PNG Politicians On Recruiting Cheap Labour From Melanesian Spearhead Group Of Countries

Recruiting Pacific Neighbours to Fill Skill Shortage: Universities, Technical Colleges and other colleges in PNG collectively take in only 4500 Grade 12 graduates annually. Out of 21 000 plus Year 12 graduates, over 80% are ejected from mainstream institutions.


Are there jobs in PNG job-market? The answer is YES.

Instead of recruiting from the Melanesian Spearhead Group of countries, PNG government (MPs Peter O’Neill and Richard Maru) should talk about expanding spaces at universities and college; technical colleges, business colleges, agriculture colleges and teachers colleges.

They should talk about apprenticeship opportunities with oil and mining companies. Their priorities should be to develop a generation of skillful people. This is what true and clever leaders do - have vision for their people.

Is this an example of a stupid plan? YES. Producing skilled labour was in National Education Plan 2005 - 2014. After 10 years and politicians are talking about recruiting labour from outside. That is not alright as there are over 19000 Grade 12 students dropouts, let alone how many at Grade 8 and 10.

Why not tap into our large pool of retired people? Are they not good enough? Why not prepare those 19000+ dropouts for future?

If (for e.g.) PNG #LNG lifespan is 30 years, it is not late to do just that. Forward planning is about having vision for the country you are running now!