How to download the past mathematics exam papers using the password provided. There are two categories of Grade 8 Maths Exam Past Papers:

1) Past (OLD) Papers (2009 - 2014)

2) Latest (2015 - recent Maths Exam Papers)

1) How to download OLD PAPERS

On the information page of the Mathematics Resources website

i) Click on the link to download

ii) Check your Gmail Account

iii) Access the OLD PAPER in your Gmail Account

Video Instruction 

2) How to download RECENT (LATEST) PAPERS

At the download page of Mathematics Resources website,

i) Copy the PASSWORD

ii) Click download

iii) Enter this password in the download 'popup window'

iv) Click download

v) Wait for the math paper to download

vi) Check your Gmail Account

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10 things to do and see in Port Moresby | Port Moresby Getaways

There are plenty of things to do and see in Port Moresby. We list the 10 things that anyone can do, it needs a bit of preparation. You can do each day-out activity in big groups or as a family. Also ideal for those who are wanting to have quality time together :)

Awesome King Birds of Paradise

Talking about quality time, the Birds Sanctuary at Adventure Park the place to see the tropical birds of paradise having fun - spending quality time together. The park has a healthy population of different species of tropical birds. 

The King Birds of Paradise is one. The two parks (Adventure Park and Nature Park) in Port Moresby are ideal for getting a close-up experience with the King Birds of Paradise, including the other  Exotic Tropical Birds of Papua New Guinea. 

See the 1080p HD video here

10 things to do and see in Port Moresby | Port Moresby Getaways

 As mentioned in the video, here are the top getaways and day trips from Port Moresby:

1) Loloata Island Resort (Room Tour)

2) Nature Park, Port Moresby (Snakes and attractions)

3) Adventure Park, 10 things to do

4) Varirata National Park Port Moresby

5) Sunset (Papa Lealea) Day Trip

6) Tutu Beach Resort (Mini Canoe Race)

7) Road Trip, Loloata backroad Taurama

8) Koitaki Country Club

9) Stanley Hotel, Port Moresby

10) Ela Beach, NEW LOOK Port Moresby

We show actual footages of  Papua New Guinea places we visit. We also have a good collection of places you can visit in Port Moresby. Our channel's videos are original travel and educational videos of  Papua New Guinea, Places, People and Nature.

Leave a comment and let us know about any place in Port Moresby that you think we should visit.


How to Get a Police Character Clearance Check - Fee Update

A POLICE Clearance certificate is a vital document that is needed for many purposes. However, many people do not know how to obtain a police clearance certificate.

According to the Acting Officer in Charge (OIC) of the National Criminal Records Office (NCRO) Chief Sergeant Kasa Wumber there are six main types of Police Clearance reports done by his office. 

These include five Character Checks and a Police Crime Report. The character checks include; 

  • Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) character check, 
  • Papua New Guinea police character check, 
  • firearms character check, 
  • expatriates in Papua New Guinea character check and 
  • expatriates overseas character check.

Location of police clearance check (National Forensic Centre)

Police Clearance reports are issued by the NCRO currently located at the National Forensic Centre, Varahe Road Gordons in Port Moresby. No police stations or another office can issue a police clearance certificate.

The only authorised signature on the certificate must be that of the OIC National Criminal Records Office, by the delegation on behalf of the Commissioner of Police. In the absence of the OIC the second officer in charge (2IC) will sign on his behalf. Any other signature on the Police Clearance certificate is not to be accepted.

 How to Apply for a Police Clearance Certificate Check - UPDATE

To apply for a police clearance certificate, you can pick up a form at the National Criminal Records Office. For those living in the other provinces, you can collect a form from your nearest police station where you will be fingerprinted. Pay the K65.00 fee at your nearest finance cashier office and attach the receipt with the application form and mail it to the NCRO office at the Police National Headquarters to the following address: OIC National Criminal Records Office RPNGC, P.O 85, Konedobu, National Capital District. 

Alternatively, pay the fee and take the receipt and a recent ID photo of you to the National Criminal Records Office at Gordons (for those in Port Moresby). The officers of the NCRO will assist with the Police character check forms and also take your fingerprints for processing. 

If you are living outside of Port Moresby, see what the Police has to say about getting  a Police Character Clearance Check in the direct quote below:

"Many people have been commenting about police clearance for other provinces. For the time being you now have the form. Print whichever form you need and fill in the details as required. For fingerprinting please go to your nearest police station and a policeman will help fingerprint you. Pay your K10 (sic. Now K65) fee, attach the receipt and mail it to the address listed. Unfortunately, online lodgement is still a long way away for us at this stage. Thank you for all your comments" [Response extract from RPNGC FB comment]

Download police clearance check forms

In this file, there are 6 forms ( download the clearance forms all-in-one)
  • Police character check form for Papua New Guinean
  • Police character check form for Expatriates in PNG
  • Police character check form for Expatriates outside of PNG
  • Police character check/clearance & Fire Arms Particulars and Records Check
  • Police character check form for PMV
  • Crime report form
These documents were retrieved from the RPNGC Facebook page. See the original documents here.

Where to pay the character check FEES

For those in Port Moresby you can pay your Character Check or Police Crime Report fees at any of these three locations; 

  • Vulupindi Haus, 
  • Firearm Registry Office at the Boroko Police Station and 
  • the Central Government Office at Konedobu.
 Attach the receipt to the application and submit it to the NCRO office at Gordons. You will be given a number and expected date for follow up or collection.

All police character check fee is K65.00. You are not to pay any additional fees.

Expatriates character checks

For expatriates, there are two separate application forms for those who are living in the country and those who have left but require PNG Police Clearance Certificates for the countries they are currently residing in.

They are required to bring their complete application form together with their current passport and visa and current work permit as well as the receipt of the K65.00 payment.

"I'm an expat. I'm currently working at Lihir I already fee k10 (sic. Now K65) on Vulupindi House in pom can I go to Lihir police office using Vulupindi receipt to fill up the form of police clearance and I will submit it in pom when I'm going for my field break?" [Angelo Bascon, FB comment, extract]

"Yes, you can." (RPNGC, FB response, extract)

Time and operation hours of police character checks

The duration of the Character Check processes is one week for nationals and two weeks for expatriates.

The NCRO is open only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Lodgement of application forms is usually from 9:00am – 12:00pm. 

The collection of character certificate is between 1:00pm and 3:30pm each Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays are allocated for lodgement of police character checks for the purpose of opening bank accounts, study in PNG, passport application and PMV.

how to obtain police clearance check PNG

Employment character check applications

Employment character check applications are done on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Expatriate character checks, visa, firearm, Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), National Airports Corporation (NAC) pass, crime reports, study overseas and port passes are done on Thursdays only.

Nationals and expatriates living overseas must report to their nearest police station in the country they are in and they will collect their required information and send them to the NCRO in Port Moresby. 

Firearm applicants must also attach the notice for sale and disposal form from a licensed gun dealer and the complete Interpol firearm request form to secure a character check certificate.


Source: MEDIA STATEMENT (Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Facebook pageMonday 28th January 2019 [ADAPTED, May 2021]

Talking Birds of Port Moresby Adventure Park | Funny Cockatoos

 The Talking Cockatoos are residents of Port Moresby Adventure Park. The cockatoos are locally known as 'Koki' or Cocky, always curious and chatty as seen in this video. 

They can say 'Hello Cocky', Hi, Koki kaikai (Cocky wants some food) and chuckle. The funny talking birds are cute and adorable. Visit Port Moresby Adventure Park and check out these funny birds! 

Recommended: 5 Exotic Tropical Birds of Papua New Guinea 1080p HD video

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