PNG Police Recruitment Selection and Training Updates

PNG Insight saw nearly 50,000 page views on this page during last year's police recruitment drive. The recruiting agent (PNG Job Seek) will have a lot of work to do when shortlisting potential interview candidates.

If you have applied, here is what is likely to happen during the next stage leading up to training.

png police recruitment 2024 name list - shortlisted candidates png police recruitment 2023 name list

Want to become a teacher, instead? Here is how to apply to Sacred Heart Teachers College (BOMANA). Email address and all-you-need-to-know to apply as a non-school leaver.

PNG Police Recruitment, what next? 

So, you applied for the PNG Police Recruitment, what's next? The recruiting agent will screen the applications sent online. It's part of the recruitment process. But with 30,000 applications and only 560 spots, it is a gigantic screening task.

Understandably, not everyone will receive a response except those shortlisted for the 500 Police Trainees and 60 Cadet Officer spots. 

If you get a response, you should be proud of yourself.

Here are the stages of an organisation's recruitment process:
  • Stage 1 - You submit the application
  • Stage 2 - You'll be invited for a formal interview
  • Stage 3 - Candidates interview
  • Stage 4 - Candidates informed (shortlisted candidates/name list released)
  • Stage 6 - Medicals, registration & admission
  • Stage 7 - Training commences.
Important: Note that this is not the formal recruitment process for the PNG Police Recruitment. It is the standard recruitment process that many organisations use during recruitment and training. 

How long does police recruitment take?

The police recruitment for the previous year ended on Friday the 20th of January which is the first step in the recruitment process. If you think about it, the first stage took about 5 weeks.

Next, the recruitment agent or police trainers will screen the applications and shortlist the potential candidates for interviews. 

Then,  the actual interview takes place. That means that either PNG Job Seek or Police, (whoever does the selection) will go through 30,000 applications. It is likely to take longer than anticipated.

So, be patient!

In hindsight, the RPNGC does the right thing by offloading the recruitment to the agent, because they will do a good job identifying the 560 final police trainees. Also, they are likely to keep to the deadline.

Meanwhile, the RPNG and PNG Job Seek have NOT indicated anything about the dates for interviews and training yet. Watch this space.

Police in PNG lack Manpower

No recruitment for Police trainees happened in 2020. In 2021, the RPNGC trained some reserve police personnel to add to the manpower during the elections. 

The then Police Minister Bryan Kramer said in 2020 that PNG currently has 7,200 police officers. This number serves the whole country.

There is a greater need to empower the police force, including the Corrections Services (CIS) and PNG Defence Force (PNGDF). (Check the links for more details). 

More so, there is a need for morally upstanding policemen and policewomen. 

In recent months, the PNG police and defence forces command released promising training and recruitment updates. There's an emphasis on long-term training and discipline.

See the police's new training modules that the police commissioner alluded to below.

New Police Training and New Syllabus

In a Post Courier report on the 24th of July 2022, the commissioner said they are upgrading the police training syllabus to 18 months (from 6 months). This is a massive improvement.

In 2023 and onwards, the new police recruits will undergo 

  • 6 months of basic policing, law and order theory at Bomana Police College; and 
  • 12 months of practicum at the police stations assigned to them.

At the police stations, the new recruits will:

  • learn about the operations of stations,
  • perform shifts,
  • learn the basics of prosecutions and investigations.
The main area of the 12-month practicum will focus on installing discipline in the new trainees. And also, educate them on the basics of applied prosecutions, investigation of criminals and traffic rules & engagements.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the recent police recruitment drive. If you are an applicant what is your experience with the online forms and applications for this year? 


Unknown said...

It is fast and safe in avoiding frauds by using online to submit the applications. But some
applicant did not satisfied because there is no signals in return after uploading their application, letting them know that your application is successfully delivered to PNGJOBSEEEK.

Karl James said...

Some of us thinking about that but thanks for for your kindly thought... Thanks alot 🙏🙏


Some of us think that law is bad but infact, Law comes from God. Therefore, we as children of God on earth must implement law in a way that God likes. Thanks 🙏🙏

Interested applicant said...

I believe the online forms and the applications for this year have cleared some thick clouds from the past. Lets hope the system continue to flow smoothly without any hiccups, thus it is by merit that will change our country.

Unknown said...

I think this online recruitment is very good initiatives, as whole or most of the people in PNG knew that there is Police recruitment, but during previous recruitments and selections, recruitment officers did not recruit or select people on merits. Therefore we are visually seeing what's happening in policing.

Thanks for reading.

Unknown said...

Indeed JOBSEEK is a very good platform to lodge applications to avoid corruption. however there is no feedback/acknowledgements to notify us whether our applications are received or not, and that keeps many in suspension.

Unknown said...

Well initiative. I think it will improve the quality of policing service in the country.

Unknown said...

I believe Online Application and hiring of international consultancy for recruitment is excellent initiative taken for recruitment under the leadership of current Police Commissioner and D/Police Commission Administration which I believe quality process of screening and selection in place for trainees for training. I Think there will be no corruption takes place in the selection process and I hope all selection will go for merit base. I also admire the new curriculum which have extra 12 months practicum time extended. I believe after the 12 months practice as police officers, they will know and performed their duties right which will improve the quality of policing service in the country. I think the new way of recruiting and new curriculum will bring change to the policing service.

Bobby Mondo said...

It is transparent way of recruiting new trainee, really appreciate this selection process.

Noel passy said...

I think it is good for the applicant,
And the up coming applicant who will have the opportunity to take part in it.

Zeru Lydia 988 said...

Really good on that, I have applied to PNGJOBSEEK and found out that there are two types of responsees. First response is rejected and the next response is approved. What does that two response mean?

Donald Maure said...

Applying online through is the perfect way forward. Response after successfully lodging the application is either "unsuccessful" or "Approved".
What's next after step "Approved". Thanks

Terrence said...

What's the next step after "Approved?"

PNG Insight said...

'Approved' implies that you have submitted all the required documents and now you are shortlisted for further checks.

Unknown said...

Recruitment selection list be posted here (on this web page) also? How close are we for the selection list to be put out?

Your response is very much appreciated.


Unknown said...

Can the relevant authority make some enlightenment on applications that were sent in hard copies ?

Fidelis said...

I totally agree with the curriculum change, selection should be critically done in inorder to take the best applicants for the profession.Law and order in the entire country is deteriorating rapidly.

Mag Bolokon said...

Thank you for this article, very helpful. I was really searching the net for what was to happen after applications were submitted. The Stages mentioned in the article has now really cleared my conscious.
But one question...for the APPROVED applications does it also mean we're SHORTLISTED and that we are just to wait for a phone call?

Unknown said...

Thanks RPNGC Recruitment team for the update and information supplied in the article is very clear but my question as an applicant to you...when will be the short listed name list will be posted or advertised in the media?

Donald Maure said...

Can the PNG Insights confirm if the short list applicants list will be out on Monday 27 March,2023.

Thank you

ELIZAH said...


PNG Insight said...

The Shortlist for interviews is out on Monday 27th March 2023. However, it is not made available online yet.

Trevor Daniel Yakili said...

There was only for the three provinces in PNG.(NCDC,GULF and CENTRAL).
What about other provinces .

Peter mote said...

Names that are shortlisted must come at once for all provinces. Why that those provinces that close to pom are shortlisted and publish on media?.

Unknown said...

Its more convenient when applying through online, this is the right pathway forward for us to discouraged fraudulent all over the corner. A concern, because we have applied through online, we have logged in using our phone number, can we have a notification about our effort spent as a text saying 'sorry try again next recruitment publish when not selected and congratulation you have been shortlisted when selected'. This will be helpful in other hands. Many will grateful to follow this pathway because when applying they'll know that they just get the answer straight from their phones anyway. Nepu Issac

Unknown said...

When will the shortlisted applicants for Highlands Region be published on dailies ?

lui said...

It's already May now so please any updates for other commands or region.

Franrich said...

Any Updates for Momase Region Shortlisted candidates for Screening Process?

Terrence said...

Will there be any recruitment after this current recruitment 2023?


Any updates for West New Britain about the Police reservist program recruitment made last month.


When will the recruitment for September,2023 will publish please give us an update for Kimbe.



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