PNG PM Demands Thorough Investigation into Cocaine Plane Crash in PNG

Prime Minister James Marape Official Statement

Prime Minister James Marape tasked PNG police and Australian Police to get detail report on the plane that crash-landed outside of Port Moresby.

Australian and PNG police have been demanded by Prime Minister James Marape for investigation and prosecution on all involved in the plane that crash-landed outside of Port Moresby.
Plane Crash in PNG
Plane crash at Papa (Inset: Police recover drugs from hidden location)

“ It really concerns me that an unmarked small craft flew into PNG airspace and landed in an important resource project area of our country. We are not a banana republic where anyone can pick up a plane and just come into PNG unannounced” PM Marape said.

The flight is suspicious and it requires both Australia and PNG authority to ascertain who owns the plane, who flew the plane and what was the cargo, from sketchy indication. Police Commissioner David Manning indicated possible drug trafficking and both Australian federal police and PNG police were monitoring this flight.

Prime Minister Marape whilst demanding detail report and prosecution for this criminal flight, cautions all in the drug business that his Government will increase the penalty of drug traffickers to possibly life imprisonments or heavier penalties.

“ We will have no place for those who think they could peddle drugs in PNG. The pilot is an important link to the cartel behind this drug business and I have instructed police commissioner that he will not leave PNG until the appropriate penalty is served and all other evidence is adduced.” PM Marape says.

He commended the work done thus far but stressed that there are both PNG side players as well as Australian players, I demand nothing short but top scale investigation to put behind bars those involved in this illegal trade.

Prime Minister James Marape Official Statement
Papua New Guinea

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