once occupied this seat will always crave it. 

      But, does this make any of them the best PNG prime minister candidate?

      PNG prime ministers

      Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea

      Here is a list of PNG prime ministers since independence.
      • Late Sir Michael Thomas Somare (Momase) 1975 - 1980; 2002 - 2012
      • Sir Julius Chan (New Guinea Island) 1980 - 1982; 1994 - 1997
      • Pius Wingti (Highlands) 1986 - 1988; 1992 - 1994
      • Sir Rabbie Namaliu (Momase) 1988 - 1992
      • Late Bill Skate (Southern) 1997 - 1999
      • Late Sir Mekere Morauta (Southern) 1999 - 2002
      • Peter O'Neill (Highlands) 2012 - 2019
      • James Marape (Highlands) 2019 - 2022

      The last man standing, Sir Julius Chan, describes the former PNG prime ministers in his book, Playing the Game

      Here is what he thought of the past PNG PMs.

      • Sir Michael Somare – he thought Somare was a close friend but a political rival. He did not like Somare’s style of leadership. Throughout his book, he was slagging Somare's political tactics and the way political powers were concentrated within small political groups called the '4 Sirs and the 'Kitchen Cabinet'.
      • Pius Wingti – he thought he was okay to work with as his deputy PM. He finds him different from the other Highlands MPs like Okuk. He thought Wingti focused more on business and less on politics.
      • Sir Rabbie Namaliu – he thought Namaliu was a true academic, but indecisive.
      • Bill Skate – he loathed Skate and thought he should never be trusted.
      • Sir Mekere Morauta –-Sir Julius Chan said very little about Mekere. Understandably, he was out of office when Sir Mekere got into politics.
      He did not say much about Peter O'Neill and James Marape, they became PM after his book was released in 2016.

      Living Prime Ministers of PNG

      Sir Julius Chan's role as the PNG prime minister was brought to an end during the university student's strike of 1994. His idea of hiring the Sandline Mercenary was unpopular and gained a hostile welcome as students and the PNG Defence Force revolted against it.

      Pius Wingti and Sir J are happy running their provinces.

      Sir Rabbie Namaliu has been out of the political scene in Papua New Guinea since he lost the election in 1992.

      Peter O'Neill took over from the NA-run government when the founder was sick and in hospital in Singapore. His prime ministerial role was marred by court battles and controversial business deals. He spent more time in courts than in the prime minister's office. He used DSIP/PSIP grants to tie MPs down. O'Neill's commitment to the TFF policy is acknowledged, but there are serious issues surrounding transparency about him.

      James Marape slogan 'Take Back PNG' gains popularity. He has a hand in the Pogera and Papua LNG deals which turn out to be decisive. Yet he was known to have spent a lot of money on overseas trips such as the K5 million one-day trips to Indonesia and COP26. 

      Who is the best candidate for the PNG Prime Minister's position?

      The two MPs in the race for the prime minister's seat after the 2022 elections are the incumbent James Marape and Peter O'Neill. 

      There are some dark horses who are also party leaders. Some names that are going around during the elections are:
      • Belden Namah (Momase) - he was the incumbent Opposition Leader and a party leader, 3 terms MP and likely to be the force behind the formation of a new govt. A potential PM candidate, but abrupt and reactive.
      belden namah png election 2022

      • Kerenga Kua (Highlands)- he is the 2 term, a strong supporter of the late Sir Micheal Somare and leader of the eastern (lower) highlands block, and the leader of the National Party. He is a lawyer by profession, can stand his ground and has a presence about him. He is a dark horse but he will have difficulty working with people he did not like.
      kerenga kua for png prime minister

      • Dr Allan Marat (New Guinea Islands) - is cool, calm and collected. He can make a great prime minister. He needs to put his hand up and make it count as the leader of the Melanesian Liberal Party. This is a long shot, but this MP has the PM's aura about him.
      png 2022 election results formation of govt

      • Patrick Pruiatch (Momase)- he is a 3 term MP serving senior ministerial portfolios during the Somare, O'Neill and Marape govts; and leader of the National Alliance party. He comes across as an intelligent MP, but it's quite the opposite.
      papua new guinea prime minister 2022

      • Don Polye (Highlands) - he occupies senior ministerial portfolios in the Somare and O'Neill govts. Not easily manipulated, a fighter. He is the leader of THE party. He is a civil engineer by profession and can work with MPs from every part of the country. Yet, his THE party has struggled to muster numbers in elections. 
      png prime minister don polye 2022 election results

      • Charles Abel (Southern) - a former deputy prime minister, he settled well as the second in command. However, he has a good chance of changing seats with the leader of the PNC party and commanding a following in the Southern part of the country.
      png prime minister 2022 election results

      Expect the unexpected

      Anyone who follows the PNG elections and by-elections in the past will know that it is 'unpredictable'!

      The governor-general will invite the party with the highest number to form the new govt after the 2022 national general elections. Yet, it does not mean that the prime minister will come from that party, because candidates do jump parties last minute. 

      Also, the independent candidate will have a lot of say in who's going to be the next prime minister of PNG. 

      So, who is the best candidate for the Prime Minister's position after the 2022 election?

      It should not be anyone with a dramatic past, but someone who can empower the people through education, change the mineral and resource laws and bring economic independence.

      The country has seen a glimpse of hope in the past Prime Ministers, but they are yet to see someone who CAN get the public servants to earn their pay, and work for the people they serve.

      It's not easy. But, it can be done.