IRC's ITAS system Payments and Returns Online

Commissioner General Sam Koim’s visit to Mt Hagen IRC office today (15 June 2020) coincides with a series of outings yet to come in the Highlands Region this week.

The first stopover at Mt Hagen IRC office was a courtesy visit in which a brief was held with IRC staff concerning a new Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) that will replace the current Standard Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS).

Staff were told the new ITAS system enables taxpayers to go online where ever they are and make returns and payments through an electronic payment portal.

Koim said he hopes the procurement phase of this ITAS would be completed by the end of this year for it to be rolled out.
Commissioner General Sam Koim and IRC Staff of Mt Hagen posed for the camera after a short briefing (Pic: IRC Facebook page)

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