PNG Grade 12 Selection and DHERST Online DATES

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) Online application system (NOAS) for the 2024 academic year is now open. Students and schools should be aware of the dates between now and when the 2024 academic year admission selection list 2023 comes out.

It is important for Grade 12 students to mark these dates in their calendars and start planning (and adjusting) their NOAS applications early.

Here is an article about why it is important to get your choices on the NOAS online application right.

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DHERST Online 2023 Dates

Here are the key dates in reverse order:
  • 2024 academic year admission selection list 2023 publicationSaturday 23rd December, 2023
  •  Launching of 2023 Selection for 2024 academic year - Thursday 21st December, 2023
  • NOAS Grace period – Tuesday 12th December- Friday 15th December, 2023
  • Grade 12 National Examination – Monday 16th – Friday 20th October, 2023 (DONE)
  • NOAS application period begins – Monday 28th August- Friday 08th December, 2023 (ONGOING)

Click here to read more about the 2023 Grade 12 Selection Launching Date & Publication Date.

15th of December 2023 Grade Period Extension

Important Update for Grade 12 School Leavers for 2023 applying to the HEIs for the 2024 academic year. The Grace Period for submitting your Higher Education program choices has been extended to 17th of December, 2023 at midnight.

  • Check for RED lights: If any of your choices have a RED light, it means you didn't meet the minimum program requirements. Replace those choices with eligible programs.
  • No RED lights: If you don't see any RED lights, you meet the minimum requirements for your chosen programs.
  • Unused programs: Any programs you didn't meet the requirements for will be removed from your account.
  • National Online Selections: The DHERST Minister will launch the online selection process on 21st of December, 2023.
  • Take Action: Use this extended Grace Period to review your choices carefully and ensure they align with your education goals and academic performance.

Grace period for NOAS

The grace period is a brief window after the Grade 12 students get their 2023 National Examination Results. It is an ideal time when students can adjust their school leavers choices on the NOAS application online.

For the Grade 12 students, this is a valuable chance to review your 2023 exam performance and other new information in the NOAS, and to make any necessary changes to improve your odds of being accepted into your preferred institution and program.

Important date: Grace period for NOAS: December 12-15, 2023, now extended to 17 December 2023 mid-night.


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