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Grade 11 Online Selection Process 2021 Explained (with Video)

2021 Grade 11 Online Selection for National High Schools and Secondary Schools in the country will be done online. The Grade 11 online selection follows is an initiative of the National Department of Education.

This education blog reproduces the Education Secretary's circular in brief for parents, guardians and stakeholders (alike) to understand the  Grade 11 selection process. 

The process (How Grade 11 Selection is done in 2021)

  • Measurement Services Division (MSD) will provide the final results for Grade 10 to Information and Communication Division (ICD).
  • ICD will run the Grade 11 Selection.
  • General Education Services will coordinate the selection process with all the principals from secondary and national high schools.
  • Inspections and Standards Division (ISD) and Guidance and Counselling Division (GCD) will assist principals in the provinces. Principals are asked to enter and verify data in the provinces.
Check out this video for the explanation and example.


Dates for 2021 Grade 11 Selections

The department of Education expects the (actual) selection to be done in 2 - 3 days as it will be done online. However, the data entry at the provinces and the selection process will take two weeks.
  • Grade 11 selection 2021 - 30th November - 11th December 2020
  • Principals to start selecting students on the 2nd December 2020
  • The selection listing for Grade 11 to secondary and national high schools is expected to be released after 11th December 2020
Check out the National High School Ranking Here

Grade 11 Selections Cut-off

The selections for Grade 11 to national high schools and secondary schools will be based on the Education Board's National Standards Requirements.
  • National High Schools Selection: The school of excellence concept requires that Grade 10 students with Distinctions or Credits are selected to National High Schools. The eligible students are pre-selected based on their intention on the School Leavers Forms.
  • Secondary Schools Selection: Students with x7 Upper Passes or a percentile score of 77 points or higher to be selected to Grade 11

Grading, Subject Weighting and Results

Grade 10 students in the country study x7 subjects. Hence, the results are based on all the subjects taken by every student. Here is a screenshot of Information on Grading, Subject Weighting and Grade 11 selection results. 

Source: Education Secretary Circular (13/2020)

6 Factors for non-selection of students to Grade 11
  • Fail to apply
  • Bad Character 
  • Below School Quota
  • No School leavers form
  • Parents not requesting a transfer 
  • Gender equity in case of a tie in the selection
The Grade 11 selection for 2021 takes a new approach where principals and education offices do the selection in the provinces, instead of Port Moresby. 

This blog advocates for transparency in the selection of Grade 11 students. At the same time, we hope that the new Grade 11 online selection initiative of the NDoE is as effective and efficient' and can deliver the results on time. 

Past Grade 11 Selections - Port Moresby

The Grade 11 selections used to take place in Port Moresby. Principals and education officers from the provinces gathered in the capital city for weeks on end to do the selection. It can take up to 2 weeks for them to select students for the national high and secondary schools.

The principals and education officers from the provinces work with MSD and GED (two divisions of National Department of Education) to finalise the selections. 

The final selection listing would be given to the education secretary to sight and sign and made available on the department of education website. The principals also inform the newly selected Grade 11 students to their schools for the new academic year. 

This was the past where things were done manually. 

Data Entry and Verification

The principals and a provincial selection committee would meet in the provinces and do the 2021 Grade 11 selection. They then verify students eligibility and enter their data online. (An important function, now done in the provinces) . Data verification and entry will take two (2) weeks. 

The Grade 11 selection is a mandatory function of the National Education Board (NEB). The selection of Grade 11 student is not a provincial function, it still remains a national function. This implies that the cleansing of data (if any) and final (quality) checks will be done by the NEB before the 2021 Grade 11 selection listing comes out to the public.

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