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Papua New Guinea (PNG) National Anthem and Pledge

The National Anthem

O arise all you sons of this land
Let us sing of our joy to be free,
Praising God and rejoicing to be 
Papua New Guinea
Chorus :
Shout our name from the mountains to the seas
Papua New Guinea;
Let us raise our voices and proclaim
Papua New Guinea

Now give thanks to the good Lord above
For his kindness, His Wisdom love
For this land of our fathers so free
Papua New Guinea

Chorus :
Shout again for the whole world to hear
Papua New Guinea
We're independent and we're free,
Papua New Guinea

The National Pledge 

We, the people of Papua New Guinea,

pledge ourselves united in one nation.

We pay homage to our cultural heritage,

the source of our strength.

We pledge to build a democratic 

society based on justice, equality,

respect and prosperity for our people.

We pledge to stand together as One People, One Nation, One Country

God bless Papua New Guinea

PNG's Investigative Task Force Sweep | Its Work Is Very Much Alive - Revive it, Fund It

It is good to see Peter O'Neill's brain child, the ITFS, has achieved since its inception when he came to power in 2014.

Many, both PNG and internationally, see the demise of this corruption fighting body as 'a father killing his own son to protect his reputation'. Self preservation and good governance do not go together. Why cut off funding for ITFS when white collar criminals are convicted as a result of its work? Why starve it to death? This is criminal.

Perhaps, the important action PNG government can take now is to fund ITFS without politicking about another anti-corruption body. For goodness sake, revive ITFS.

Another ITFS SuccessEremas Wartoto's co-accused imprisoned.I have just checked and verified the penalty. The...
Posted by Sam Koim on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

PNG LNG | Do You Know ExxonMobil Can Recover Development Cost Under 5 Years

This analysis is based on the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (PNG) response to series of questions from the Opposition. Including latest report from the nation’s television broadcaster EMTV news on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production in the country.

Many Papua New Guineans thought the US$19 billion earmarked for PNGLNG development was a huge investment. The amount actually spent was less.  A report from EMTV revealed that ExxonMobil saved over US$8 billion during construction phase.

To date over 42 shipments have left PNG shores.The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, when responding to Deputy Opposition leader questions about the shipments of LNG products, said a shipment was valued at US$50, 000, 000 on average. 

Expenditure margin has been reduced when ExxonMobil moved from development to production. Perhaps it is important to consider the savings of US£8 billion - a savings of 30% . Another good news for shareholders is that the company is likely to recover all the development costs – US$11 billion – in just 5 years.

For clarity: if 42 shipments worth on average US$50 000 000 each, ExxonMobile has made US$2.1 billion in six months. Double it to give US$4.2 billion in one year. So, in 5 years if oil price averages at the current rate, the project would have made US$21 billion.

So what does that mean? That means that the every shareholder would enjoy the fruit of their investments. What is not so right is the fact that PNG Government has borrowed heavily to partake in this business.

So, who is going to benefit from PNG LNG project?

exxonmobil png address - exxonmobil png address - exxon mobil png earnings, job application form, graduate development programs info

Alternative PNG Prime Minister | Will Peter O'Neill Be Forced to Step Down?

L-R: O'Neill, Parkop, Kua, Namah [Google Images]
In light of the recent developments (referral of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill  to the Leadership Tribunal and pending arrest warrant for criminal charges), there may have been internal forces emerging, mounting and drumming up for who should take over the leadership into the 2017 election or until PO is cleared.

The most probable event will be that the PM will not step aside, unless asked to, as documented in his press release. But, his latest referral and pending criminal charges may have already created frictions within his regime resulting in breakdown in the Coalition Partners. 

Signs of disagreements were evident when Mr O'Neill sacked Sinesine-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua and Kandep MP Don Polye, two senior members of his cabinet. Other senior members are also not at ease, yet too afraid to  speak up unless opportunity presents itself. Hence, a change of leadership within PNC party or coalition partners is inevitable.

Either way, the government MPs (including those of the ruling PNC party), the middle bench and opposition may have to think strategically if the unexpected happens. They must think about the best way forward if (and when) Peter O’Neill is forced to step aside.

If he is pressurised from within his government or from the masses or by a Leadership Tribunal, most likely he would relinquish the prime ministership to another PNC member. Government MPs who can act sensibly and responsibly can regroup to change the leadership. In the best interest of the nation, a change must be without destabilising economic, political, social or any development. What is important here is stability and good governance.  

The opinion widely held by the public is that there is no one credible person/MP in the ruling PNC party to take over the prime ministership.

The 'would be' candidates may include:

1. Leon Dion – was made a deputy PM under the circumstances and not someone vibrant enough and decisive to lead.

2. Nick Kuman - who is rather soft and out-dated (not vibrant and dynamic),

3. Richard Maru - may be an enterprising state minister but may not master the parliamentary support for leadership.

4. Other PNC members including Marape, Zeming, Pato, etc are all rudimentary and not so prominent and promising candidates for PM.

Other coalition partners:

1. Ben Micah - has the popularity but diluted and disgraced himself on many fronts and further, he is a PPP man,

2. Bire Kimisopa - his leadership is diminished when he has been numb and dumb on issues of national concern and corruptions. He is lately trying to create media attention but he is already written off in the minds of the people,

 3. Don Polye - his party has been fragmented and destroyed. To regroup and re-gather has to be a move from not only his party but has to be supported by majority of the ruling PNC party which is highly unlikely, 

4. Patrick Pruhaitch – his integrity is already tarnished, not a decisive leader.

5. Kerenga Kua – though he is not a party leader, he briefly displayed maturity and confidence. Thereafter he has disappeared from the scene. He is credible but needed to do more to earn the parliamentary support,

6. Former  PMs are all back sitters

7. Powes Parkop - he is enterprising, innovative and serving backed by his vision. PP only problem is his close alignment with PO which he got mud over his face. Secondly, PP’s party in the government is minority. He really needed to persuade the ruling PNC party to back him if he ever needed to become the PM.

Opposition Members

Belden Namah, Sam Basil and Allen Marat are credible and prominent, principle-driven and unwavering. The Opposition Leader is no nonsense, firm, bold and is still a credible material for prime ministership. The only problem here is no government MPs would want to join the opposition.

Potential prime-ministerial candidates to take over from Mr O’Neill  are Powes Parkop, Belden Namah, and Kerenga Kua. 

Within the coalition political parties NCDC Governor Powes Parkop remains to be a better candidate for prime minister leading to 2017. 

- Guest Article, Adapted -

A Good Call, Education Secretary - What Else Is Different That The Education Dept Wants From Civil Society?

Report from The Post Courier (Tapo urges public to have input in new Act, October 24,2014, 01:58 am)

''The Secretary said areas the civil society can make comments on may include: boards of management, boards of governors and governing council, free and compulsory education, quality of education, boards of studies for elementary, primary and secondary. Furthermore, comments can be made on curriculum, language of instruction, structure of public service and administration at Provincial and District levels

The secretary said the powers and authority of Provincial Education Advisers, District Education Advisers, District Administrators and accountability must be clearly articulated can also be commented on. Views can also be made on the teacher and technical education and the 2-6-6 school system structure for elementary, primary and high Schools’

Tapo said the remaining consultations will be held with the permitted schools, international education agency and the Churches in November.

Meanwhile, the Secretary said the final consultation will be held for the appropriate Government Departments also in the month of November or December. Tapo has urged the public and those provinces consulted already to submit their views or queries to this email address:''

Port Moresby's Best Getaways Top Things to Do

POM has lots of things visitors can do. Like any holiday, if you do proper research, you are likely to find the best things around/within the city to do. 

I thought it would be helpful to list 10 touristy 'things' visitors (including locals) can do when in POM.

port moresby adventure park crocodile

5 Things To Do in Port Moresby

1) You can arrange for a guided tour along the ranges from UPNG to Hanubada (a good way to see POM from a different angle) or singsing group from one of the Motu Koitabu villages (travel out to the village and enjoy the tranquillity there). 

2) The  Parliament House -Opens every weekday, free f charge. You can look around or go in when the doors are open and visit Parliament Gallery. Check parliamentary sitting time. If you love comedy, you'll enjoy the sessions - a must-watch. 

3) Port Moresby Botanical Gardens - Variety of native flora and fauna to see at the gardens: Animals can be seen up close and personal; Cassowary, Bird of Paradise, Crocodile, Snakes, including a good collection of ferns and orchids. 

4) Vision City Mall - If you are up for a stroll or window shopping, VCM could be the right place to visit. It offers a contemporary shopping experience. ( is the secrete: given the value of PNG Kina at the moment, overseas visitors can shop and save). Paradise Cinema is located within its precincts- check out the cinema if you want to watch dull movies. 

5) Ela Beach Art and Craft Market - takes place either at the end or beginning of every month. A lively atmosphere, always buzzing with traditional items, PNG bilums, carvings, canvas paintings and all things PNG. You may see a traditional PNG 'singsing' performing at the market. 

5 Things To Do Outside Port Moresby, a Drive away

port moresby getaway

6) Loloata - day visit to Loloata Island Resort can be arranged easily from any hotel in POM. Spending a day or two is not a problem as there are plenty of activities you can do when on the island: snorkelling, diving, walking, kayaking, or just relaxing in the sun - recommended.

7) Kokoda - If you really want to feel the tropical heat and enjoy the flora and fauna. You've got to do this. Preparation is essential. Tour operators can be found here.

8) Pacific Adventist University Sunday Market - take a trip out to PAU, and enjoy the Sunday morning market and surroundings there. You can also visit the Safari Park while you are there (right at the entrance to PAU) or travel 10 minutes up to Crystal Rapids & to Bomana War Memorial. A complete package can be found on the PNG Trekking Adventures website.

9) Varirata National Park - You don't have to travel to other parts of PNG to see beautiful birds of paradise and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. A day trip to VNP is a better way to get out of the city. 

10) March Girls Resort - Located 3 - 4 hours out of the city, a nice place with a 'black sandy beach'., a good family getaway. Along Magi Highway, travelling past Loloata. There are roadside markets where you can get fresh 'kulau', watermelon, mango and anything on sale at a fraction of the price in POM. Take a picnic, sit on the beach, have an SP beer and enjoy the day.

EXXON MOBIL PNG LNG PROCEEDS : How Much Has Been Made Within 5 months?

The article discusses the proceeds generated from the PNG LNG sales within the first five months of operation. It addresses contradictions in the Prime Minister's statements and raises concerns about possible misinformation and irregularities in handling the country's revenue.

exxonmobil png address - earning projected

*Calculations are based on responses from the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, when questioned Don Polye and Sam Basil. 

ExxonMobil PNG LNG project

The PNG LNG project, launched on 26th May 2014, has witnessed 12 shipments of liquefied natural gas reaching Japan within a span of just five months. 

With a significant investment of USD$19 billion, the project is estimated to continue production for the next 30 years. However, recent statements by then Prime Minister Peter O'Neill have sparked debates over the actual revenue generated from these initial shipments.

According to Prime Minister O'Neill's response to questions posed by Don Polye and Sam Basil, the proceeds from the sales of these 12 LNG shipments amount to more than US$600 million. This indicates a promising start to the project's revenue generation. However, further scrutiny reveals some irregularities in the Prime Minister's response that warrant attention.

The first contradiction lies in the projected duration of the LNG project. While media outlets and Exxon Mobile claim a 30-year lifespan, the Prime Minister mentioned a 20-year duration during his response. This discrepancy of 10 years could potentially result in a loss of one-third of the projected revenue. Such inconsistencies raise concerns about the accuracy of the information provided to the public and stakeholders.


The second concern arises from the PNG government Hansard, which highlights the Treasurer's previous statement about an undisclosed amount of the government's cut being kept in Trust Accounts during a parliamentary debate. However, the Prime Minister's response contradicts this, creating confusion among the international community and stakeholders. Transparency and consistency in communicating financial matters are essential for fostering trust and confidence in the project.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister's assertion that the revenue will start flowing into the government's coffers from 2015 onwards raises eyebrows. The decision regarding revenue allocation typically rests with the company's board of directors, rather than the Prime Minister or the government. This statement prompts further inquiry into the management and oversight of the project's financial affairs.


In summary, the PNG LNG project has seen initial success, generating over US$600 million from 12 shipments within five months. However, discrepancies in the Prime Minister's statements regarding the project's duration and the handling of revenue distribution raise concerns about misinformation and irregularities. Clear and transparent communication is crucial when dealing with substantial amounts of the country's currency, and it is essential to address these issues promptly to avoid any potential long-term consequences. The government must prioritize accuracy and accountability to ensure a successful and sustainable future for the PNG LNG project.

COST: 4-week political ‘game of thrones’

So, how much does it cost to play a 4-week political ‘game of thrones’ at the expense of taxpayers?
Take a look at this calculation, *estimate figures based on Lawyers and Legal Services Australia :

QC rate = Aust $1000 per hour
Senior Solicitor Large Firm = Aust $500 per hour
*these are estimate figures ONLY.

Take for instance the QC was hired by lawyers representing the police for two days taking into account the time he travelled back and forth. If he billed the police department for 8 hours work, that is AU$8000.000, give or take (PNG K18 286).

If the prime minister’s lawyer works a full 7 hours per day: 1 week would have been 35 hours (5 days x 7 hrs); 4 weeks = 140 hrs (35 hrs/week x 4 weeks)

Billing = $500 x 140 = $70 000 (PNG K160 000)

Again this is a calculation based on estimate figure online. More or less, the numbers gives readers an insight into how much the government spends within 4 weeks on lawyers.

4 Similarities: The World Cup 2014 Vs Peter O'Neill's Fight to the Last Breath

On Monday 16th of June I posted a blog post with opening line 'The Game Is ON’. This was in reference to two events (the World Cup 2014 Brazil and PO's political battle).

These two events have striking resembles from the beginning to the finals. Is it coincidence? I've highlighted the similarities and make reference to the political turn of events of late.

1. The ‘games’ begin at about the same time.

2. During the same week when Papua New Guinea police investigators issued a warrant of arrest on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, FIFA’s (international football association) chief-ethics-investigator filed a report alleging corruption in… the ‘bidding process for the right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups’. According to this report there was no evidence to support the case and no one was held accountable.

Going back to when the Warrant of Arrest (WoA) was issued, the allegation has strong supporting evidence.  Task Force Sweep (TFS) produced strong evidence (contained in lawyers Sam Koim and Miviri's Affidavits and Court Files) indicating involvement of the prime minister in Parakagate.

This does not only mean that Peter O’Neill’s signature on a letter was confirmed, but also there are series of alleged collaboration between parties (of which PO was a participant) to defraud the state.
This is true because why should 3 law enforcement divisions (the then police commissioner, senior fraud squad officers and District Court) see it fit to take out a Warrant of Arrest on the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill? Why did National Court and District Courts dismissed Peter O'Neill's attempt to strike out the WoA on him?

Even to this day, Peter O’Neill and his lawyer have not challenged the findings of TFS. They have simply fought TFS- the establishment.  It completely defeats the purpose of establishing corruption investigation body (TFS) at the first place, when instead of challenging the findings Peter O’Neill (was advised by his lawyers?) to dismantle it. Where is sanity?

3. Cost Of Hosting The World Cup:The cost was both social and financial: Brazil hit by widespread protests and the cost of hosting the game was estimated to be about US$900 million (2.2 billion PNG kina)

Likewise, there are civil actions including the call by University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) students. This calls are social indicators showing a rising tide against unpopular decisions. If you have hears, listen!

So, how much does it cost to play a 4-week political ‘game of thrones’ at the expense of taxpayers?
Take a look at this calculation, *estimate figures based on Lawyers and Legal Services Australia :

QC rate = Aust $1000 per hour
Senior Solicitor Large Firm = Aust $500 per hour
*these are estimate figures ONLY.

Take for instance the QC was hired by lawyers representing the police for two days taking into account the time he travelled back and forth. If he billed the police department for 8 hours work, that is AU$8000.000, give or take (PNG K18 286).

If the prime minister’s lawyer works a full 7 hours per day: 1 week would have been 35 hours (5 days x 7 hrs); 4 weeks = 140 hrs (35 hrs/week x 4 weeks)

Billing = $500 x 140 = $70 000 (PNG K160 000)

Again this is a calculation based on estimate figure online. More or less, the numbers gives readers an insight into how much the government spends within 4 weeks on lawyers.

4. Brazil’s loss was bitter: Brazil lost against Germany, 7 - 1. Again they were defeated by Netherland 3 – 0. Every Brazilian blames everyone for its exit in the finals, from the officials to players. The game is over for them.  In the latest turn of events, one of Brazil’s strikers has handed in his resignation from international football.

END: Peter O’Neill’s fight to the last breath did not happen. He lost. Has the ‘game ended for Peter O’Neill? His fight was strategized, structured and deliberate.  Even though he lost his fight at judicial front, he never lost the whole game.  He has his backside covered by NEC and institutions like the offices of the Police Commissioner, Attorney General, Speaker of Parliament and Governor General.

Peter O'Neill Former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Arrest

Peter O’Neill staged the fight on 16th June 2014. He chose Waigani to be his battlefield. 

A tactician he is, he fought on two fronts: sent his lawyer to Court and dismantled the investigating team. He was brilliant – he knew the target, but his arsenal of weapons could not destroy it. 
He lost all his fights (and gracefully surrendered) at Waigani Court House.
Now, it’s time to move the battlefield to Konedobu. O’Neill’s greatest phobia is looking investigators in the eye and answering their questions.

A proper police interrogation is not what every person who has something to hide wants to face. They fear police investigators that some can wet their pants.

arrest peter oneill former prime minister of PNG


Call By Leaders for Peter O’Neill to Own Up



We heard leaders from main-line churches appealing for O’Neill to submit to police request. Thank God and pioneer missionaries, PNG are blessed with established churches (Anglican, Lutheran, Catholic, SDA) with strong leaders who have wisdom to correct and suggest to political leaders what to do. Listen to words of men of God. Make no mistake, these leaders speak with wisdom. They represent mass of PNG’s population.


Court has made it clear that policemen who are at the forefront of this political turmoil (caused by PM) are not rogue officers. Their reputations, experiences and dedication to the force are exemplary.  Their commitment to stand firm at this time is a testament to their courage and determination. These men are trained (at police institution/s) to be strong, commissioned (on oath) to serve and moulded (by experience) to be fearless.  They are discipline officers, for goodness sake, trust them to do the right thing.

Arrest Peter O’Neil

Police hierarchy had been thrown in disarray with by one man, Peter O’Neill.  Is it too late for Vaki to fix this vital institution? He was defeated at District Court but not late for Vaki to make the right call. Both National and District Courts have given Geoffrey Vaki’s no option but to arrest O’Neill. He MUST effect the WoA in haste to save face.
Vaki is rendered to nothing but USELESS in Peter O’Neill’s eyes if not for the policemen protecting the PM.  Section of police who took Vaki’s commands can be seen to be the last baton of hope for him to remain police commissioner. We also see Police Association giving strong signal to politicians (like PM and Housing Minister) who called police ‘rogue cops’ to shut up. There are strong views within the Constabulary for Vaki to perform his constitutional duties without siding with Peter O’Neill. This was evident from reports in mainstream media and social network.
Mr Geoffrey Vaki can restore pride and comradeship in police force by taking a step out of PO’s shadow and listen to what courts, church leaders, senior citizens, students and public are saying about PO’s actions.
There needs to be neutral and impartial stand taken by Vaki now.  This will not only save his reputation, but also protect the office of the Police Commissioner.

WARNING: 3 things the Police Commissioner should take note:

1. Task Force Sweep was reinstated. The investigation, its finding (Sam Koim and Miviri’s affidavits) and Warrant of Arrest of Peter O’Neill are valid and current. He does not have an option. He must commission the right officers to arrest and question Peter O’Neill.
2. Police have what’s called the ‘Institution Muscle’. When commenting on political plots and strategies to protect one man the Police Association general secretary used the word ‘muscle’ – such word must not be taken lightly by the Police Commissioner, especially when it comes from the Police Association, made by senior police representative.  Here, he is implying that the police commissioner has to do what is best to protect the integrity of the Police Force. Anything seems contrary can result in the police union taking a tough stand against it.
3. Politicians do flip sides on impulse. PO said he will ‘fight to the last breath’. He was on the back foot again the other day withdrawing all court proceedings.  He didn’t fight, did he? Coward will always be coward. Vaki, has to put his thinking hat on. He is a learnt person. He will not want to be PO’s toilet tissue (to wipe his stinky poo and flush it down the toilet).

Peter O’Neill had his chance to fight the WoA

He has made his case.  He waved his rights about. He chose Waigani to be his battle field and lost (and surrendered). All along he created factions within the police, he disbanded TSF, he dismissed Sam Koim, he (through Vaki) suspended Lawyer Miviri and senior officers Eluh and Kauba.
Vaki’s Right Call: Now it is time to move the battle field to Konedobu.  Vaki must lift the suspension on Miviri, Kauba and Eluh. Let these men, including Koim and TFS, carry on from where they left: Arrest Peter O’Neill and bring him in for questioning. LET THE LAW TAKE ITS COURSE

  What Senior Citizens Say About Peter Oneill


"If the Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill had submitted to the rule of law, his innocence would have been proven three weeks ago. But instead he had engaged his lawyers – to stay the warrant of arrest,’’[Archbishop Clyde Igara]

 "It is politicians that have created this unnecessary misdemeanour. They are cherry pickers who are here today and gone tomorrow. The police force is here to stay and police officers will give a lifetime upholding the rule of law and the constitution." [Clemence Kanau]

"He should shut his mouth and swallow his temporary pride," Mr Kanau said of Mr Isikiel when he referred to officers investigating O’Neill as ‘rogue cops’.

Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki now has no legal discretion but to arrest Prime Minister Peter O’Neill. [Kerenga Kua]

"I find this submission to be speculative and without proper evidentiary basis,” Judge Ere Kariko said when refusing submissions by the prime minister’s lawyer regarding a "rift" in the ranks of the police force.

"Courts can only interfere when there is a clear case of abuse," [Nerrie Eliakim explanation on Vaki’s application to discontinue warrant of arrest on Peter O’Neill]


 "When our leaders raised wild allegations and branded us as politically compromised, I did not respond because that would be seen as self preservation. I waited for the competent authority to vindicate us which the court had done." [Sam Koim ]

State of Origin Game Two and Political Turmoil in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill faces legal challenges in court while two key players in the government have been sidelined. As the country gears up for the State of Origin game, the political turmoil continues to dominate the headlines.

Game Two of State of Origin at 6:00 pm

The State of Origin game is scheduled for 6:00 pm and fans are gearing up for an exciting match. However, amidst the excitement, political turmoil continues to loom over Papua New Guinea.

Legal Challenges Against Peter O’Neill

At 9:30 am today, a lawyer representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be fighting it out in court. 

The legal challenge is related to findings by the TFS (Task Force Sweep) and it remains to be seen how the case will unfold.

Sidelining of Two Key Players

Two key players in the government have been sidelined in recent days. Attorney General Kerenga Kua, who was praised by O’Neill just a few weeks ago, has been removed from his position. 

Additionally, the chairman of the TSF (Task Force Sweep), Sam Koim, has been stood down and the TSF has been disbanded. These actions have raised questions about the government’s commitment to fighting corruption.

Amendment of Section 145 of the Constitution

O’Neill has less than 9 months left in his term but intends to serve a full 5-year term. He has proposed amending Section 145 of the Constitution to end any vote of no confidence, which would give him absolute power to rule. 

This move has been criticized by some as a threat to democracy.

The Future of Papua New Guinea

As the country grapples with political turmoil, many are wondering what the future holds for Papua New Guinea. 

Will O’Neill’s actions ultimately undermine the country’s democratic institutions? The answer remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the people of Papua New Guinea will be closely watching the developments in the coming months.

State of Origin: Game Two and Political Turmoil in Papua New Guinea 2023

Another Stay Order for 1 week granted: Anticipation Turns to Anger

TACTICIAN AT WORK: The PM is well aware of the dangers of going down to Konedobu. He is fighting at two fronts, yet he chooses Waigani as his battle field.
Strategy One:

 Send the lawyer in. Let her buy some time. He knows pretty well he is fighting a losing battle on the judicial front as evidence is mounting against him. Not only his signature was authenticated but he also told a blatant lie to cover any involvement in Parakagate.
The lawyer is studying Sam Koim’s affidavit. She will defend her main man. No doubt. But, here are 10 truths she’ll come across:
1. O'Neill knew the letter existed since 24th of January 2012.
2. O'Neill signed the letter when he was F & T Minister under Somare
3. O'Neill denied signing the letter whilst Prime Minister
4. O'Neill told a blatant LIE whilst serving as Prime Minister
5. O'Neill confirmed he lied
6. O'Neill gave conscious directive for release of K80 million to Paraka forthwith
7. O'Neill and Paraka willingly collaborated in illegal and fraudulent payments
8.  Payments were made without consent from Department of Justice.
9. O'Neill did his mate a favour - he had a bank overdraft of over K8 million at the time of the letter
10. Forensic investigators CONFIRMED the signature on the letter was Peter O'Neill's.
All these are staggering against the PM. He will destabilise TFS findings – that is for sure. But, how? 
Strategy Two
POLITICAL MANOEUVRING: I made point 8 before hearing about removal of Attorney General [his removal has just surfaced in the last 4 hours – unconfirmed reports via social media]. The people of Sinasina Yogomugl will not be pleased if this is true. They hold Kerenga Kua in high esteem. Is it because he knows the big fish in the little pond is not Don Polye or Paul Tiensten? Or, O’Neill wanted a PNC man as AG, instead of a strong NA man?
O’Neill is moving his puppets around so they dance to his tune. He has also called for a fresh Commission of Inquiry into the findings of TSF. Ano Pala can do hula to O’Neill’s tune. There is no course for concern. The truth is out.
However, there is some confidence in the new PC – his duty to serve as a policeman cannot be questioned. PNG can rely on him to enforce the law without fear or favour.
BUYING TIME: CoI into the finding of TSF can be frustrating: it will cost money, demand resource and take up time. The later gives Peter O’Neill space to ply his trade. He knows he can buy time by simply commissioning another inquiry. This stupid tactic (as it seems) works best (for the Govt).
Police will anticipate what transpires at 9.30 am tomorrow (Wednesday) at Court House. Warrant of Arrest for Peter O’Neill has been stayed twice: one Monday, another today. No one expects another stay order tomorrow (Wednesday).
END: Judiciary will put the interest of the nation above a particular government. No political strategy to remain in power must deter investigative work of TFS.


PM's case is gaining momentum. It is now not only about obtaining stay order (dismissing PM's warrant of arrest) but also defending a blatant LIE told.

As posted on Sharp Talk, his lawyer appeared briefly this morning. She is going to study Sam Koim's Affidavit. She is likely to find out:

1. O'Neill knew the letter existed since 24th of January 2012.
2. O'Neill signed the letter when he was F & T Minister under Somare
3. O'Neill denied signing the letter when he is Prime Minister
4. O'Neill LIED whilst in the PM's seat
5. O'Neill confirmed he lied
6. O'Neill gave directive to release K80 million to Paraka forthwith
7. O'Neill and Paraka consciously collaborated in illegal and fraudulent payments
8.  Payments were made without consent from Department of Justice.
9. O'Neill did his mate a favour - he had a bank overdraft of over K8 million at the time of the letter
10. Forensic investigators CONFIRMED the signature on the letter was Peter O'Neill's.

The PM and his lawyer return to Court House tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9.30 am.

GLUE: All the evidence hang around Peter O'Neill's directive of 24th January 2012. He can no longer deny nor lie that he did not sign the letter.

The TRUTH is out.

MONDAY 16th June 2014: Peter O'Neill Evade Warrant of Arrest - Parliament House

GAME IS ON: World Cup 2014 began with allegation about bribery and corruption labelled against FIFA executives. The official/s are not going down easy with denial of any wrongdoing.

As I write, the prime minister of PNG in evading police warrant by hiding within the precinct of the house of parliament. He is, for now, protected by parliamentary privilege he enjoys as parliamentarian.

Reason: This warrant of arrest is issued because (I believe) police have reliable evidence to prove PM Peter O'Neill signed the letter authorising release of money to Paul Paraka law firm -  a collaborative effort to fraudulently bill the government from work the firm had not done.

Peter O'Neill denied he signed the letter. He said this letter of authorisation was forged. He called for evidence to prove the signature was his.

Reported in the Sydney Morning Herald [], private investigators have CONFIRMED the signature belongs to the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O'Neill.

This is BIG: he knows his days as the PM are numbered whether he plays his cards well or not.
Meanwhile, the police can do little than waiting for Peter O'Neill to give himself in for questioning. Pity!

From his hideout, he is using government lawyers including govt machinery exclusively to lessen the grip on him. He is looking for a breather.

As a Papua New Guinean, I have the right to ask: why is the Peter O'Neill evading police warrant? What is he afraid of if he has nothing to hide.

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Latest on Vote of No Confidence in Papua New Guinea 2024