School Fights: Secretary For Education Concern and the Action He Never Took

Dr. Michael F Tapo’s skilfully identified two important powers within school that remain inactive when discussing school fights in Papua New Guinea Schools, including Lae Schools: the School Admin and School Board.

He correctly stated that:

“School administrations must establish a good working relationship with different authorities in the province and communities to minimize the disciplinary problems going on in schools especially school fights,” [Press Release]

They have to remain open-minded. That means every provincial education authority has to work together as a unit from school principals and board to provincial education adviser (PEA) and provincial education board (PEB).

The secretary for education has to do something if he is genuine about the concern he raised. He is not an ordinary citizen, nor is he a classroom teacher. He is the secretary! He has got to either have a plan or consult with affected schools on the best way to address schools fights.

The secretary’s ineptitude would be obvious if he had not done anything. 

This is a huge fight and it has to be fought strategically - a challenge that needs practical solution. To be successful, careful planning is needed before any action.

If he is truly concerned about school fights, he has got to have a plan of action to help school admin and board of governors; he must make his concern heard. It would be incompetent to have released a press statement without strategic plan.