The Hunter Hunted

A Story From Hausman....

A hunter on his hunting trip went straight into a trap. It wasn’t an ordinary trap. A large snake ‘the Moran’ - hoping to catch Wild Pigs in their tracks - caught the hunter.

 REACTION: any wild pig would have squealed, oinked and wrestled with the snake until it can fight no more. But the expert hunter did the opposite. He didn’t make a noise or move one bit. He held his breath and played dead.

The Moran’s strong muscles contracted and with every tight grip the hunter’s bones snapped. In fact, it was NOT the hunter’s bones that broke but his bow and arrows.

Satisfied that the hunter was dead, the Moran went to the nearest creek to wet his mouth before swallowing his catch only to reappear and realise it was gone.

 Here are the characters: Moran (The System- Law and Justice), Wild Pigs (Those protesting their innocence and waving their rights about), Hunter (Men & Women who are sacked, suspended...for earning honest living)

MORAL: The harder one fights the evidence (& Public Opinion) the harder it fastens around him. It suffocates him and it defeats him.

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