The Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry released this notice on requirements for registering marriage. The documents are important. 

How to register civil marrage

Here are the 6 important information supplied by the PNGCI registry office.

1) Birth Certificate

2) Death Certificate: if widow or widower 

3) Divorced:
• Dissolution order from the National Court if previous marriage was registered.
• District or village court order if customary marriage.
• Decree Nisei (court order) if foreigner.

4) Consent if minor.

5) Foreigner:
• Letter of single status from High Commission, Embassy from their country of origin.
• Birth Certificate
• Copy of Passport/visa/work permit * Has to be residing in the country more than two years.
• Confirmation letter from employer

6) Disciplinary Forces
If one of the couple is a member of the disciplinary forces (defence, Police or CIS), he or she needs to get a referral letter from the chaplain or immediate sectional head/commander to show that: 
• The chaplain is not available to perform the marriage.
• The groom/bride is legally free.

Refer to Marriage Act Part III for more information.

If you are in Port Moresby and would like to visit them, see the location below. The location of Moale Haus & NID Haus

Civil registry and identity location nid haus

The Yellow Circle is where the NID Haus and Moale Haus is. Red paint is the Footpath known as Melanesian Way.

Source: PNG Civil Registry, Facebook

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