Unified five-point Grade Point Average (GPA) system for all PNG Universities

All universities in the country will implement a unified five-point Grade Point Average (GPA) system this year, an official says.

Chairman of PNG vice-chancellors Professor Musawe Sinebare said the five-point GPA system was designed to be used by all universities, starting with new intakes this year.

The new system is to replace the four-point GPA system when second-year students this year graduate in 2023.

“The Department of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology is aware of the new system,” he said.

The University of Goroka senate last year endorsed the new GPA system for all new students this year to be assessed under.

It is designed to give students with good grades a better chance of securing scholarships, something not possible with the four-point GPA system. The new system was designed by the vice-chancellors and presidents committee to enable students to move between universities.

Grades earned at one university will be recognised in another university.

“Students who accumulate credits from one or more universities can graduate from another university undertaking programmes of studies in a university because of the common credit points,” Sinebare said.

Source: This report appears in the National Newspaper on the 4th of January 2021

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