PNG Hunters Headhunted PNG RL Are Left Heart Broken Opportunity To Earn K70,000

Papua New Guinea Rugby League (PNGRL) officials are caught out when recently promoted head coach of Gateshead Thunders, Stanley Gene, signed 4 talented players from PNG Hunters. Immediate counter word was ‘protocol’. PNGRL will release a statement on Monday the 3rd of November. If protocol has been bridged, what then?

This is serious issue. Stanley Gene has to be very careful in his dealing with the crop of players he signed. PNG Government, sponsors and PNGRL have developed something unique last year through PNG Hunters. For this not to repeat, management of PNG Hunters will set a precedence to safeguard their players – they will send out a clear message to players, scouts, agents and admirers.

If the situation hits a deadlock, it may mean visas application is stalled. Their dreams of playing for Gateshead Thunders and future in the UK or PNG could be shattered. They are likely to be terminated from playing with the PNG Hunters or the national team. Their future in RL is gloomy.

Stanley Gene’s career can also be jeopardised if he did not follow due process. If there was an International Rugby League Code Of Ethic to deal with this issue, Stan would be aptly disciplined. However, he can escape this predicament for now.

Stanley has admitted that he did not talk to PNGRL and PNG Hunters management. But in all honesty, Stan’s intention wasn’t that sinister. Take a look at the benefits these 4 players are likely to enjoy posted on QPNG Rugby League News & Views by Chris Thompson:


1. House - A house will be supplied for the boys to live in communally .
2. Car -  A car will be supplied who ever chooses to get the UK drivers licence will be able to drive it,
3. Money - Players will be full-time as paid professional players.
4.  Education - Gateshead College will be available for any players wanting a tertiary education for life after rugby league .
 5. Future - Gateshead Thunders is owner is a Multi-millionaire with the vision of getting Gateshead elevated into The Super League Competition in the next few years.

6. Travel – Given their status as seasoned international players plane tickets to UK and back to PNG.
7. Insurance would be included in their contracts - a compulsory component of risk cover.

Perhaps the most important benefit is their salary. So, here is an insight to how much they are going to earn - take home pay. Minimum wage in the United Kingdom is £6.50 an hour for those 21 years of age and over. These 4 young men are professionals. They are going to earn more than the minimum wage. The table puts figure to take home pay based on UK Government's minimum wage scale. It is important to note that this is the BASE wage.

Gateshead Thunders are going to pay these professional rugby league players more. They are NOT minimum wage earners. They are professionals. 

It is a win-win situation for everyone involved in players’ development. Stan’s intention was innocent except to give his countrymen a better chance. This is an opportunity – truly an opportunity as these 4 men wouldn’t have a chance to get a life in the northern hemisphere if it wasn’t for the head coach of Gateshead Thunders.

This is their lives. Let them have it.