Oh, How I Wish These Days Are Better Than The 1980s

Successive governments have done their best to deliver much needed service to every citizen. From Sir Michael Somare to Peter O’Neill, Papua New Guinea has seen many changes in politics, economics, social, education, health, Law and Justice and many other sectors.

Compared to the mid-1970s, have the changes been better? Children who grew up in the late 1970s and early 1980s would beg to differ in opinion as far as changes are concerned. In fact, the democratically elected governments at the National, Provincial and Local levels have served well. Public servants played their roles by meeting people's demand for service.

Services to communities were effectively administered locally by Aid Post Orderly, primary school teachers, local police men, village court magistrates, peace and good order committee and district administrators.

This was a time when public service took pride in their jobs. I remember our local APO - a good man. He served 4 villages with dignity and humanity. He would walk 3 hours to the nearest health centre to procure get medical supply, every month. He sometimes sent his boys who would take us along with them.

Teaching would commence at day one of academic year. Lesson planning would be evident in delivery of lessons. We learnt to read and write fairly well before reaching Grade 3. By then, our handwriting, memorsing times-table and reading were better than any grade 3 today. At the age of 9, I started writing letters to my dad. Teachers at the village 'community' school taught us well.

I bet this is what many who are attending 'primary' schools could not do today. Why? What went wrong along the way?

My grandpa was village court magistrate. He solved problems and made referrals when (and where) needed to district court. Law and Order existed in the village. Respect for village elders was obvious.

The early years where the best days for a child to grow up in the village. Everything needed was there - security, food, school, family, kids' play and good life. All.

I am sure you will have your story if your childhood was same as mine. Those were the days. Life was good.

Oh, I wish these days are better!

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