Are Women Successful in Business in Papua New Guinea?

When it comes to women in business in Papua New Guinea (PNG), the answer is a mix of challenges and successes. PNG, like many other countries, is making efforts to promote gender equality and empower women in various fields, including business and leadership. Let's dig deeper into the subject to gain a comprehensive understanding of Women in Business in PNG.

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Are Women Successful in Business in Papua New Guinea?

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What is the Current Scenario?

While the PNG government is making progress on gender equality and women's participation in economic development, there is still much work to be done. 

The country ranks among the poorest performers in the Pacific on gender development indices, indicating that women face significant hurdles in realizing their full potential in business.

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Key Challenges Faced by Women in Business

Women entrepreneurs in PNG encounter several challenges that hinder their business growth. These challenges include:

  • limited access to land and property rights, 
  • lack of financial literacy and business skills, 
  • difficulty in accessing finance, and 
  • cultural barriers that restrict their economic opportunities. 

Additionally, poor infrastructure, lack of legal support, and limited networking opportunities further compound the challenges faced by women in business.

Successful Business Models for Women in PNG

Despite the obstacles, there are inspiring success stories of women-owned businesses in PNG. 

Successful business models include women entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, women artisans and craft producers promoting Fair Trade and organic products, and women excelling in the service industry. 

When equipped with financial literacy training, mentorship, and support networks, women entrepreneurs have shown remarkable resilience and achievements.

Initiatives for Women's Economic Empowerment

To promote women's economic empowerment in PNG, there is a need for targeted initiatives. These include:

  • reviewing and reforming land laws to ensure women's land ownership rights, 
  • providing customized business training and financial literacy programs, 
  • establishing women's business incubation centers, and 
  • facilitating access to regional and international markets. 
Advocacy groups, such as a Women's Chamber of Business, can play a crucial role in supporting women entrepreneurs and promoting their interests.

what are the challenges of women in business in png


All in all, while challenges persist, women in business in Papua New Guinea are making strides towards success. 

With the right support, empowerment, and an inclusive approach, women entrepreneurs have the potential to drive economic growth, create sustainable businesses, and contribute significantly to the country's development.

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