Sunset Lodge: Port Moresby's Bar, Beach and Breeze Getaway

I was going to write about Sunset Lodge for a long time and now find time to post about this Port Moresby's day trip. For first-timers, the lodge is a nice place to get away from the city, about an hour's drive towards the PNG LNG plant and Papa and Lealea villages. The road is fairly flat with potholes to avoid, any small car can make it there and back.


The amenities there are fairly basic. A bar selling can drinks and alcohol, barbecue area, toilets, car park and sitting area. The sitting area overlooks the beautiful Papa sandy beach and sea. If you are lucky, you'll see the massive oil tankers at the LNG plant/terminal refilling LNG for export to the Asian markets.


The beach is nicer than any I've seen near POM. Lovely sea breeze too. My top tip is to camp near the beach or get a bbq area. Kids are going to have fun this way. At low tide, the sea goes further out. You can walk right into the sea and play on the sandbanks. Always have someone to look after you personal & valuable items when you are away from your camp as there are locals using the beach as access way between the nearby villages.


As usual, go prepared with food, sunscreen, hats, water and any day's necessities to make your trip a good one. Sunset Lodge does not do food or provide lodging, they only do drinks. There is a K10 per head standard charge for visitors, both young and old.

Personally,  I think after the Loloata Island Resort (the resort re-opened its doors to visitors in 2019), the Sunset Lodge has got a nicer beach for families or friends wanting a day's visit to the beach or get away from the city's heat.

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