PNG Independence Poem: What do the Colours Represent on the PNG Flag

In Papua New Guinea, where stories are spun,

Through colours on a flag, a tale's begun.

What do these hues symbolise, vibrant and bright?

Let's explore their meanings, in the flag's radiant light.

Yellow, a beacon of hope in the red's tight embrace,

The Bird of Paradise soars, with elegance and grace.

A tribute to wildlife, diversity's sweet song,

"Unity in Diversity," where we all belong.

Red, like tribal war shields, fierce and bold,

Signifies bravery, a spirit to behold.

A history of warriors, through challenges they'd steer,

In the red, their valour, forever sincere.

Black, the Melanesian people, proud and grand,

Their culture, traditions, a heritage so grand.

In this colour, their unique story takes flight,

A tapestry of tales, in the ebony night.

White stars in the night sky, forming Southern Cross,

Guiding travellers, no matter the loss.

A symbol of purity, friendship in its gleam,

In Papua New Guinea, it's more than it may seem.

Diagonal patterns, barter systems of old,

Where tribes exchanged goods, stories to be told.

Unity among groups, cooperation's decree,

In this flag's design, a harmonious sea.

And the shark's teeth, fierce and strong,

In Melanesian culture, where they've belonged so long.

Symbolising resilience, courage in each strife,

In Papua New Guinea, the heartbeat of life.

So, what do the colours on the PNG flag mean?

A history, a culture, in a vibrant display.

From red's brave embrace to unity's sweet grace,

This flag tells a story, for all to embrace.

In Papua New Guinea, where dreams take flight,

The flag stands tall, in the day and the night.

A tapestry of colours, a story unfolds,

Of a nation's past, present, where unity holds.

PNG Independence Poems: What do the Colours Represent on the PNG Flag

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