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PNG Fire Service Recruitment 2024 Application Info

The PNG Fire Service is looking for passionate young people to join our team as firefighters! Don't miss out – applications close on April 5th!

The PNG Fire Service is looking for young & vibrant individuals to fill Firefighter roles throughout Fire Stations in the following locations: NCD, Goroka, Kokopo, Kundiawa, Mt Hagen, Wabag, Popondetta, Lae, Madang, Kimbe, Kavieng, Alotau, Wewak.


Required Documents: Do you have what it takes?

  • Grade 12 Qualification (or higher)
  • Between 20-30 years old
  • Minimum height of 160cm
  • Clean police record 
  • Medically fit for firefighting duties
  • Valid National Identification Document (NID) & Birth Certificate
  • Two (2) passport-sized photos
  • Driver's License (Class 3 or 6 preferred)

Recent university graduates are encouraged to apply!

What to Include in Your Application

Expression of Interest Letter** stating your desire to become a firefighter

Curriculum Vitae (CV) highlighting your skills and experience

All Required Documents listed above

How to apply?

Submit your application package by Friday, April 5th, 2024 (COB)

Hand Delivery: Bring your application to your nearest fire station or PNG Fire Service Headquarters at Waigani Drive, Port Moresby.

Applications must be addressed to:

Attention: Firefighter Recruitment

Chief Fire Officer

Papua New Guinea Fire Service

PO Box 5390, Boroko, NCD

png fire service recruitment 2024

Be a Hero. Become a Firefighter.

Start your application today!

PNG Defence Force: 2023 Passout Paves the Way for 2024 Recruitment

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) is preparing for the graduation of its first batch of 2023 recruits. After undergoing a rigorous training program at Goldie River Training Depot outside Port Moresby, these new soldiers are expected to pass out next month (April 2024). 

Papua New Guinea Defence Force Recruitment 2024
📸Papua New Guinea Defence Force/Facebook

This graduation ceremony marks a significant achievement for the recruits and signifies their official entry into the PNGDF. While details on the next PNGDF recruitment drive haven't been officially announced, it's traditionally held after the passout ceremony for the current batch.

In the meantime, the 2021 intake of 90 recruits, who resumed training in January 2024, are also nearing the end of their program and are expected to finish by April.

Therefore, aspiring soldiers who are eager to serve their country should keep an eye on official PNGDF channels and news outlets. 

Information regarding the 2024 PNGDF recruitment, including eligibility requirements and application procedures, will likely be released following the successful passout of the current recruits. 

Police Recruitment and Training 2024

Ensuring the security of lives and properties is a paramount concern for any nation, and the role of law enforcement agencies cannot be overstated in this regard. As populations grow and challenges evolve, the need for a capable and well-equipped police force becomes more crucial than ever. 

In response to this need, the year 2023 marked a significant milestone in police recruitment across the nation, hailed as the best recruitment effort since independence. 

However, while the initiative has commenced on a promising note, there is a continued requirement for strengthening the recruitment process to make it both efficient and effective.

 Addressing the Need for an Expanded Police Force

With the ever-expanding population and increasing complexities of crime, the existing number of police personnel often falls short in providing adequate security coverage.

 Acknowledging this issue, Police Commissioner David Manning, in the recent news interviews, highlighted the government's commitment to bolster the police force. 

He expressed gratitude for the Marape-Rosso government's unwavering dedication to producing a steady stream of officer cadets, essential for meeting the escalating demands of contemporary policing.

Commissioner Manning openly acknowledged the pressing challenge at hand: effectively policing a population of over 12 million with a mere 6,500 personnel. 

This ratio is undeniably imbalanced when considering the diverse responsibilities law enforcement faces, from crime prevention to rapid response.

Police Recruitment and Training - png police recruitment 2023 name list

Striving for Quantity and Quality PNG Police Recruits

To address the dearth of manpower, the government embarked on a mission to graduate 1,000 new recruits annually.

However, the reality paints a slightly different picture as approximately 800 to 900 recruits are projected to graduate each year, awaiting the full establishment of training centers in Poroma (Southern Highlands) and Gusap (Morobe Province). 

A critical aspect of improving the police force lies in the training imparted to new recruits. 

Commissioner Manning highlighted the expansion of the training period to nine months, divided into three segments. The initial three months entail basic training, followed by three months of attachment to operational stations in key areas like NCD, Lae Metro, and Mount Hagen. 

Upon returning, the recruits complete the final three months of training, resulting in a holistic nine-month training curriculum.

The Commitment to Police Culture and Ethics

Commissioner Manning emphasised that joining the police force comes with an enduring commitment to the police culture and code of ethics. This commitment transcends personal choices and becomes a lifelong oath to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. 

The police culture, a thread that has woven itself through PNG's pre-independence era, continues to be highly relevant as the nation progresses.

png police recruitment 2023 name list Police Recruitment 2024

Building a Responsive and Responsible Force

In the current landscape, the government's focus is not solely on increasing the quantity of recruits but also on improving the quality of the police force. 

Commissioner Manning stated that this initiative is an exciting phase for the organisation, with a dual objective: 

  • building numbers and 
  • enhancing both the responsiveness and responsibility of the police force. 

This approach aims to ensure that the force evolves into a respected institution capable of meeting the diverse needs of modern society.

Furthermore, the recruitment has never been better done in the past compared to the current recruitment. However, the police ans security personnels recruitment could be conducted through the DHERST online selection system as hinted in this article.

Future Prospects Royal Papua New Guinea Police Constabulary (PNGRPC)

As a testament to the commitment toward strengthening the police force, Commissioner Manning announced that cadet officer training is set to commence in September 2023. 

This move further underlines the government's determination to cultivate a generation of leaders who will carry the mantle of effective law enforcement forward.

The 2023 police recruitment effort and the forthcoming 2024 training mark a significant stride in addressing the critical issue of security in the nation.

PNG Police Recruitment and Training 2024

The commitment to both quantity and quality, along with the emphasis on upholding the police culture and ethics, sets a promising trajectory for building a responsive and responsible police force. 

As the government takes proactive measures to train future cadet officers, the nation moves closer to a future where security is paramount, and law enforcement stands as a pillar of strength in safeguarding lives and properties.

Police Recruitment: A Better Way to Recruit and Train Police Officers in PNG

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary has released the long-awaited list of candidates selected for the Police Recruitment Training for various provinces. 

If you have applied for the Police Recruitment 2023 from Morobe, Milne Bay, Western Highlands, Oro, New Ireland, Simbu, Eastern Sepik, Western Sepik, or Manus, it's time to mark your calendars and prepare for the upcoming screening and interview sessions. 

This article will provide you with an update on the dates, venues, and required documents for the screening appointment and interview.

A BETTER WAY TO DO RECRUITMENT & SELECTION: The 2023 Police Recruitment and Selection Process is taking a very long time. Selecting only 560 candidates should NOT take a lot of resources and time as it did! Here is a better way to conduct the application and selection of PNG Police, Defence and CIS. Click here to find out.

Formal Notice: Police Recruitment List 2023/2034 Training

In a formal notice released on 25/05/2023, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary has announced the shortlisted candidates for the Police Recruitment Training program. 

If your name appears on the shortlist, you must attend the scheduled screening and interview. 

Failure to comply with the requirements and bring the necessary documents may result in disqualification from the recruitment process.

Police Recruitment List 2023/2034 Training Selection List PDF - post courier police recruitment 2023 name list

Screening and Interview Details

1. Morobe Province: Screening Date: 7th June 2023 (Lae Secondary School Hall)

2. Milne Bay Province: Screening Date: 5th June 2023 (Alotau Police Traning Cell)

3. Western Highlands Province: Screening Date: 7th June 2023 (Kimininga Police Barracks)

4. Oro Province: Screening Date: 8th June 2023 (Popondetta Police Traning Cell)

5. New Ireland Province: Screening Date: 12th June 2023 (Kavieng Hotel)

6. Simbu Province: Screening Date: 14th June 2023 (Catholic Dioceses, St Mary, Kundiawa) 

7. Eastern Sepik Province: Screening Date: 16th June 2023 (The Great Hall Kaindi Teachers College)

8. Western Sepik Province: Screening Date: 23rd June 2023 (Vanimo Beach Resort)

9. Manus Province: Screening Date: 19th June 2023 (Sapau House, Lorengau)

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Required Documents

You must bring the following documents to the screening appointment and interview:

1. National Identification Card (ID) or Passport

2. Birth Certificate

3. Academic Certificates (Grade 12 Certificate and/or Tertiary Qualifications)

4. Police Clearance Certificate

5. Two recent passport-sized photographs

6. Medical Report (from a recognized medical practitioner)

7. Any other supporting documents mentioned in the formal notice, see below.

post courier police recruitment 2023 name list
POST COURIER P59 25/05/2023


If you have been shortlisted for the PNG Police Recruitment Training in the mentioned provinces, it is essential to attend the scheduled screening and interview sessions. 

Ensure that you bring all the required documents as mentioned in the formal notice released on 25/05/2023. 

Failure to comply with these requirements may result in disqualification. Prepare yourself adequately, and best of luck with your selection!

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

PNGDF Military Cadet Programme 2024 Recruitment

Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF) Commander Major-General Mark Goina says his administration is looking to reintroduce the school military cadet programme. The PNGDF Military Cadet Programme Recruitment is now awaiting the approval of the PNG government.

If you are a non-school leaver wanting to apply to the PNGDF recruitment, click here to get more information about how to apply. You can also see the 2024 notice of application for PNG Fire Service here.

Here is a brief overview of the programme.

PNGDF Military Cadet Programme 2024 Recruitment for 2024 - png defence force application form 2023
PNGDF Commander Major-General Mark Goina (insert)

(Want to work as a Data Collector in the 2024 National Census nationwide? Here is how to apply)


The PNG Defence Force Commander said the PNGDF Military Cadet Programme existed in pre-Independence, in the 1960s and early 1970s, in schools. 

The Marape Government was keen on reintroducing the programme.

Importance of PNGDF Cadet Programme

The PNGDF Military Cadet Programme is vital for instilling discipline and command and building good character among the younger generation.

“PNGDF will play a supporting role in this programme that would be headed by the reserve force legislation.” PNG Force (PNGDF) Commander Major-General Mark Goina.  


PNGDF Military Cadet Programme

The PNGDF Cadet programme will come in three stages

  1. Reserve force, 
  2. Youth programme and
  3. School cadet programme.

The youth programme had started, run by the PNGDF’s reserves, capability and development branch.

The intent is to allow the youths to go through a programme in collaboration with the National Youth Services and other government agencies and departments that deal with youths.

Awaiting PNG Government Approval

The PNG Defence Force made a submission to the PNG government and is awaiting approval from the National Executive Council (NEC). 

PNGDF is hoping that the submission will go through Parliament and be enacted into law.

The PNGDF Reserve Force Branch is ready to roll out the PNGDF Cadet Programme when the government gives the approval.

PNGDF Recruitment - DHERST

The PNGDF will recruit new intakes next year in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST).

“Going in 2023 onwards, all applicants will come through the school leavers’ form, we have established a collaboration with the higher education department to assist and screen through our requirements.” PNG Force (PNGDF) Commander Major-General Mark Goina.

If the applicants are successful they will be recruiting with the PNG Defence Force as early as next year.

How to apply for PNGDF Military Cadet Programme Recruitment?

It is still early, but we know that the PNGDF cadet programme will be run by the PNGDF under the reserve force umbrella programme.

Selection will be done by the higher education department. That means that the Grade 12 students must apply through the National Online Application System (NOAS).

In fact, this is a better way to do the selection and run the programme as it cuts out the 'middle-man' in the selection process.
The RPNGC police recruitment has taken its 2022 recruitment online to ease the process of selection and recruitment.
The PNGDF Cadet programme will be directly supported by the PNG Government under the TESAS (HECAS & AES) scholarship scheme if/when the students are selected through NOAS. Also, students can enter as non-school leavers and get selected as self-sponsored students. This remains to be seen for now.

Meanwhile, if you are a 2023/2024 Grade 12 school leaver, ask your school for that latest information as you fill in your online school leavers form this year. 

School Leavers DHERST selection

The selection through the DHERST's NOAS is the best way forward for PNGDF. 

This education blog hopes that the RPNGC (Police) and CIS (Warder) also follow the same selection and recruitment channel.

Select the Grade 12 school leavers through DHERST's NOAS, recruit them into the programmes and train them to be better citizens.

PNG CIS Recruitment, Selection and Training 2024 Information

The CIS calling for the recruitment of 120 Custodial Officers. The recruitment is in line with the reforms stipulated in the Strategic Plan.

The recruitment drive this year is the first step in achieving a secure and containment environment for the CIS Remand and Convicted Detainees in the 21 Correctional Institution Facilities around our country.


Click here to check out the latest on the 2024 CIS recruitment name list and training. The article has the latest updates on the cause of the delay in the release of the selection name list and the commencement of the 2024 warder training.

PNG CIS Recruitment List 2024 PDF -png CIS recruitment 2023 name list

CIS Recruitment and Training 

If your name appears on the PNG CIS Correctional Service Custodial Officers Pre-Entry Testing and Interview Listings, here is what will happen. 

There are 5 stages of the recruitment process. 

  1. Release of the CIS Recruitment List,
  2. Sitting the CIS pre-entry test
  3. Interview
  4. Documents validations
  5. Releasing of the final CIS selection list 2024 for 2025 training
Download the list at the CIS website. Follow the link to the CIS Recruitment List PDF file, see below.

Download the PNG CIS Recruitment List PDF 

Below are the short-listed applicants who have been selected to undergo Pre-Entry Tests, Interviews and other mandatory selection processes.

The names on the CIS recruitment list are arranged according to your local CIS branch. Go straight to your provincial CIS branch and identify your name. 

If you have applied and your name is not on the list, it means that you have not been selected.

You can also get information on Police Recruitment 2024/2025 on this page.

2024 CIS Recruitment Shortlist of Candidates for 2023
Click on the blue link to download the CIS Recruitment Name List PDF

What applicants must do

Applicants must go to their designated locations between November and December 2024. Download the CIS application list 2024 and check the dates of each of the 21 CIS locations.  

Applicants who reside in other provinces must arrange their own travel to the appointed locations for testing.

Correctional Service will not be liable for any individual issues or expenses incurred during the time of the Recruitment exercise. 

Recruitment for the Autonomous Region of Bougainville will be conducted in Buka and Arawa.

New interested applicants not in this approved list can apply directly to Correctional Service Headquarters for consideration for future recruitment.

Papua New Guinea Correctional Service, CIS

The Papua New Guinea Correctional Service is established under the Correctional Service Act 1995. Its strategic development activities are outlined in its Strategic Plan and its Annual Activity Implementation Plan aligned to the MTDP III and Law and Justice Sector Policy which empowers us to provide a safe and secure society for all.

Correctional Service’s main priority is captured in the Correctional Service Strategic Plan for “Modernization and Reform”.

This recruitment exercise (RECRUITMENT OF CORRECTIONAL SERVICE CUSTODIAL OFFICERS, PRE-ENTRY TESTING and INTERVIEW EXERCISE) is in line with the long-term development plan of modernising and reforming the PNG CIS.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or contact the CIS recruitment team directly.

(PHONE)    +675 312 1700 




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