5 Good Reasons NRL Players Should Be Excluded From Intrust Super Cup Final Games

The NRL (National Rugby League) players had been called up to play in the Intrust Super Cup (ISC) final games in the past. These players potentially changed the outcomes of games at ISC level.

The argument of teams taking on the challenge and either win or lose is one thing. But, is it fair?

Here are 5 reasons why the NRL players should not play any ISC final games:

1. The NRL fultime players have not played a single ISC game all season. They are slotted in last minute to just win a game. Fact.

For NRL players to qualify to play, the players must play some ISC games during the 2017 season. Probably 5 or more games. It is not late yet for the Intrust Super Cup management to come up with some control measures if the management does not have one yet. 

2. The NRL players are from eliminated teams - their teams have not made it to NRL finals. That means that they have rested well for several weeks. The players should not be included in ISC final games as it is not fair on players who have been leading the team to this stage.

3. The NRL players have experienced top level games all year. The level of competitions at NRL and ISC is different. Just getting an NRL player into a team to win the final is not fair competition.

Understandably, you want to get your NRL players to win a crucial game for you.  But you also want to give the player who shone in his absence a fair go. When it comes to choosing a player to play in the final games, NRL players are not an option as far as being fair to players is concerned.

4. The NRL players have had their chances to prove their worth in top division. If they had not proven to their coaches and teams that they can bring their teams to the NRL finals, why including those NRL players at ISC level? And would they have played if their teams had been in the NRL finals? 

Let them take their time off and prepare for next year. This is the best thing they must do.

5. The NRL players inclusion is damaging to teams' moral. From past experiences,  these players tend to leave vacuum in their teams when they aren't around. This can lead to the teams led by overlooked players who think they are not good enough.

In retrospect, it is okay to have the NRL players around during the preliminary rounds.  And also have them around in the finals.

What's not right is using an NRL player, in the final games,  who has not even played a single ISC game. An NRL player who had not played a single ISC match must not be allowed to play in the ISC finals.

The Intrust Super Cup competition should have control over inclusion of NRL players especially in the final games. It is important that this happens to keep the integrity of the competition at the ISC level.

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