'The wheels of justice have turned, it must continue to turn.' Sam Koim (28/09/2015)

Our team was disbanded, we went to court.
Our officers were terminated, we went to court.
Our funding was withheld, and still is to this day.
Our lawyers were not paid, and still to this day.

In court, they legitimised their positioning on both sides of the bar table and singing the same tune.

We were denied at first, we made it through later.

Yet, instead of fighting the real issues, they still want us out.

We were branded rogue and corrupt; the Courts removed the tag on us and placed it on those who branded us. That the court did –on a number of occasions.

We have fought this, not only on the legal front, but, tyranny and arbitrariness, threats and intimidation, ostracism and pillory, scarcity and defunding.

We have seen lawyers and spin doctors’ alike taking the fight out of the court room and onto the streets, inviting us for a street fight. We disobliged.

Today, we are back in court to seek the Court’s intervention to remove the persona non gratia tag placed on our lawyers. It is beyond believe that in democratic country where the rule of law should be supreme, such is happening.

We wonder how long we will have to go through the quagmire of unending legal battles. They want this fight to have a natural death by stifling us and subjecting us to maintain battles on many fronts. Mind you, we would have relented if it was a personal one. Yes, we may not have the power to compete on these many fronts but the wishes and prayers of our common suffering people are with us. A fair and independent judiciary is the anchor of our hope. The Courts have, on many occasions, vindicated us of our stand for public interest.

The wheels of justice have turned, it must continue to turn.

Those who unjustly exert interference to the turning wheel do not escape judgement. We have and will continue to witness, as long as the wheels continue to turn.

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