MVIL: New Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Title Transfer - Checklist

In the latest post on, we, first, discuss how to register newly bought vehicle and also how to transfer vehicle ownership title. 

If you are a buyer of a new vehicle from overseas or from an individual car dealer, this video is a must watch. The video gives detail on what you should do when registering a vehicle for the first time and getting ownership title from the vehicle sellers.

A detailed article on this topic includes:
  • Vehicle registration requirements
  • Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Title – 7 important checks
  • Previous owner (seller) document copies
  • What to do vehicle buyer
  • Note for Second-hand Vehicle Buyers
  • What to do with unexpired registration
  • Safety sticker renewal
  • MVIL PNG Vehicle Registration Fees
  • MVIL Port Moresby Location
  • Contact MVIL
  • MVIL Online Registration
  • Document Checklist
For full detail, visit the MVIL office in your location. Or check out this article.

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