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Flexible Open and Distance Education 2024 FODE Application Info

The PNG government and Education Department realised that there is a need to focus on Flexible, Open and Distance Education. This realisation comes at the back of unprecedented growth in the number of students leaving school are Grades 8, 10 and 12 as a result of the Free Education Policy

If you are a student wanting to upgrade your marks or continue your education with FODE, you'll find this article useful. We have compiled the information from the FODE website and the latest articles to give you the best head-start. 

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What is Flexible, Open and Distance Education

The National Education Department recognises that distance education is an important means to deliver education. 

Flexible, Open and Distance Education (FODE) is mandated to offer a distance learning pathway as an integral part of the National Education System.

FODE is a School at home, where students study the same primary and secondary education curriculum in their own time, in their own homes, and at their own pace.

FODE is ideally:

  • the alternative choice for students who decide to study at home, in an open and flexible environment.
  • for continuing education for students who for various reasons cannot continue their education in the mainstream school system.
  • the second chance education for the upgrading of grades/results of their grades 10 and 12 certificates

Why the emphasis on flexible, open and distance education

The number of students dropping out of primary and secondary schools is alarming (link here). The PNG govt through the Education Ministry and the National Education Department have seen that the best way to address the problem is through FODE.

Here is what the new Education Minister said about the FODE enrolment…

‘A team from the Education Department is working on a plan to have all school leavers absorbed into the [FODE] system….this is so we can reduce the number of student dropouts doing nothing out there.’ Jimmy Uguro, MP


Who is eligible for FODE

FODE students can be school leavers, disabled people, employed or unemployed, teenagers or adult, single or married. Anyone who wishes to improve his/her education can study at FODE.

Students studying at FODE are classified as either Full Correspondence (FC) students or Upgrader Students (US).

  • FC – FODE students who are studying ALL the courses from Grades 7 – 12

  • ·US – students who are upgrading marks for certain courses at FODE

FODE Application form 2024

The FODE study centres open in February of every year. If you are trying to get the FODE application form for 2024, check out your nearest study centre. The FODE staff are always helpful, they’ll help you out.

It is perhaps important to note that you visit your FODE centre to get the latest information. The support staff and professional staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to the:

  • FODE application forms,
  • enrolment info for FC and US,0
  • starting dates,
  • entry test and
  • fees.

For those in Port Moresby and Central Province, visit the FODE centre near the Australian High Commission, Waigani.  

How to enrol at FODE

FODE enrolment points include the 22 Provincial Centres, located in the main towns. The FODE Provincial Centre or FODE Study Centre nearest to you administers the entry test, PET. The entry test measures the English and Mathematical ability level of new students who wish to continue their education FODE. If you are in Lae, check out DODL- Unitech, or in Port Moresby, UPNG Open Campus.

Here is how to enrol at a FODE:

  • Discuss your intention to study with FODE Support Staff at the provincial FODE centres (recommended).
  • All the students enrolling for the first time with FODE must do the Pre-Enrolment Test (PET).
  • Pay a compulsory entry test fee of K50 into the FODE account.
  • Sit for the English and Mathematics entry test.
  • You answer sheets will be corrected at the provincial marking centre.
  • Check the entry test result at your FODE centre.
  • If you pass the test, you may enrol at FODE. If you fail, you will re-sit the entry test at a later time.

Some centres are charging a K75 entry test fee. To avoid any inconveniences, it is recommended that all *new* students contact their FODE centres.

PNG FODE Approved Course Programs

 For Grades 7 and 8, you are required to do all six (6) subjects.

2023 FODE Application and courses

 For Grades 9 and 10, you must complete five (5) subjects and one (1) optional to be certified. Business Studies and Design & Technology Computing are optional.

2023 FODE Grade 9 and Grade 10 courses

For Grade 11 and 12: the subjects are in line with the Upper Secondary Approved Matriculation and align with the courses offered in conventional secondary schools throughout the country. 

2023 FODE application for Grade 11 and 12 subjects

Note: From the above three subject streams, the selection of Option One is based on the PET test result placement criteria.

Important: For newly enrolled students and continuing students who are FODE, please download the detailed subject and study outline for Grades 7 & 8, 9 & 10 and 11 & 12. 

 FODE Education Strategic Direction

  • Vision

“Papua New Guineans have grade 12 equivalency education and certification through flexible open distance education”

  • Mission

“Pursuing quality national education through flexible open distance education (FODE) by harnessing all appropriate and affordable technologies”

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Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) Application and Enrolment

THE Government has urged parents to enrol their children who have dropped out of school into the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) this year as it is free.

2024 FODE application and enrolment

Education Minister Jimmy Uguro yesterday said no fees would be levied on FODE students and encouraged those who could not make it to the upper grades to enrol at their nearest Fode centre.

“Fode is fee-free this year,” Uguro said.

“Parents are not paying.

“The Government has paid the fees.

“This is to address the high turn-over of school dropouts each year.

“The Education Department has been tasked to attach FODE centres to high school and nominated primary schools in districts and provinces.

“A team from the Education Department is working on a plan to have all school leavers absorbed into the [FODE] system.

“This is so we can reduce the number of student dropouts doing nothing out there.

“As soon as school commences on Feb 1, FODE classes should also commence.”

Prime Minister James Marape said recently that the Government would offer an alternative education pathway to help those who dropped out of school. Uguro said the Covid-19 affected student’s learning last year which resulted in 17,000 students missing out on moving to the next level.

“FODE is free because we are accommodating the school leavers, we are opening up opportunities for those who have been left out, we are taking them on board,” he said.

“The FODE students will study the same contents and they will sit for the same exams.

“So no one should be left behind.

“All students should be educated equally. Last year, there was a big drop so the Government is addressing this issue through Fode.”

Uguro said teachers would be paid an allowance for teaching Fode.

He advised students interested in taking up Fode to check with the Fode centres in the provinces and districts because the Government was committed to starting the fee-free initiative this year.

Source: The National Newspaper ( By GYNNIE KERO, 12/01/2021)

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Prime Minister Hon. James Marape,  has urged Provincial Administrators (PAs)  who attended a two-day workshop on Public Sector Reforms and Cost Control in Port Moresby to take the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) policy of Government back to schools in their respective provinces.

2022 FODE application form PDF download

RECOMMENDED: Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) Enrolment

Mr  Marape made the call at the closing of the workshop, held from 19 – 20  October at APEC Haus. He told the PAs that they are very important assets in the Government’s push to provide effective services to the majority of the people who lived in rural areas.

“You are very important people out there, who are in touch with over 80 percent of our citizens.

“I would like to make two tasks for you to take back and work with your provincial administrations.

“Next year and onwards, we want to roll out to the rest of the country, especially in our high schools, the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) courses and course materials.

“Provincial Administrators, take note of this:  Go back, work with your Provincial Education Advisors to make high schools become venues for FODE as well.”

Every year, about 10, 000 school-aged children dropped out of the formal education system and parents were unable to empower them to seek further education outside of the formal system.

He said as a Government, the Marape/Basil Government would like to expand FODE in a big way to cater for the educational needs of this particular group of young Papua New Guineans.

Mr  Marape urged the PAs present to make their high schools focal points for FODE delivery.

“Through  FODE, school-aged children who dropped out of the formal system would still get education right at home, without having to spend to come to the urban areas for education.

“They will also be able to sit for National Examinations with students who go through the formal system to go into colleges,” he added.

The Government is also considering introducing entrepreneurship courses through FODE to encourage them to go into Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Source: (21/10/2020)

IOL Student Portal Login 2023 Students Support Services - NAMIBIA

The Institute of Open Learning (IOL) qualifications are accredited by the Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA) and registered with the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and the Namibian Training Authority (NTA).

When you have registered for study at IOL, you received an SMS with your student number, registered subjects and the password to the IOL Student Portal

If you have not received this important information, please contact your nearest IOL Office. We make the contact details available at the end of this article. 

IOL provides 10 support services for its students, including the IOL student portal login services. Here is a brief explanation of the support services and how to log in to the students' portal.

2023 IOL student portal NAMIBIA

1. IOL Student Portal Login info

Upon registration, all students have access to the IOL student portal. The portal contains all the important information as well as study material needed for an effective and pleasant study experience. 

As the portal is available upon registration, you can start with your studies immediately and do not necessarily have to wait for your study materials.

How to login:

  • Log onto the IOL website,;
  • Click on the Student Portal link.
  • Login with your username and password (received via SMS upon registration).

Forgot password?

Click on ‘Forgot password’, and you will be redirected to a new page where you will be asked to enter your student number.

Once your student number has been entered, a new password will be sent to you via text message and you will be able to log onto the Student Portal using the new password.

Student Portal Content 

The IOL student portal is versatile and easy to navigate. It is one online portal where students will use most often when they are studying at the Institute Open Learning. Here is the student portal content. 

My study 

  • Welcoming letter
  • Assignments
  • Old examination question papers
  • Study guides (Kindle format and pdf)
  • Tutor lists
  • PowerPoint presentations of the Contact Classes
  • Qualification outline
  • Qualification information


You can request for your personal details to be changed on the system. Keep your personal details updated, to ensure open communication channels.

Academic history

All prior or further studies can be updated here.


The statement, should you have a loan from Trustco Finance.

Academic results

Your latest Academic Record. Should there be discrepancies, inform the IOL office.

Exam timetable

After you have booked for your examination, your examination timetable will be available for you to print and submit for study leave.

Exam booking

Where you book for your examination and confirm your examination venue (see booking procedure for IOL examinations).

2. Electronic Book (Kindle)

All education qualifications and the Diploma in Policing are offered with an Electronic Book, called the Kindle. 

The Kindle is pre-loaded with the necessary study material for the enrolled qualification. New material can be uploaded at any time throughout the study period.

IOL student portal login NAMIBIA

The dispatching of Kindles, textbooks and study guides will be done directly from the IOL Head Office in Windhoek. IOL will dispatch the material via postal or courier services to the nearest IOL Regional Office or a NamPost office. 

Study material sent through NamPost, must be collected within 15 working days. If the material is not collected within the stipulated 15 working days, it will be returned to IOL. 

If you have not received your material within three (3) weeks after registration, you should contact the nearest IOL Regional Office. 

No study material will be dispatched while a stock take is in process. The stocktake will be done on every last weekday of the month, as well as the first three (3) weekdays of the next month.

3. Free Microsoft Office 365

The Institute for Open Learning will provide Microsoft Office 365 free of charge to every active student. This means that, for as long as you are an active IOL student, you will always have access to the latest version of the full office productivity suite for free. 

The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note and many other programmes that are available for offline and online use.

What does this mean for you?

  • Install Office 365 on up to five (5) compatible PCs and Macs, plus five (5) tablets (including iPad);
  • Use it with OneDrive to automatically sync all your devices;
  • Gain valuable skills on the world’s most popular productivity software; and 
  • Use the same programmes as IOL to ensure full file fidelity.

Follow these simple steps to get your Office 365:

For PC and Mac:

  • Log onto the IOL Student Portal;
  • Click on the Office 365 icon;
  • You will receive a text message with your username and password;
  • Sign in with the IOL credentials and download;
  • On the installation page, select your language and install.

For iOS and Android:

  • Download Office 365 from your app store:
  • Sign in with the IOL credentials for full editing capability.

Sign in and use Office 365

To sign in, you will need your IOL e-mail account, provided to you via text message upon registration.

Log onto if you experience trouble installing Office 365 for a guide to resolve your issue.

4. Pre-recorded Contact Classes

IOL has scheduled pre-recorded Contact Classes on Saturdays for examination preparation. The Contact Class timetable is made available on IOL’s Facebook page and is informed via text message. 

During these pre-recorded classes, you will watch recordings of relevant subject specialists who will advise on the examinations and give academic guidance and information pertaining to the qualifications. IOL broadcasts all Contact Class pre-recordings at all our Regional Offices. 

After the Contact Classes, the recordings are loaded onto the IOL YouTube channel and the Student Portal for later viewing and for students who could not attend the contact classes. You can therefore watch the recording when preparing for any of the examinations scheduled for the year.

Catch-up and revise - IOL Student Portal Login

Contact Classes give you the opportunity to get clarification on anything you do not understand. You are welcome to forward questions regarding the subject to the Regional Coordinator who will forward them to the Course Coordinator. Tutors will receive all the questions and answer them during the week after the Contact Class via text message (to the student) or do another YouTube recording. 

Tutors also make use of e-mail or can make notes and recorded presentations which will be shared on the Student Portal. Tutors are also available via telephone. Content-based recordings are also available on the IOL YouTube channel.

The contact details (cell number and e-mail address) of every tutor is available on the tutor list on the Student Portal, on the assignment cover page as well as on all the PowerPoint presentation. 

Tutors attend to telephonic inquiries between 18:00 to 20:00 during weekdays but are not available on the day prior to the examination in the specific subject. Always be respectful, professional, and stick to the point when you contact your tutor(s) telephonically, via SMS or e-mail.

5. IOL Social Media Publications

Should urgent matters arise, IOL will publish the important information on all IOL social media platforms. This can be:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Examination information on the different IOL qualifications
  • Contact Class timetables
  • Basic First Aid timetables
  • Announcement of competition winners
  • Any other IOL events – Information sessions, Graduation, Student Counsellor visits etc.

Please note this information will be available on the IOL website, the Student Portal, Facebook and Instagram.

6. Important Information Sessions (Inductions)

The purpose of the Information session initiative is to take all IOL students through the IOL processes. You will be introduced to all the various qualifications and all student support services and gadgets such as the Student Portal and Kindle, respectively.

There are always students that cannot attend these sessions and as this is an important event, IOL opted to record the Information sessions and made them available on IOL's YouTube Channel. Recordings can also be viewed at the IOL Student Support Resource Centre.

As an IOL student, attendance to Information sessions is at no extra charge. Feel free to clarify anything you do not understand, as this opportunity is made possible to work toward your qualification comfortably.

Information sessions include the following information:

  • Registration
  • Assignments
  • Examinations, examination credits and examination bookings
  • Assessment policy
  • Contact Classes
  •  Electronic books/Kindle
  • Student Portal login
  • Office 365
  • IOL YouTube channel
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • School-Based Studies (SBS)
  • Basic First Aid (BFA)
  • Counselling Services
  • Study Buddy system
  • Resource Centres and Regional
  • Coordinators/Course Coordinators
  • The graduation ceremony
  • Alumni
  • And more

7. IOL Students Resource Centres

IOL has Student Support Resource Centres at all Regional Offices. Each office has a Regional Coordinator or Supervisor to assist students to make their studies as convenient as possible. Students have access to this resource centre (library) equipped with all prescribed textbooks, study guides, computers and internet access.

8. IOL Student Counselling 

A student counsellor is available to assist students with any social, personal and/ or academic counselling that may be needed. Students will be notified via text message should the counsellor be in their region. The counsellor can also be reached telephonically at 061 - 270 9186.

9. Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is the liaison between IOL and the student body. The names and contact details of the SRC members are available on the IOL website. Students are free to their SRC members regarding IOL-related matters.

10. Study Buddy System

This system was initiated to encourage study groups registered for the same academic field and living in the same area.

You can contact your nearest Regional Office for a list of students’ contact details. These lists are only available on request.

IOL Contact and helpline

If you need help and would like to reach out to the Institute of Open Learning staff or tutors for more information, please visit or contact the IOL Call Centre at 061-270 9100.

Here are also other contacts who can help you:

  • WINDHOEK +264 61 270 9100
  • ONGWEDIVA +264 65 233 300
  • WALVIS BAY +264 64 212 000
  • KEETMANSHOOP +264 61 270 9640
  • KATIMA MULILO +264 66 254 1900
  • RUNDU +264 66 255 066
  • GOBABIS +264 61 270 9610/12
  • MARIENTAL +264 61 270 9631/2
Admin notice
Note that this information is for the IOL students as on starting their studies and throughout their residential studies at the IOL centres.  If you need more information, please visit the IOL website or the links in this article. We recommend that you download the complete IOL Student Information Booklet [PDF]. There is a lot of information on the Students Portal Login and others your should know.

2023 Namcol Student Portal Login and Access Pin Change

NAMCOL (Namibian College for Open Learning) is an institution that offers Open, Flexible and Distance Learning for Namibians who are not in the mainstream education system. 

NAMCOL's vision is to 'bring education to the people. 

2023 and onwards, the college is using the internet capability of its country to help its students, such as myNAMCOL student portal and e-Learning platforms.  Read on to find out how to access the student portal and how to get help if you have a problem logging on.

Namibia open college student 2023 online portal

2023 myNAMCOL Student Portal

Prospective students, those intending to attend NAMCOL, must register to use the student portal. The new and continuing students should already be registered and able to use their login credentials to access the student portal. 

For a prospective student, not registered at this institution this is what you do:

  • Apply, 
  • Register, 
  • Change personal information, 
  • get academic and other information and 
  • make payments.
The registered users of NAMCOL student portal are the Students Personnel, Other, Alumni. These users must use their
  • Student Number, and
  • Pin (5 numeric digits)  

How to get a new Pin or Forgot Student Number help

If you blocked your pin or forgot the password or student number, NAMCOL recommends that you reset your pin by following the prompt.

There are 5 things that you can get help with, at the students' portal page:
  • Login
  • Forgot Pin
  • Change Pin
  • Request Pin, and
  • Forgot Student Number.

How to login to MyNAMCOL student portal in 2023

These login instructions will help you to login and access the student portal. 

  • Step 1: To access NAMCOL student portal, go to, and click on 'Student Portal' - a new window will open.
  • Step 2: Select on 'Student'
  • Step 3: Enter your Student Number and Pin. Click login
  • Step 4: Change your Pin to a preferred new Pin
  • Step 5: To view personal information, click on Administration
  • Step 6: To view marks and academic records, click on Student Enquiry
  • Step 7: Click 'Logout' to exit

Find out how to login to UNAM Portal and access the UNAM iEnablers and other features that not many people know about, click here

2023 reminders when changing student portal access pin

In fact, you will be prompted to change the Pin. When changing Pin, do these:
  • use 5 numeric digits, no letter or other characters
  • do not start the Pin digits with 0
  • do not have the same numbers next to each other, e.g. 22
We hope you find this article helpful. If you need any help please, leave a message below or contact NAMCOL staff. 



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