PNG Passport Application: Where to Launch Your Application - Quick Info

The information provided here is for Papua New Guinea citizens. The three pieces of information are for PNG citizens wanting to:
  •  apply for PNG passport/travel document  from anywhere in PNG other than Port Moresby, 
  • get a child's birth registration certificate (registration of Child born overseas), and
  • know the four (4) requirements for a new PNG Passport application.
If you are renewing a child's passport or yours, the info provided in the recommended-read below will be helpful.

Recommended read: 

PNG Passport Application Form Completion Guide for Passport Renewal

PNG passport  application at your nearest provincial office

Png immigration and Citizenship Authority offices

Passport applicants do not need to travel to Port Moresby to lodge your PNG Passport application. The applicants can now lodge at one of our provincial offices near one of the centres nearest to you.

PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority offices are located in border provinces and in some main towns. PNGICA staff in provincial and border posts can assist you with your passport needs.

PNGICA has offices in
  • Daru,
  • Port Moresby,
  • Alotau, 
  • Lae,
  • Mt Hagen,
  • Vanimo,
  • Wutung
  • Tokua (Kokopo) and 
  • Buka.

PNGICA will soon have a new passport lodgement office at Koitachi Haus in Gordons, Port Moresby to meet our clients’ needs.

Registration of Overseas Birth – PNG Citizens

Application form online

If your child is born overseas, you MUST register the child for the purpose of PNG Citizenship. This must be undertaken within 12 months of the child’s birth. 

This also applies to legally adopted children.

If your child is older than 12 months but younger than 18 years, you have to attach a detailed statement of facts. If you have convincing reasons, the Minister for Immigration may allow your application.

The application must be completed by a parent who is a PNG Citizen. Ensure to fill and attach all documents. Registration is free, no fee applies.

Email for more info. Download the Overseas Birth Registration Form through this link (FORM C1 PDF)

PNG Passport information

Password application form pdf

Applications should be completed at least three (3) weeks before you leave the country. A passport is a travel document that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder mainly for the purpose of international travel.

Here are the requirements for a new PNG Passport application.
1. Fill out the PNG Passport Application Form
2. Attach two (2) current Passport size photos
3. Attach a copy of your NID Issued Birth Certificate, &
4. Receipt of payment - only K100.

Note: For fast processing, a fee of K300 is charged and you’ll get your passport within 48 hours.

You can download the Passport Application form through this link (Application for Travel Document, PDF)

Source: Image and info reposted from PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority social media account. 

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.


Unknown said...

I am from Wewak,living and working in Wewak.I have been awarded a Australian Award scholarship for study in in Australia in 2020.Iam planning to take my family with me as well.
Right now we are stil waiting for our NID cards to be processed apart from Birth Certificates already issued to me.
Can I lodge passport application forms for my children with birth certificates only or do I have to attach a copy of NID cards as well...I need your help because time is running out for me..NID office in Wewak is slow and our NID cards have not yet been processed..\
Thank you

Admin said...

I reckon the Australian Awards people may help. Let them know about your situation.
Alternately, you can fly to POM and sort it out. Many PNGeans from outside of Pom have done that after having delays a d difficulty with travel doc.

I wish I could help. But I am unable to atm.

Many thanks for reaching out.

All the best of luck.

Unknown said...

Who will I contact and deposit my k300 in order for my passport to be processed within 48hours?


Unknown said...

Could you kindly include the contact address,phone numbers, email address
and names for officers to contact at the locations to make it easier for
people like us living in other Provinces so we can know the days they operate
to deal with passports and other issues before we start travelling because
it costs money and time to travel?

Admin said...

Send them an email on this >