2014 MPs 10% Pay Rise | Prime Minister, the Highest Earner at K306, 000 - Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

An increase in lower level public servants pay would be welcome. Many reforms are taking place in health, education and other departments. These reforms placed a huge burden on the implementers. The education reform, for instance, puts a lot of pressure on limited resources, including teachers. Any increase in their pay would compliment their work load.

In an earlier post, I commended the pay increase for teachers from 2014 to 2016 announced by Dr Puka Temu in November of 2013. But, why do the MPs get an increase almost every year? Do they deserve it? Haven’t they received enough? There is no point in awarding parliamentarians massive increases year on year to sustain their lavish lifestyles. No point at all.

Take a look at this. Sir Michael Somare’s government unanimously approved a 52% pay rise in November 2010. A massive increase just before Christmas. Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

Puka Temu, the then Public Service Minister in Peter O’Neill's government, announced another increase of 7% in November 2013. Actually, that was backdated to 1st January 2013 and paid to each Member of Parliament before they for their Christmas holiday. Ho! Ho!! Ho!!! again.

During that announcement, the minister also declared a separate increase of 7.5% and 2.5% thereafter to 2016 for every public sector worker, including the MPs. What is unclear is whether this increase is evident from the MPs to community school teachers and community health workers.

For clarification, the 2013 increases were in three parts: a 7% one-off payment and a 3 year increase of 7.5% of the actual gross salary plus 2.5% of average salary. The average salary is all salary combined divide by number of earners.

Take a look at the calculation:

Every servant of the public will earn a 7.5%/2,5% increase, in installments, over a course 3 year period, 2014 - 2016. By 2016, the public servants will have realised a 30% spike in their annual pay if the government remains true to its promise. That is 10% increment every year. 

So, here is what our hard working servants of the public would have seen on their pay slips this year, 2014 with the first increase of 10%.

  • Prime Minister earns over K300,000
  • Speaker of Parliament earns over K250,000
  • DPM at the most earns K235,000
  • Opposition Leader earns over K235,000 (same as DPM)
  • Goverment Ministers earn over K183,000
  • Other MPs earn over K91,000
  • Provincial Governors earn over K64,000

And a Papua New Guinea classroom teacher will have received a compounded average of K21,525 for the year 2014

Happy Christmas and God Bless