2022 Grade 11 Selection list NOW OUT

We received a lot of questions about the Grade 11 Selection List for 2022. To put your questions in perspective, we'll provide some insight into how the Grade 11 selection takes place. Note that the times are based on past experiences and observations.

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The Grade 11 selection goes through four stages:

Stage 1: Measurement Services Divison (Education Department) releases the Grade 10 results to the selection committee. DONE

Stage 2: The selection committee takes about two weeks to select Grade 11 students to National High and Secondary Schools. This committee works with the General Education Services of the Education Department to do the selection. DONE

Stage 3: GES takes the list to the Education Secretary to sight and sign. This can take a couple of days to a week. DONE

Stage 4: The GES works with the ICT Division to upload the file onto the Education Department website. This is a one-day work but can take up to a week to complete. DONE

So, there you have it. The selection committee and three divisions (MSD, GES and ICT) of the Education Department work together to bring the Grade 11 selection list to you. 

Grade 11 Selection List 2022 Published

IMPORTANT UPDATE 22 DEC 2021: The Grade 11 Selection Lists for all the Regions and National High Schools are OUT NOW (22nd DECEMBER 2022). 

As we predicted, the list came out 2 weeks after the Grade 11 Selection Committee had completed the selection and 4 weeks after the Measurement Service Division released the Grade 10 exam results. 

The education department website is slow due to a high volume of traffic. You may find this frustrating, so go easy.


Grade 11 selection for 2022

When will the 2022 Grade 11 Selection list come out?

The General Education Services of the National Department of Education and Education Secretary will give you the answer to the question. They've done it for years and by now you would have thought it will work like clockwork, hey?

The Measurement Services Division released the Exam Results for Grade 10 to the GES and Grade 11 selectors on the 5th of December 2021. This is Stage 1 of the Grade 11 selection.

From past experience, the actual selection can take two weeks - we mentioned it in this article.  This is Stage 2 of Selection where the selectors meet in Port Moresby and finalise the Grade 11 Lists. 

By now your principals and provincial education officers should have the name list of their respective schools.

Last year's selections (2021 Grade 11 Selection List) came out on the 23rd of December 2021. There was a delay of 1 week.

This year (2022 Grade 11 Selection List for all Provinces was published on the 22nd of December 2021 just as we predicted. That was 4 weeks after MSD released the Grade 10 results to the Selection Committee and 2 weeks after the Selection Committee completed the selection. 

How will Education Dept Publish Grade 11 List 2022?

The General Education Services and ICT Divisions normally make the Grade 11 selection list available in PDF according to the Regions and by Schools. 

Since last year, GES/ICT Divisions have attempted to try a *LOGIN* system but they did not carry it through due to a lack of technical capacity, we believe. 

The GES nor ICT said anything about it, so you just have to wait and see. 

What's Happening Right Now

Right now, we believe the Grade 11 Selection Committee is done. 

Parents, guardians and students will have to wait till the secretary sights and signs the Grade 11 listings for 2022 (Stage 3); and for GES and ICT to publish the list online (Stage 4). 

You know the stages and how long it takes for selection to take place. 

We hope that answers some of your questions. 

If you need more information, check out the links we provide in this article. You can also leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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Unknown said...

So basically someone needs to get a hold of the Education Secretary, whom I believe by this stage should really have signed off on this already. Would have been a great pre-Xmas present for parents and children alike to actually know this information. Helps with things like let me see, school fee bank loans for the good majority of parents in PNG. Come on powers that be lets please get this done.

Unknown said...

Could you please forward me the 2022 grade 11 selection list for WNBP Secondary schools?

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the information.

Unknown said...

2022 grade 11 selection list for eastern highlands province

Unknown said...

Is the grade 11 section list already out?

Saee said...

Wonderful information.However,there are some students doing FODE in other fode centres of the country(PNG) who did not receive their FODE certificates after completion of their courses of two years.it takes almost 1-2 years for certificates to be given out.when the students asked about their certificate,the fode institution advice them(students)to use only their transcripts to apply to tertiary institutions.is it possible to use only the transcripts or it requires both transcripts & certificate to apply for any institutions?and why it takes such a long tome for such important documents to be given?.Any feed back please let me know.


Thanks a lot for the information