Binatang Research Centre: Research and Conservation in PNG

In the months leading up to July, PNG Insight was privileged to have published a series of articles from Bradley LW Gewa. Bradley was a former employee of the Binatang Research Centre In Madang, Papua New Guinea.

The Binatang Research Centre is a non for profit organisation.

Bradley articulately documented the adventures and stories about Travel, Study, Research and Conservation in Papua New Guinea. 

His work with the PNG  Binatang Research Centre (BRC) is inspiring, indeed. It tells of the research and conservation work the centre is spearheading in collaboration with, both, the local and international communities. 

In fact, the articles have gained traction Worldwide. See here on BRC Facebook page. 

The country needs more people who can write and tell their stories, showcase the beauty of this nation and, above all, appreciate and preserve what we have in PNG.

The PNG Writer's Corner Initiative was established to give our young people the motivation to write about things they are passionate about. 

Read about Bradley's work and other PNG Writers on PNG Insight.

Interested PNG Writers, students and the general public can participate in this initiative. Email us on

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