SUMMARY | Lae School Fights - Principals Are Best Placed To Stop Students Fights

School's Culture Vs Students' Culture

Students’ violence is big problem in Lae city schools. Article (I) highlighted the need for quick solution to this problem. Prevalent negative students’ culture affects lives of young men and women. It has to be neatralised by creating a good school culture.

Included in the article was a video report of Morobe PEB chairman's remarks about disinterest in the fight to stop students’ violence.

What Can Be Done At School Level and Within Provincial Education Circles

Second article gave detail to roles of local education officials from the principals to provincial governor. How they can use their powers to solve school fights. Morobe has decentralised education system. PEB has responsibility to intervene in school’s affairs. I pointed out that Governor can use his powers to influence principals and school boards to improve school’s performance.

Fighting Bad Habits Vs Fighting Bad Students

Five misunderstood areas relating to students' behaviour and schools' discipline were identified in article (iii). Effectiveness in school fights rests on identifying students and their bad behaviours. Targeting behaviours instead of students and have proper methods in place to correct them is the best way forward. Suspension should be the last resort in any disciplinary action.

Principals Face Dismissal If Schools’ Performance Does Not Improve

Final article emphasised the importance of principals taking stronger control of schools. Principals ‘know-how’ on establishing positive school culture can change bad behaviours.

School have to be place where students are not only educated, they must be moulded to be better citizens.