PNG Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (and MPs) Is A Failed Political Reform

Peter O'Neill's People's National Congress has the highest number of MPs (27) followed by Independent MPs (14); Don Polye's  Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party has 12 MPs; Patrick Pruaitch's National Alliance Party has 8 MPs; United Resources Party and Papua New Guinea Party has 7 MPs each. 

2022 election results

It is important to note that the list contained parties and names of MPs who contested under party banners. Many of the MPs who won under sponsored political parties like THE party have jumped ships. 

Others have joined government or defected to opposition and middle bench or scattered at the backbench, caught between party politics.

The three convicted MPs are from PNG Party (Francis Potape), PNC party (Havila Kavo) and PUA party (Paul Tiensten). PNG party has also lost Daniel Mona.

THE party leader, Don Polye, is the Opposition leader. His party deputy leader, Leo Dion, is the Deputy Prime Minister. How can a party leader be the leader of the Opposition while his deputy is the Deputy Prime Minister in the government on the other side of the house? 

This simply shows that party politics is fragile and pragmatic with no control measures to strengthen political parties. There is, now, a total collapse in the system and structure of political parties which is a cause for concern. 

The Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates (OLIPPAC; passed in 2001) has failed. Stability within the party is non-existent. Unless political parties are strengthened, Independent MPs and smaller parties can do whatever they want on impulse.

           Name                             Political Party                                      Number of Members  

1         Joseph Lelang               Coalition for Reform Party                               
2         Sasindran Muthuvel       Coalition for Reform Party                               
3         Komun Joe Koim           Independent                                                     
4         Kila Haoda                     Independent                                                     
5         Noah Kool                      Independent                                                     
6         Ron Ganarafo                Independent                                                     
7         Bire Kimisopa                Independent                                                     
8         Robert Atiyafa                Independent                                                     
9         James Lagea                 Independent                                                     
10       Johnson Tuke                Independent                                                     
11       Camillus Bongoro          Independent                                                     
12       Nixon Mangape             Independent                                                     
13       De Kewanu                    Independent                                                     
14       Kelly Naru                      Independent                                                     
15       Solan Mirisim                 Independent                                                     
16       Richard Maru                 Independent                                                     
17       Loujaya Toni                  Indigenous People's Party                               
18       Malakai Tabar                Melanesian Liberal Party                                 
19       Dr Allan Marat                Melanesian Liberal Party                                 
20       Patrick Pruaitch             National Alliance Party                                     
21       Salio Waipo [2]              National Alliance Party                                     
22       John Hickey                   National Alliance Party                                     
23       Sir Michael Somare       National Alliance Party                                     
24       John Simon                    National Alliance Party                                     
25       Joe Sungi                       National Alliance Party                                     
26       Kerenga Kua                  National Alliance Party                                     
27       Jim Simatab                   National Alliance Party                                     
28       William Tongkamp         New Generation Party                                     
29       Ronnie Knight                New Generation Party                                     
30       Sir Puka Temu               Our Development Party                                   
31       Richard Mendani           Papua New Guinea Country Party                   
32       Jeffrey Kuave                 Papua New Guinea Country Party                   
33       Sam Basil                      Papua and New Guinea United Party (PANGU)      
34       Daniel Mona (Deceased)Papua New Guinea Party                                
35       Lukas Dekena                Papua New Guinea Party                                
36       Ross Seymour               Papua New Guinea Party                                
37       Francis Potape(Convicted)  Papua New Guinea Party                                
38       Jim Kas                          Papua New Guinea Party                                
39       Francis Marus                Papua New Guinea Party                                
40       Belden Namah               Papua New Guinea Party                                
41       Tommy Tomscoll           People's Democratic Movement                      
42       Paias Wingti                   People's Democratic Movement                      
43       Labi Amaiu                     People's Movement For Change Party            
44       Garry Juffa                     People's Movement For Change Party            
45       Charles Abel                  People's National Congress                             
46       Koi Trape                       People's National Congress                             
47       Jim Miringtoro                People's National Congress                             
48       Havila Kavo (Convicted) People's National Congress                             
49       Peter O'Neill                   People's National Congress                             
50       Francis Awesa               People's National Congress                             
51       Bob Dadae                     People's National Congress                             
52       Paru Aihi                        People's National Congress                             
53       Ereman Tobaining Jnr.  People's National Congress                             
54       Nixon Duban                  People's National Congress                             
55       Charlie Benjamin           People's National Congress                             
56       Paul Isikiel                     People's National Congress                             
57       Roy Biyama                   People's National Congress                             
58       Michael Malabag           People's National Congress                             
59       Mangere Siniwim           People's National Congress                             
60       Jeffery Komal                 People's National Congress                             
61       Louta Atoi                      People's National Congress                             
62       Boka Kondra                  People's National Congress                             
63       Isaac Waigavara            People's National Congress                             
64       Ano Pala                        People's National Congress                             
65       Gordon Wesley              People's National Congress                             
66       Aide Ganasi                   People's National Congress                             
67       William Powi                  People's National Congress                             
68       Ken Fairweather            People's National Congress                             
69       James Marape               People's National Congress                             
70       Mao Zeming                   People's National Congress                             
71       Benny Allan                   People's National Congress                             
72       Wesley Nukundj             People's Party                                                  
73       Peter Ipatas                   People's Party                                                  
74       Davis Steven                 People's Party                                                  
75       Mogerema Sigo Wei      People's Party                                                  
76       John Pundari                 People's Party                                                  
77       Robert Sandan Ganim   People's Party                                                  
78       Ezekiel Anisi 1               People's Progress Party                                  
79       Theo Zurenuoc              People's Progress Party                                  
80       Ben Micah                      People's Progress Party                                  
81       Titus Philemon               People's Progress Party                                  
82       Byron Chan                    People's Progress Party                                  
83       Sir Julius Chan              People's Progress Party                                  
84       Anderson Agiru              People's United Assembly Party                      
85       Paul Tiensten (Convicted)                People's United Assembly Party                      
86       Ati Wobiro                      People's United Assembly Party                      
87       Tobias Kulang                PNG Constitutional Democratic Party               1
88       Justin Tkatchenko          Social Democratic Party                                  
89       Powes Parkop               Social Democratic Party                                  
90       Joseph Yopyyopy          Social Democratic Party                                  
91       Mehrra Minne Kipefa     Stars Alliance Party                                         
92       Wera Mori                      Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
93       Julie Soso                      Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
94       David Arore                    Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
95       Don Polye                      Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
96       Mark Maipakai               Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
97       Douglas Tomuriesa       Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
98       Philip Nai                       Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
99       Leo Dion                        Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
100     James Gau Gelak          Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
101     Delilah Gore                   Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
102     Benjamin Poponawa      Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
103     Akmat Mai                      Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party           
104     Rimbink Pato                 United Party                                                     
105     Joe Lera                         United Resources Party                                   
106     William Duma                United Resources Party                                   
107     Mai Dop                         United Resources Party                                   
108     Benjamin Phillip             United Resources Party                                   
109     Dr Fabian Pok                United Resources Party                                   
110     Steven Pirika Kamma    United Resources Party                                   
111     Anton Yagama               United Resources Party                                   



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