Non-School Leavers Online Selection for PNG Universities and Colleges (Preparations 2024 for 2025 Implementation)

In a move to improve fairness and accessibility in higher education, Papua New Guinea's universities and colleges will be transitioning to an online selection system for non-school leavers starting in 2025. This reform aims to address past concerns about a selection process that lacked transparency and consistency. 

Previously, universities and colleges held individual responsibility for selecting non-school leavers, which created a system prone to irregularities. This included a lack of centralized quotas and the potential for non-registered institutions to make arbitrary selections. 

Online Selection for Non-School Leavers in PNG Universities Start 2024 for 2025 Inake

Benefits of the Online System

The new online system, integrated with the National Online Selection System (NOSS) and National Online Application System (NOAS), offers several advantages:
  • Transparency: Clear and consistent criteria will be established for selecting non-school leavers, ensuring a fairer and more objective process.
  • Accessibility: Defined quotas for non-school leavers will guarantee a designated number of spots in universities and colleges.
  • Streamlined Process: The online platform will simplify application procedures for both institutions and students.

How it Works (Online Selection for Non-School Leavers)

Here's a breakdown of the anticipated selection process for non-school leavers in 2025: 
  • 1. Nomination by Centres of Distance Education (CDES): These centres will play a crucial role in identifying eligible non-school leavers. This includes students who completed Grade 12 outside the traditional school system such as FODE and matriculation centres. (While details for overseas students are pending, this system streamlines domestic applications.)
  •  2. Application and Selection: Nominated students will receive invitation letters to apply online. They can apply to up to five programs with designated quotas for non-school leavers, along with submitting back-up choices. 
  •  3. National Admission Pool: Following selection, non-school leavers will be placed in a national pool for admission consideration by universities and colleges. 
The online selection system streamlines the process for DHERST and the government, providing a clearer picture of non-school leavers (and Grade 12 school leavers) entering PNG universities and colleges.

A Better Way: NSL Online Selection 2025!

The online selection system for non-school leavers is a significant step towards a more equitable and transparent higher education landscape in Papua New Guinea. 

This reform, similar to the successful implementation for school leavers in 2020, is expected to create a level playing field and provide deserving non-school leavers with better access to quality education.

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