Port Moresby's Best Getaways Top Things to Do

POM has lots of things visitors can do. Like any holiday, if you do proper research, you are likely to find the best things around/within the city to do. 

I thought it would be helpful to list 10 touristy 'things' visitors (including locals) can do when in POM.

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5 Things To Do in Port Moresby

1) You can arrange for a guided tour along the ranges from UPNG to Hanubada (a good way to see POM from a different angle) or singsing group from one of the Motu Koitabu villages (travel out to the village and enjoy the tranquillity there). 

2) The  Parliament House -Opens every weekday, free f charge. You can look around or go in when the doors are open and visit Parliament Gallery. Check parliamentary sitting time. If you love comedy, you'll enjoy the sessions - a must-watch. 

3) Port Moresby Botanical Gardens - Variety of native flora and fauna to see at the gardens: Animals can be seen up close and personal; Cassowary, Bird of Paradise, Crocodile, Snakes, including a good collection of ferns and orchids. 

4) Vision City Mall - If you are up for a stroll or window shopping, VCM could be the right place to visit. It offers a contemporary shopping experience. (Ssshhh....here is the secrete: given the value of PNG Kina at the moment, overseas visitors can shop and save). Paradise Cinema is located within its precincts- check out the cinema if you want to watch dull movies. 

5) Ela Beach Art and Craft Market - takes place either at the end or beginning of every month. A lively atmosphere, always buzzing with traditional items, PNG bilums, carvings, canvas paintings and all things PNG. You may see a traditional PNG 'singsing' performing at the market. 

5 Things To Do Outside Port Moresby, a Drive away

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6) Loloata - day visit to Loloata Island Resort can be arranged easily from any hotel in POM. Spending a day or two is not a problem as there are plenty of activities you can do when on the island: snorkelling, diving, walking, kayaking, or just relaxing in the sun - recommended.

7) Kokoda - If you really want to feel the tropical heat and enjoy the flora and fauna. You've got to do this. Preparation is essential. Tour operators can be found here.

8) Pacific Adventist University Sunday Market - take a trip out to PAU, and enjoy the Sunday morning market and surroundings there. You can also visit the Safari Park while you are there (right at the entrance to PAU) or travel 10 minutes up to Crystal Rapids & to Bomana War Memorial. A complete package can be found on the PNG Trekking Adventures website.

9) Varirata National Park - You don't have to travel to other parts of PNG to see beautiful birds of paradise and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. A day trip to VNP is a better way to get out of the city. 

10) March Girls Resort - Located 3 - 4 hours out of the city, a nice place with a 'black sandy beach'., a good family getaway. Along Magi Highway, travelling past Loloata. There are roadside markets where you can get fresh 'kulau', watermelon, mango and anything on sale at a fraction of the price in POM. Take a picnic, sit on the beach, have an SP beer and enjoy the day.



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