PNG Coffee unique taste begs for more export - exposure

Do you know that PNG produces the best coffee among the organic coffee producing nations in the World? Recent competition revealed that it was highly ranked. In a tasting competition in the United States of America in 2013 PNG was ranked third, that is 3rd, in the World among the best samples collected and tested by ECOM.

ECOM is an organisation promoting small coffee growers around the World. The ECOM competition is not only a ranking venture, but also a recognition adventure. The statement below is what the World Finance Corporation (WFC) said about the ECOM vision.
"IFC has worked with ECOM Coffee Group, a global leader in the coffee trade, to help small coffee farmers meet international certification standards, improve sustainability and productivity of crops, and increase their earnings."
Read the full article here.
The the Sihereni coffee estate, owned and operated by David Orimarie in the Kwonghi area of Upper Asaro Local Level Government in Daulo District of Eastern Highlands Province was ranked in the top 5!

This is not about the owner, nor is it about Eastern Highlands Province (I am not from the E.H.P to say this). It is about Papua New Guinea Coffee!

In fact, it is one of the best in the World. 

Imagine exposing the Simbu Coffee, or Hagen Coffee, or Wabag Coffee, or Morobe Coffee or Kerema Coffee to market in Europe, the Americas or central Asia? The market out there is going to go 'wild' about the TASTE of the coffee produced in those areas.

If you are from a coffee growing area, you may leave a comment below (or tweet PNG Insight). Tell me if PNG Coffee has gotten its fair share of the World's coffee market.

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