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2024 Top 10 Items on the 5th Grade School Supply List: The list of items below are the required school supply items and quantities based on a comparison of four schools in different states. The list of top 10 items will give you an idea about the items to buy now or during the school term.  

You can download the complete list of school supplies for the fifth grade at the end of the article.

Fifth Grade School Supply List 2024

3 types of items on Fifth Grade school supply lists

There are three types of school supplies that elementary schools often ask for. When looking through the Fifth Grade school supply list, try to identify whether the items are required, additional, and or for boys and girls. 

Some schools may ask you to bring with you the required school supplies on the first day of school. If you need clarity, speak to your child's teachers as they are the best people to help.

IMPORTANT: Before school starts, clearly label all supplies with first and last names.

Top 10 Fifth Grade School School Supplies for 2024

We compared nearly 70 items (including the quantities) from 4 schools in Kansas, Alabama, Texas and Iowa to find out the popular items. 

Here is the list of the top 10 school supplies for 2024. Note that the quantities are average and are given in brackets.

Top 10 required items:

  1. (4 - 6) Pkgs wide-ruled notebook paper
  2. (4 - 5) Pocket folders with holes, no brads
  3. (4 - 6) Pkgs Dixon Ticonderoga #2 HB Pencils
  4. (3 - 4) Spiral bound notebooks (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  5. (1) - 2) glue sticks
  6. (1) Yellow Highlighter
  7. (1) Pkg pencil top erasers
  8. (1) Pkg of Crayola Crayons (24 ct)
  9. (1) Pink (bevel) eraser
  10. (1) Container of Clorox wipes
To label the school supplies, you will require fabric markers and name labels (Amazon affiliate link).

Download 2024 School Supply List

You can download the list of required items - Top 10 School Supply List. This PDF list contains the most requested list of 10 items, as well as all the lists from the 4 schools used in compiling the top 10 items.

It will give you a good idea about the school supply list if you do not have one from your child/ren's school yet. 

The top tip is to use this list as a guide as you plan to gather the items for your child.

Buy school supplies in 2024

You can buy the school supplies at your local stationery shop if you are willing to travel there.

You can also get the school supplies at Amazon via this link.

Visit the Amazon store for the Top 10 school supplies.

Where to Buy School Supplies 2022 Top 10 Items

(Affiliate Disclaimer: We may earn a small commission if you buy through our link. This is at NO ADDITIONAL cost to you.)

Additional school supplies 

Some school supplies may need to be replenished during the school year. In fact, each school may require additional supplies depending on what they are planning after Summer. 

Schools that offer Self-contained classes or other additional supplies often make this clear in their newsletter to parents and citizens.

Contact the school or your child's Fifth Grade teacher if you need clarity.

School Supplies for 5th Grade Boys and Girls

Here is the complete list of items that we used to identify the top 10 school Supplies. The coloured items were required by the four schools from the different states -  Kansas, Alabama, Texas and Iowa.

You will realise that the common items in colour are common to all four schools.

5th Grade School Supply List 2024

2024 School Supply List Elementary Pre-K to 5th Grade

IMPORTANT: Please clearly label all supplies with first and last names.

Check out the top 10 items on the school supply list for 2024.

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