Upskill Grades 8, 10 and 12 Dropouts: Apprenticeship Training in PNG 2024

The recent opposition statement about developing a skilled workforce in Papua New Guinea is a timely one, given that over 80% of Grade 12 students are unable to secure a place in tertiary institutions.

The opposition prior to the 2022 national election planned to invest K3.7 billion in skill development, with a focus on apprenticeship programs. This would be a welcome move, as apprenticeship schemes are the best way for students to learn from experts and gain practical experience.

Unfortunately, this is all a talk and no action has taken place.

apprenticeship training in png 2024

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Apprenticeship Scheme for Dropouts 

There are a number of ways that the government could create incentives for companies to take on apprentices. For example, the government could provide subsidies to companies that hire apprentices, or offer tax breaks. The government could also work with companies to develop apprenticeship programs that are tailored to the needs of the industry.

An apprenticeship scheme for dropouts would be a particularly valuable initiative. Many dropouts have the potential to be skilled workers, but they lack the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential. An apprenticeship scheme would give dropouts the chance to learn a trade and earn a good living.

PNG Government-Private Partnership - Apprenticeship Training in PNG 2024

Any government-private partnership that aims to develop skills in those age groups would be a step in the right direction. The opposition's plan is a good starting point, and the government should work with the private sector to develop a workable platform for companies to take on dropouts.

The opposition's plan to develop skills in PNG is a welcome one. By investing in apprenticeship programs and creating incentives for companies to take on apprentices, the government can help to create a more skilled workforce and provide opportunities for dropouts.

You can find out about SANTOS Apprenticeship Scheme here. 



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