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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) result checker is now live. Students who have sat for the examination can now login to JAMB result portal and check their results. 

Login to JAMB portal

Visitors to this education blog have registered via CAPS (candidates) E-Facility on JAMB's website can now login to access their UTME 2020 Results Notification Slip. You'll need your registration number or e-mail to login to JAMB portal and check the 2020 UTME result online. 

UTME 2020 Results online
URL: https://www.jamb.org.ng/ExamSlipPrinting2/CheckUTMEResults

3 Steps to check UTME results 2020

1. Go to the JAMB result checking portal >> Click here(This will take you to JAMB result page)

2. Enter your Registration Number/Email Address in the blank box provided.

3. Click on “Check My Results” (The portal will load your result will show on the screen). 

Seek help/guidance 

During our quick search for this short post, we realised that the best place to get assistance is at the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) website. Here are some pointers to help in case you need them. Below are some main function of the result menus on JAMB's website.

CAPS (Candidates) e-Facility

  • Create a new account
  • Reset password


  • Access JAMB CAP
  • See your JAMB Admission Status
  • Print Result Slip

How to recover lost JAMB online details 

If you have forgotten your password, here is what you do:
1. Click on the 'forgot password' tab; 
2. Click 'Login' to access your JAMB profile dashboard;
3. Enter the email address you used creating the account;
4. Click the 'calendar' icon to also select your date of birth; and
5. Click the button that says 'Get Password Reset Link'

You'll be sent an email with a link to reset your password. To avoid this long process, use a password that you can remember, but also a strong one!

If you still have a problem, contact JAMB support team by raising a ticket here.

About this blog
We are an education and development blog. We realise that visitors from Nigeria have visited us. Therefore, we make this information available to help you as you are login to JAMB result portal & check your 2020 UTME results online

WHO Covid-19 Prevention: Videos with reliable info

The World Health Organisation produced several informational videos about COVID-19. The coronavirus video collection on YouTube make it easier to:

  • understand the virus
  • know how it spreads, and
  • take prevention measures 
Check out these 5 informational videos on Coronavirus (links to YouTube)

  1. How to protect yourself against COVID-19 (1:31 mins) World Health Organization (WHO)
  2. Can masks protect against the new coronavirus infection? (1:27 mins) World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. How is the new coronavirus affecting people who get it?  (1:25 mins) World Health Organization (WHO)
  4. COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus? (7:28 mins) Nucleus Medical Media
  5. Coronavirus - seven steps to prevent the spread of the virus (0:31 mins) World Health Organization (WHO

Stay safe, stay strong. 

C19 Vs Education: Children Learning is Important too

As important as it is to stop the C19 pandemic from spreading in PNG, it is also important to educate our children at this trying time. This is the message on a thread in PNG Insight. I've fixed the messages and re-posted them here. 

positive covid 10 png vs education schools open

The message is clear. The govt must also give equal and undivided attention to the education of our children at this time. 

Twitter discussion/thread

Two questions of significance

The first question is: what are the resources (Edu officers, equipment, technology, etc) are available, at present, within the education dept that the PNG govt can use for mass educating elementary to secondary school students?

The second question is what is there for the Higher Education sector (DHESRT)...can the universities and colleges use their resources to conduct non-contact classes...LAN, Wifi, etc?

Challenges to be proactive


The challenge is not to let this pandemic stop this generation of children from learning this year...so how best can DHERST and Education Ministry use the available resources to ensure learning takes place even?


DHERST and the Education Department cannot be complacent. They have to be proactive. 

The schools have closed early. We know the 27th of April on only a tentative date for school to open. 

There is no need to be scared. However, there is always safety in planning. 

Vision for long-term benefit


Importantly, this pandemic will come to pass, surely. With that in mind, put in place something that is permanent, something tangible so that when this is gone, our children will still benefit from it...this is called VISION.


The govt's priority is stopping the C19 pandemic. But, it must not be distracted from its responsibility to educate *THIS GENERATION* of students!

Don't be one dimensional, Mr govt. 

You have the duty to educate the kid, if/when the schools are re-opened or not.


Having said 1 - 6, it would be better for DHERST and Education Department (in collaboration with the SoE team) to CLEARLY spell-out what is going to happen:

(1) If/when unis, colleges and schools in affected regions/country will resume term 2 school year


(2) If school are to close indefinitely, what are the LEARNING INTERVENTIONS for 2020 are in place for the children?

Interventions measures?


The task to educate children en masse is not easy in our country. 

Parents are the ones who are at the receiving end. But, at least some intervention measures put in place are better than nothing - we cannot say let us take one day at a time.


DHERST and Education Department must know called on the SOE committee and find out, for the sake of parents and students, what is there for the academic year 2020. 


PNG PM Statement re. COVID-19: Special Clearence for International Travels and Schools Re-opening

The PM's statement on the 2nd of April was clear - people's movements are restricted to stop any spread of Coronavirus in PNG. International and local travels are restricted until situations have improved in the country.

png response to coronavirus

There are considerations for schools to open on the 27th of April 2020.

Furthermore, the PM hinted to consideration for special clearance for international travels via Brisbane, Cairns and Singapore. Schools, churches and gathering of people in large numbers are limited in order to protect the health and welfare of the general public.

Travel and Education info is sketchy at present

Travel information is expected to be made clear following the PM's statement. This blog expects the Education Minister (the Ministry) and the Education Secretary (the Department) to make formal announcements regarding the re-opening of schools for the commencement of term 2.

School Closure & Learning Intervention

In the event that coronavirus is detected in PNG - and schools are to close indefinitely - what are the intervention measures? In an earlier post, PNG Insight discussed several ways to make homeschooling fun.

We also discuss media and tech interventions, and radio and TV learning strategies for schools and teachers to help students and parents in times of serious shut-down.

Key Points re COVID-19 PNG

Here are key points (for more info refer to the full statement below Source: PMJM Facebook page):

  • 14 days shutdown expires on Monday, April 6th 2020
  • Resumption of domestic flights as of Tuesday 7 April 2020 for the main centres (Pom, Hagen, Lae, Madang and Rabaul)
  • All schools to remain on Term 1 (and Easter) Holidays. Term 2 commences on Monday 27 April 2020 depending COVID-19 situation in the country.
  • Churches, workplaces and public gathering must now readjust to a minimal number of persons (small groups) with a safe distance of work and socialization.
  • For those overseas trying to travel in, we (the govt) will do special uplift from Brisbane. Cairns and Singapore under special clearance from Controller when we establish your medical clearances and you will be isolated here (in PNG) for 14 days.

PM's Statement - reposted

Today we are living in an environment of insecurities due to coronavirus. The virus is moved when people move from place to place. The world and our next-door neighbours have a greater number of infected persons and our weak health care systems, the government had to take a responsible approach. Within that context, parliament passed an extension to the State of Emergency (SOE) for a further two months. The SOE is not meant to harm us but protect us from the spread of Corona Virus (C19). By the expiry of our earlier SOE induced 14 days shut down, the isolation strategy was to keep C19 from spreading its presence in our country. We are mapping our country on C19, thank God Yahweh so far our country is free of virus. But that does not mean we become complacent. Based on global and regional medical trend and evidence before the Government on the dangers of lack of protective measures, our country stands totally exposed to the devastation C19 can cause to our people and economy. Today’s SOE extension will have operation orders that are less restrictive depending on the situation going into the future. For instance, by next Tuesday ( if we C19 free by Monday ) we will resume all domestics flights, will allow PMVs to operate, markets to operate, work to resume etc. Our 21 provinces will be our coordinating centres and three key coordinating people are the PPC, PA and CEO of PHAs. We will push in April to have C19 centres in Weom, Kiunga, Vanimo, Telefomin and Wewak. We will also work with Bougainville Government for a post in South Bougainville. I ask all citizens that this is trying times, just because there is no infected person presently is no reason for us to be complacent. Your freedom remains but for public safety including yourself, the Controller can make an intervention at individual or group or provincial levels going into the future. Churches and workplaces and public gathering must now readjust to a minimal number of persons (small groups) with a safe distance of work and socialization. We will make further announcements including the safety of our children at schools, considering pieces of evidence, trends and presence of C19 after the 14-day isolation phase expires next Sunday. For those overseas trying to travel in, we will do special uplift from Brisbane and Cairns and Singapore under special clearance from Controller when we establish your medical clearances and you will be isolated here for 14 days. God bless PNG. JMPM! Source: 2nd April 2020, Facebook