My PNG Exam Result Website User Friendly

The website URL for accessing Grade 8, 10 and 12 online result is 

The URL for My PNG Exam Result 2019 replaced the one used last year.Though the URLs are different the new website and its function are fairly similar to last years' one. It is user-friendly and easy to access your exam results.

Note also that there are some improvements. The obvious improvements include the following:
  • inclusion of FODE (Flexible Open and Distance Education) and Grade 8 online results
  • new URL -
  • Access the website on mobile application (my png exam result APP)
Click on the green button when you are at my-png-exam-result website to login. The login page is shown below. 

At the page, type in the correct DEFAULT login details on the first attempt. *Follow the hint given in red carefully:
  • Surname
  • First name + Middle name
  • Default Password = SLF NO. and the format as YYYYPRSCHCAND
  • YYYY = 4 digits, PR = 2 digits provincial code, SCH = 3 digits school code & CAND = 4 digits candidate number
You can change the password to a more secure one when you have logged-in. But make sure to use a password that only you can remember. 

Check out the help page if you need assistance.
All the best!!

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