How to track Australian passport application

You can now track the delivery of your Australian passport through the Registered Post Tracking Number. This number is in the email and SMS messagesa that the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade sends to you to let you know your passport is on its way. 

You can use the number to check the passport’s delivery status on Australia Post’s website and app.

Here are 3 ways to track your Australian passport application

1) Track without logging in

You can track your parcel without an account or logging in. All you need is the Registered Post Tracking Number.

2) MyPost account

If you already have an Australian Port account, you can keep track of your Australian passport application including all your parcels in one place.

You can also create a new account if that is necessary for the long run.

3) Download the AusPost app

Download the AusPost app and use it to check on your parcels no matter where you are.

Track passport application

It normally takes 3 weeks to receive a passport. The Australian Passport Office will email you when they despatch your passport. Allow 5-6 business days for delivery.

If you’ve received a tracking number, use it to track your passport delivery.

How to Renew Australian Passport Online

There are two ways of renewing (and applying) your Australian Passport, either online or by what is called the streamlined process which is done via Australian post. This article gives information about what to do to renew your Australian passport online. tracking: how to track passport application australian post

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